How Does International Payment Processing Work

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As your business grows and evolves, you may want to start to learn more about international payment processing – it’s easy to assume that it’s just as simple as changing your prices for an international audience.

6 International Travel Tips You’ll Find Handy

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Exploring world-class destinations, learning about unique cultures, and treating your taste buds with delicious foods is what traveling is about. And the fun of traveling multiplies if you are flying to a foreign destination, more if that’s your first international trip. To help you prepare, here are some international travel tips you’ll find useful on your first vacation abroad. Knowing how much your vacation may cost you can help you budget your trip.

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Using Machine Learning and AI for Productivity In The Workplace

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AI tools such as Deloitte’s LaborWise can provide managers with analytics to recognize high-cost locations, roadblocks and even supply information about which departments are overworked or understaffed. Learning with AI.

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Recruiters Must Avoid These 7 Hiring Mistakes At All Costs

Recruit CRM

As per the US Department of Labour, the cost of making a bad hiring decision can be as much as 30% of an employee's annual salary. In this article, Recruit CRM is thereby helping you explore 7 such common mistakes which recruiters should avoid making at all costs.

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3 Simple Ways to End Internal Communication Woes

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Others are terrible, yet refuse to learn their lesson when blunders happen time and again. A study from a few years ago labeled “ The Cost of Poor Communication ” made it abundantly clear that communication woes cannot be treated as a casual issue.… … Management business communication internal communicationIn military forces around the world, top-notch communication skills, or a lack thereof, are considered a life and death issue.

Learn How to Post A Job On LinkedIn Like A Pro Recruiter

Recruit CRM

It also has its own internal e-mail tool through which you can send a message or an InMail. It is for sure that it would cost you to post a job on LinkedIn but here are a few methods by which you can post it for free.

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5 reasons to learn a foreign language to further your career

Practically Perfect PA

Learning a new language takes time and dedication, but the development of smartphone technology has brought new opportunities to fit learning into your daily routine. Language apps such as Duolingo allow you to learn new words and phrases while on the go, such as during commutes or lunch breaks. With so many opportunities at your fingertips, there has never been a better time to learn a new language. Learning a foreign language increases your cultural knowledge.

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Simple 5-10 Minute Task That Could Save You Hours - Learn From My Mistake!

Stephanie LH Calahan

That simple lack of a search cost us hours. Site Content - Every page of the site listed either the program name or had an internal link that needed to be changed.   I am sharing it because I want you to LEARN and TAKE ACTION from my mistake. Today, I'll share the story of the HOURS we lost in productivity that could have been saved by a simple 5-10 minute task. You see that graphic to the right? 

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Bioteams: Learning from Nature to improve Project Management


The audio visual resources along with the learning and diagnostic tools made available by the Bioteams are very practical and relatively easy to use. Fabio is a Wheelchair Tennis Player and International Speaker who offers Talks, Training and Consultancy in Leadership, Work Safety and Sustainability and can be contacted at [link]. Fabio Padilla from Brazil has written a very interesting review of Bioteams for his MBA thesis at the Universidade Católica de Brasilia - Universa.

5 Things I Learned From Reviving An Almost Dead Project

Brilliantly Better

A few months later, these are the lessons I learned from this. I knew what the project can do, I knew all the features, I knew the market and also had a relatively foggy idea about the potential maintenance costs (see below, the lesson about fiddling with somebody else’s code). Internal channels, as well as external channels. It’s official, the latest version of WPSumo, 1.1.5, is up and ready for download. It’s also the first release after I took on this project, last year.

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Why Being An Executive Assistant Is A Rewarding Career

Office Dynamics

If you have been in the administrative profession for 25+ years, know that you can keep growing, expanding and learning. In fact, you need to continually learn and grow. Related: At Office Dynamics International We Believe… The post Why Being An Executive Assistant Is A Rewarding Career appeared first on Office Dynamics. In honor of Administrative Professionals Day, I want to share my thoughts on why I believe being an executive assistant is a rewarding career.

