How to Save on Business Printing Costs

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One expenditure that businesses often can’t avoid is printing costs. Some documents need to be printed and there is no way around it – for example, legal documents and invoices – but there is much more you can do to save money.

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4 Ways Small Businesses Can Reduce Workers’ Compensation Costs

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Workers’ compensation costs extend far beyond the cost of your insurance policy. The costs of a workplace accident also include time lost, attorney fees, disruption to your daily operations and medical costs.

2017 65

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Not So Perfect Driving Record? What You Need To Know About Car Insurance Coverage Costs.

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Your driving record can have a big impact on the cost of your insurance premiums, so it is important to keep an eye on your speed and avoid high risk behaviors such as driving while you are intoxicated.

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Avoid Costly Law Suits Through Proper Winter Maintenance

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Legal Liability in Winter Your legal… Read the full article here: Avoid Costly Law Suits Through Proper Winter Maintenance on: THE SMALL BUSINESS BLOG.

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Legal Advice for Workers

On The Job

At least once a week I get asked a question that has a "legal" implication. I'm not a lawyer, and even though I tell these people they need to get legal advice, I know that's not possible for everyone. For one reason, lawyers cost money -- money that everyone may not have. Someone writes me wanting to know if they can get fired for something, or what rights they have regarding their job.

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What legal entity is right for your business? | THE SMALL BUSINESS.

The Small Business Blog

Effective Small Business Planning Strategy Planning your small business is the best way to avoid costly mistakes. Community for small business outsourcing and cost control. What legal entity is right for your business? An LLP is a separate legal entity from its members.

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How policy and cost savings are helping to drive the uptake of low-energy, retrofit LED Lamps

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” Well it may not be quite dead but legislation, environmental issues and cost-saving are forcing businesses’ to re-evaluate the real costs of lighting. Similar directives around the world have been implemented forcing other regions to legally to make changes.

Company Helps Entrepreneurs Leverage Underutilized Accounting Tool to Raise Capital for their Business

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Burns III, whose company Burn$ Funding has built a discipline around what are called Cost Segregation studies. What is a Cost Segregation study? One of the first questions that comes to mind when I tell a small-business owner about it is, ‘Is it legal?’,” said Burns.…

2019 65

Important Things to Know about Product Liability Cases

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If someone is severely injured by a defective product, they can claim compensation for financial losses, suffering, and medical costs. Legal product liability

2020 60

4 GPS Tracking Devices that Will Keep Tabs on Your Company Vehicles

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When you own a fleet of vehicles, you understand the importance of keeping operating costs low and productivity rates high. Keep tabs on driving speeds to prevent speeding tickets and reduce legal costs. The true cost of a speeding ticket in some states can be over $1,000.

2017 63

How Police Officers Keep Businesses Safe

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They also undergo costly and intensive training to most effectively perform a broad range of responsibilities and duties designed to keep businesses safe.… … Legal How police deter criminals Importance of police Protect your business

2018 80

Professional Negligence Claims – All You Need to Know

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You expect this work to be carried out expertly but sometimes you might find some kind of issues or mistakes which can be costly and frustrating. Legal professional negligence

2019 60

The Secret behind Reference Checks

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Smaller companies typically have neither the manpower nor the funds to do thorough reference checks, which could cost hundreds of dollars. However, the applicant’s concern stems not so much from the logical or legal angle as much as it does from the emotional angle.

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3 Ways to Protect Your Business From Personal Injury Lawsuits

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For almost all business owners, taking on the risk of a potential personal injury lawsuit is just part of the cost of doing business. … Legal lawsuits personal injury

2018 69

Identifying All Responsible Parties in Car Accident Injury Claims

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Failing to identify each at-fault party can be a very costly mistake in many instances. … Legal car accidentWhen you think of a car accident, you are might be tempted to believe that there can only be one at-fault person, but this is a common misconception.

