Avoid Decision Fatigue: Learn The Steps for Effective Delegation

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Learning the steps for effective delegation can help you refocus on your long-term goals. Replacing a single employee can cost nearly a quarter of their annual salary. Specialized employees whose replacements might need additional training can cost even more.

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Why Your Organization Should Invest In An HR Management System

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Employee training programs range from educational programs to guiding new employees to learn how to use the various features in the HR management system. An automated HR management software can automate most tasks related to tax filing and payroll management. Reducing Business Costs.

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Webinar Employee Expense Reimbursements: Compliance Workshop

Office Dynamics

The result: an unhappy employee—and your company would be on the hook for the related payroll taxes and penalties. In our popular webinar, Employee Expense Reimbursement: Compliance Workshop , learn the most up-to-date rules and requirements for expense reimbursements. View this online.

Why You Shouldn’t Worry About AI Taking Your Job – Yet

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In the already male-dominated industry, the decade’s worth of resumes it reviewed to learn how to identify good candidates for successful hires were, not surprisingly, mostly male applicants.

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Top 10 Small Business Trends for 2015

Small Business Labs

  Cloud Automation tools are simplifying a wide range of traditional small business applications such as accounting, payroll, inventory management, HR and benefits administration, etc.  Just in Time Learning: Long touted as the next big thing,low-cost yet highly professional on and offline short, specialized training courses and programs are finally starting to deliver on their promise of improved business education.  Top 10 Small Business Trends for 2015.

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Preventing Data Breaches: Why Third-Party Vendors Needs To Be Certified

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Data breaches can cost millions of dollars to clean up and your company’s reputation may never fully recover. In other industries, data breaches aren’t as costly to handle, but they are still just as serious. Learn more about preventing data breaches from this infographic!

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How To Make The Gig Economy Work For You

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Average rental costs increased by 13% in the US and yet median family income went down by 8% from 2000 to 2012. This means less buying power despite increased cost of living. Learn more about the rise of the gig economy from this infographic !

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Can you go from creative and productive in a corporate job to a mess working for yourself?

Productive & Organized

  HR department - handled all of the compensation issues, research, performance and people documentation, labor relation issues, downsizing decisions, payroll, hiring, exit interviews, outsourcing decisions, benefits planning and coordination of benefits issues, and so on.

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Cloud Questions That Your CEO Will Ask

Small Business CEO

One of the first things a young lawyer learns is “Never ask a question in the courtroom that you don’t already know the answer.”. The purpose of utilizing any type of cloud services is to cut costs and offload data to improve the functionality of a company’s IT resources.

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Small Business World News Round-up - 2009/11/10

The Small Business Blog

Community for small business outsourcing and cost control. Effective Small Business Planning Strategy Planning your small business is the best way to avoid costly mistakes. Small Business Crunches Numbers : Small business has fought the health-care bill as too costly.

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Small Business Bootstrapping Techniques | THE SMALL BUSINESS BLOG

The Small Business Blog

Community for small business outsourcing and cost control. Effective Small Business Planning Strategy Planning your small business is the best way to avoid costly mistakes. Q & A: What does “Fixed Costs” mean and why should they be as low as possible in a Small Business?

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The Hiring Trend Every Business Owner Should Know About

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From virtual assistants, to outsourced marketing teams and outsourced web development shops - let’s face it, entrepreneurs need to be creative in building out their team and having a full time staff is often cost prohibitive. You are certain to learn a lot.

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