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Living Your BIG & Bold Life [Upcoming Event]

Office Dynamics

Join Joan Burge, CEO of Office Dynamics International, for an inspiring look at what it takes to live a BIG and bold life, even in today’s hectic world. Learning Highlights. As an attendee, you’ll learn: Why “Superwoman Syndrome” is so prevalent for today’s working women and why it’s time to let it go. Announcement: Our next free webinar in our celebration series is open for registration. Living Your BIG & Bold Life with Joan Burge. May 7, 2015.

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Personal Injury Claims After A Car Accident

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Car crashes also cost $43 billion each year in lost wages, medical bills and property damage. Internal Organ Damage. Ambulance Costs. Cost Of Alternative Transportation. Cost Of Occupational, Physical And Speech Therapy. How To Learning MoneyCar accidents are on the rise all over the world. Statistics show that approximately 115 people die every day in traffic accidents.

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Should I get certified as an administrative professional?

Office Dynamics

If you want to rise to the top 99th percentile of administrative professionals, getting certified and earning a professional designation can be a quick way to demonstrate, in an outer way, the internal commitment you’ve already been working hard at in less visible ways. You may need to split costs with your employer, such as using vacation to attend a conference they pay for, etc.

Thank you for joining our Admin Blog-a-thon, what’s next?

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Here’s a recap of just some of the amazing things that went on this year in celebration of you, Administrative Professionals: Executive Secretary Magazine sent out daily gifts from a variety of organizations specifically for administrative professionals learning benefit. Make Learning Fun For Your Admin Team (4/8/2015). Who Is Office Dynamics International? Wow, what a fabulous April! Did you have the most incredible Administrative Professionals’ Week this year?

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Looking Forward With Intention [Free Webinar for Assistants]

Office Dynamics

Here at Office Dynamics International, as we wrap up this 25th year of business, we’re feeling both grateful and overwhelmed with all we’ve experienced in 2015. Learning Highlights. As an attendee, you’ll learn…. It’s hard to believe another year is nearly over. Perhaps you can relate to those feelings? This free monthly webinar series has given us the opportunity to get to know so many more of you than ever before.

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Our Totally Free Thank You Gift

Office Dynamics

Office Dynamics International has been serving the Administrative Profession for 24 years (since 1990). As we prepare to say goodbye to 2014 and head into 2015, Office Dynamics International plans to celebrate our 25 th year in very big ways! Learn more about this special experience and what makes Who Took My Pen … Again? This is the fastest and most cost effective way to get a free gift into your hands.

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Enduring travel and expulsions of perseverance on energy

Office Organization Success

Learn seriously contacting Moving to Europe through Removals Cambridge. Tattoo evacuation mantle is the most far useful and least costly ride. As a feature of the Allied International Network, Pickford’s is one of they’s most charge expulsions families for a worldwide movement, so you cognize you can lay on our office. With very nearly 400 yonks of enduring in the travel and expulsions perseverance, we hear that blending can be an energy trade event.

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6 Organizations You Can Join Remotely to Make a Difference

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Comprising a network of over 53,000 global volunteers, Decoders aggregate information from online sources to help Amnesty International advance its human rights advocacy. If you’re outside the US, there are several international chapters as well.

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Travel Planning in a Pandemic? Here’s What You Need to Know

All Things Admin

You need to fully research your destination, and learn as much as you can about where you’re going and what to expect when you get there. If you’re planning international travel, you may be required to show proof of a negative test before entering the country.

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How To Prepare Your Data For Industry 4.0

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Big Data programs, advanced machine learning, and reliance on IoT (the internet of things) will push manufacturers and distribution warehouses into the next area of development for the business world. A new industrial revolution is coming, and no, it won’t look the way it did 100 years ago.