2018 63

Trying to Keep Your Delivery Vehicles Safe? Check Out These Essential Maintenance Tips

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The damage caused by car crashes cost American businesses nearly $230 billion a year. … Legal Management delivery vehicle safety fleet managementKeeping the delivery vehicles you have safe is something you need to view as a priority.

2018 63

Dear US-Based Small Business Owner: It is Time to Get Your Books Ready for Year End

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Profits, depreciation, travel costs, healthcare, startup costs, training expenses, charitable donations – all these and more represent little numbers on a page that can save you money if you have your books in order when the “Revenue Man” comes a calling in the next couple of months.

2014 104

Remaining Compliant as a Small Business Owner: 3 Things to Keep in Mind

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If you fail to do this, you could impede your businesses long-term growth and ultimately cost you significant sums of money.… … Legal business regulations regulation compliances

2014 87

Quick Advice For Solopreneurs on Applying For a Trademark

The Solopreneur Life

Your trademark application is one of the most important things you’ll ever do for your business, and you probably can’t afford to make mistakes that will cost you time and money. Law law Legal TrademarksI found out yesterday that my trademark application for The Solopreneur Life has been approved! The approval wraps up an application process with the United States Patent and Trademark Office that took nearly one year.

2011 109

MBO Partners: A Business Platform for Independent Consultants.

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  MBO Partners offers a service providing a legal and financial infrastructure for independent consultants and freelancers.    This means, legally, the consultants and freelancers work for MBO Partners. 

2010 154

Taking on the Big Guys

The Small Business Blog

Despite the spiralling legal costs and time investment, Durkin has won a personal moral and legal victory that will also protect other consumers in the future.

2014 199

Small Business Startup Checklist – Company Structure | THE SMALL.

The Small Business Blog

Community for small business outsourcing and cost control. Effective Small Business Planning Strategy Planning your small business is the best way to avoid costly mistakes. Things to remember: The legal form that your business takes will affect numerous aspects of your business trading.

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Top 9 Financial Mistakes of Young Entrepreneurs You Need to Be Aware Of

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Probate is the legal process of handling an estate, and it can be expensive and complex. This legally binding contract describes who owns what assets, and how those assets would be distributed in a divorce.

2020 174

How To Write A Demand Letter For Personal Injury Without Hiring A Lawyer?

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The cost of filing and settling a personal injury lawsuit can be surprisingly high. After you have accounted for the cost of your legal counsel, you may be expected to pay thousands of dollars in exchange for representation. Of course, most personal injury attorneys do not charge for initial consultations or ongoing “maintenance” fees, and they will likely not bill you per hour.

2015 170

Uber and Lyft Lawsuits & the On-Demand Economy

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Uber and Lyft were both dealt legal setbacks in two different lawsuits last week. The judge in the Lyft case nicely summed up the legal difficulties, complexities and confusion around how to classify on-demand economy workers. They will also have to comply with a raft of labor laws and related costs (social security, workingman's comp, overtime pay, etc.)

2015 156

Farmshoring Knowledge Work

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Farmshoring - also called insourcing   - describes outsourcing or locating operations in rural areas or smaller, lower cost towns in the US instead of moving them off-shore.    The main advantages are lower costs without the cultural, language and time zone issues associated with outsourcing work overseas.   Cost reduction is the key driver.   The

2011 122

How A Divorce Affects The Debt That You Took Jointly With Your Spouse

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What you are not responsible for is any debt that your partner incurred before you were legally married. By law, both during and after divorce, you and your ex-spouse are still legally responsible for the entirety of your shared debts. Taking Legal Action.

2018 188

The Rise of Occupational Licensing

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It prevents the unlicensed from legally working in a profession without meeting government mandated entry requirements. The drawback is it puts restrictions on who can work in a licensed field and it also results in higher costs for consumers. 

2018 201

Will Furloughs Change the American Workplace Forever?

