Productive Communication & Marketing : How to Manage All of Those Links! Interview with @ItsMyURLs CEO @hustle247

Productive & Organized

  Today I interview the CEO of the Boston-based company, Eddy Inserra, and he'll tell us more about how you can connect all of your websites in one spot and reference ONE url or QR code.  Thank you, Steph, glad to be interviewed on P&O! 

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Does Your CRM System Help Your Business Grow? Interview: @batchblue

Productive & Organized

We also offer users regular webinar training sessions with live product demos. Pamela that is great, so how can people get started and what is the cost? We can’t have an interview here and not talk about productivity!  The other day I was working with a new strategy client and we were reviewing her client sales and communication processes. When I asked her what she did to manage all of her client communications she showed me a pile of sticky notes on her desk. 

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Our iPad Review

Small Business Labs

Over the last few months we've interviewed a number of small businesses who use iPads.  We   Also, the iPad has not fully replaced notebook computers for most of the people we interviewed

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