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Reading your way into a great career

Laughing all the Way to Work

Educating yourself doesn't have to cost big bucks or take time away from your family to attend courses. Here is a list of magazines, books and websites that have caught my eye lately: Professional Magazines: OfficePro This is a well-written professional magazine put out by the International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP). Tags: professional assistant educating ourselves learning books reading Administrative Assistant Read , read, read!

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Top Helpful Hacks for Frequent Travelers

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For example, at Hartsfield – Jackson Atlanta International, 84.93% of flights leave on time and only 1.22% are canceled. Although it’s more convenient to book return flights in one go, you may be surprised to learn that you can often save money if you mix and match your flights with different airlines. Just don’t forget that each airline has their own unique luggage policy, so pack light in order to avoid extra costs.

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10 Thing To Consider While Designing A Live Chatbot

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Affordable development cost. Most of the chatbot platforms mark their bots with AI tags, regardless if they actually apply clever self-learning algorithms or just cling to normal IF-THEN metrics. The current business world is extremely contentious.

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“EAs Need Better Press.” Agreed. Solving the EA PR Problem Once and For All

Bonnie Low-Krayman

I learned that these dismissive demeanors and disrespectful behaviors had to do with the disparate perceptions about what assistants actually do. That dollar figure will more than cover the cost of certification. By Bonnie Low-Kramen | February 15, 2021.

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Top 10 Tips for Buying Stylish Furniture on a Budget

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Invest some time in learning about how they work and what they cost, so you can pick the right ones. Simple contemporary furniture works – Fancy embellished pieces tend to cost a lot more than their unadorned counterparts, and typically fit into any design scheme with ease. Shop in the international market – A sourcing agent can be invaluable when you’re buying furniture, especially in bulk.

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The Truth About Impostor Syndrome and How to Overcome It

Stephanie LH Calahan

Research published in the International Journal of Behavioral Science in 2011 suggests that approximately 70 percent of people will experience at least one impostor syndrome episode in their lives. You believe you should be able to learn something on the first try. Learn from Others.

2020 219

How To Grow Your Startup

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Internal factors such as finances, time, and skill set play a major role in steering the direction of any business. Although it may seem like it will cost extra, it will actually save you time for more constructive tasks. See Also: Avoid Decision Fatigue: Learn The Steps for Effective Delegation. Grant Cardone is an international sales expert, New York Times best-selling author, and radio show host of The Cardone Zone.

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The Virtual Summit Hubs

Practically Perfect PA

Well, a Hub is the opportunity for your PA network (whether that is a regional network, internal network or group of PA colleagues in your organisation) to get together to watch and interact with the main Virtual Summit. We believe our Hubs offer an excellent opportunity for internal PA networks to get together for the day, and to use the content to develop their careers. With just a few weeks to go to the Virtual Summit (eeekkk!!)

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6 Ways By Which Recruiters Can Combat An Economic Crisis

Recruit CRM

Start cutting costs wherever required without having to sacrifice your company goals. As a recruiter in times of an ongoing global pandemic, you'll have to streamline your hiring process without any additional costs.

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How to Find an Affordable Engagement Ring — Without Sacrificing Quality

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IGI : International Gemological Institute. It’s no secret that brick-and-mortar jewelers have to pay for overhead — or that they pass these cost on to the customer. Go in knowing that different diamond shapes will cost different amounts. Some shapes, like round diamonds, sacrifice more precious rough material and therefore cost more. But you can see how the diamond easily outweighs the cost of the setting, especially if your beloved likes things simple.

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7 Ways To Save Money While Traveling

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Unfortunately, things always cost more than you plan for them to, especially when you are on vacation. In setting your goal, make sure it will meet the total expected cost of your trip. Discount travel booking sites, such as, can save you hundreds of dollars on vacation costs, airfares and more. From that, Next Vacay became a subscription service that costs $25 a year and is personalized to members’ origin airports.”

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Re-designing meetings

Practically Perfect PA

Many assistants are involved in their organisation’s big internal meeting. It could be the executive staff away day, the annual sales conference or it could be a stand alone conference for internal staff and clients. As well as the actual spend, taking senior staff away from the office has a large opportunity cost and organisations should do everything they can to make sure that the time spent at the event is adding value to the business.