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That's because if you do, it could cause legal problems for the employer because it could be argued you were working -- and that means you should be paid. Sure, it’s going to cost us, but it also has made me really look at what we need, and what we just think we need,” Harris says. Tags: legality of furlough sabbaticals taking a furlough furlough career advice unpaid time off avoiding layoffs Anita Bruzzese

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4 Tips for Successfully Running Your Business From Home

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The growth of the internet, cloud technology, and mobile devices has made it practical and cost-effective. It’s not always legal to run certain businesses out of your home. Working from home has become pretty common over the last decade.

2019 98

What To Do If A Doctor Makes a Medical Mistake

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If you have Medicaid plans, which provide health coverage for low-income individuals, you can use it to lower your costs and get health coverage. Legal Action. If you want to take a legal action, you should consult with a medical malpractice attorney for advice.

Access to Contraceptives Around the World: What You Need to Know

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In Spain, the average cost of contraception is around £2.27 Women and girls of all ages can also purchase it legally. This isn’t free either as it costs around £67. Both male and female condoms are available in pharmacies at a low cost. In the UK, contraception for women is easily accessible and readily available, thanks to the NHS.

2018 164

Don’t Make a Federal Case Out of It

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Even as we’re starting to see the early stages of an economic recovery, businesses and individuals continue to trudge through the ugly legal fallout of deals-gone-bad. These lawsuits can be costly, time-consuming, and counterproductive. Some business contracts require that the parties submit any potential disputes to arbitration, a legally binding process by which the issues can be resolved.

2009 56

Is Workplace Drug Testing Changing?

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And as marijuana legalization continues to move forward, more employers are considering it critical for their business and employees. There’s also reduced employee turnover and lowered insurance costs.

2018 196

How to Improve your Homes Energy Efficiency Rating

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Making your home more energy efficient has many benefits, including reducing the cost of high energy bills, improving personal comfort, and helping to protect the environment. Though the cost is larger up front, the end result is bigger savings for you and your family.

2011 266

Can a Non-Citizen Start a Business in Canada?

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However, many are unsure if they can legally open a business in Canada without first becoming a citizen. And applying for Canadian citizenship is often a costly and time-consuming process, despite the many benefits one may reap once their application is approved.

2019 80

Why Your Organization Should Invest In An HR Management System

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Many organizations still work within rigorous legal environments where they are bound to follow certain regulations. Reducing Business Costs. Undoubtedly, this software can reduce administrative costs, enhance productivity, and improve efficiency.

2018 216

What the Paperless Office Has to do With Self-Driving Cars

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These include unsolved technical issues as well as legal and regulatory issues that are only beginning to be addressed.   And finally there is the issue of cost.

2016 257

How to Choose A Financial Advisor: Top Tips You Can Follow

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Advisors who hide their fees or costs and then claim they don’t exist at all. Those investments frequently come at a very high cost to you, which means you’re just financing someone else’s success. Finding someone you can trust to give you sound financial advice is not easy.

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Get Organized with a Business Binder

Jen Lawrence

At the core, I just needed a method to store information that I should have physical copies of or need easy access to, which fell into four categories: Legal Finance Administration Clients.

2019 52

11 Reasons Why Health Insurance Is Crucial In India

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A single trip in an air ambulance can cost between $12,000 to $25,000. Even though hospital costs are roughly less than $300 per day in India, this can still add up quickly. Clinics can legally turn away people who don’t have insurance in preference to people who do have active health insurance. Insurance can give you financial security because it can cover most or all of this cost. This will cost you less in India, but it’s still over $100,000.

2018 142

10 tips to consider when contemplating an office relocation

Practically Perfect PA

Service charge costs are the other main recurring expense and as a variable cost can be the most contentious. In addition to the recurring overheads on the new property take early advice on the one-off costs that should be anticipated.

2013 205

11 Cool Ways to Use VPN

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Avoid Getting Put on “The List” Did you download things like movies or share them through less than legal means? You’ll be able to use your VPN to legally share and download your files without ending up on the watch list.

2018 231