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Top 10 Tips for Buying Stylish Furniture on a Budget

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Invest some time in learning about how they work and what they cost, so you can pick the right ones. Simple contemporary furniture works – Fancy embellished pieces tend to cost a lot more than their unadorned counterparts, and typically fit into any design scheme with ease. Shop in the international market – A sourcing agent can be invaluable when you’re buying furniture, especially in bulk.

2016 153

Starve the Dragon

Office Dynamics

It is the financial and international economic dragon that is creating the stock market to crash 500+ plus points in a day, and then rise 420 points in a day, only to crash 600+ points the next day. Remember, if you have to do something over, you are costing your company money. Therefore, you need to invest in learning (even if your employer can’t support you). There is a huge fiery dragon roaming the earth.

2019 138

What To Do If A Doctor Makes a Medical Mistake

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Not monitoring a patient well for any issues like internal bleeding or infection following a surgery. If you have Medicaid plans, which provide health coverage for low-income individuals, you can use it to lower your costs and get health coverage. Learn what to do, especially if you have to file a medical malpractice claim. Just the thought of going under the knife and having a medical procedure is frightening.

Are There Benefits to Implementing Business Intelligence for Small Business?

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Being very cost effective, it’s no wonder that firms like Picnet software development company started using predictive analytics instead of the classical BI. It also saves a lot of time since it only uses extracts of internal data to get the same results. This will ensure that your business stays cost efficient. The system is based on a machine-learning model that analyze vast amounts of data, looking for suspicious patterns in “behavior”.

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The Four Best Ways For A Student To Make Money Over Winter Break

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Between tuition fees, housing costs, textbooks, and entertainment, it’s no wonder so many people end up in the throes of student debt after graduation. Never mind that during the holidays, prices and fares are likely to surge as people travel cross-country or internationally to visit friends and family. The holidays are just around the corner — and you know what that means. Time to step away from the campus for a while and go home to your family.

2018 170

Leading Administrative Training Company Donates Program to Deserving Organizations

Office Dynamics

Office Dynamics International awarded two organizations its Star Achievement Series ® training program (Level 1) in support of Administrative Professionals. Office Dynamics International, the globally recognized authority for administrative training and development, made two sizable in-kind donations in the month of March. the cost to have master trainer, Joan Burge, teach it onsite. “We’re Learn more by visiting

Why Not Knowing What You Want as an Executive Assistant is Actually a Good Thing

Executive Assistant Breakthrough

Desire – wanting to do something – is really the starting place for any book, invention, international travel, feat of physical fitness – name something cool, and it starts with the desire to make it happen.

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You’ve Got To Pay The Toll

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We must address our internal expectations before we can expect to excel. But if you adjust your thinking to see accountability as the structure that holds the bridge of ‘greatness’ up, you learn to embrace it. Greatness costs. Often it costs more than most are willing to pay. We have to learn to sacrifice what we like to do now so we can live the way we desire in the future. Growing up in the Hampton Roads area as a youngster, I have seen my share of toll roads.

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How to Find your Buoy of Safety When You are Drowning in Fear

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What I Learned from Panic and Fear. What I Learned about Fear that Day. We never learned to ride bikes when we were kids. But I learned more. But I was “programmed” to hide such vulnerability–even at the possible cost of my life. It’s the spirit that kept me swimming to the boat; the spirit behind my decision as a senior to learn to ride a bike. Yet how do we build an internal sense of safety? Have you ever been gripped by paralyzing anxiety?

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Some training suggestions for assistants

Practically Perfect PA

Internal training and graduate programmes. If your company has an internal training programme which could be online do take the time to have a look at the options. There should be some training that relates to you directly, will improve your skills or will help you learn more about the business. I was the only EA on the course but it was so helpful and didn’t cost my company a penny.