How Google Classroom is Reshaping Learning

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In order to be successful in their future careers, students must learn problem-solving skills, teamwork, and have excellent communication skills. Many want homework assignments that are more engaging and nearly half want more opportunities to learn about technology. Google Learning LM

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Effective Content Marketing: Five Tips for Writing Great Content

Andrea Kalli

Content is dynamic and variable, and without a dedicated strategy and game-plan for ensuring that your content is quality, it is unlikely that you will ever see any positive marketing results. However, while great content is difficult to produce, learning to create great content is not.

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Balance and Learning

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Robert Fulghum wrote "Live a balanced life - learn some and think some and draw and paint and sing and dance and play and work every day some." Today we will look at the component of learning in context of a balanced life.

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Learning To Say No

Simple Productivity Blog

The post Learning To Say No appeared first on Simple Productivity Blog. More great content can be found on the site at Simple Productivity Blog., I have a confession to make. I have a hard time saying no. I am constantly asked to do things.because I have done things in the past.

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5 Lessons You Can Learn From Cynics

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“ He has the most who is most content with the least ” – Diogenes. To achieve the same state of mind, here are 5 important lessons you can learn from Cynics. Learning from cynics, you must also strip off your desire for material things if you really want to be happy.

5 Lessons Every Millennial Needs to Learn About Success

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The last one is particularly important since it’s easier to associate your name with great content. If success is really your priority, you must learn to tune out the noise and focus on what really matters.

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Make Learning Fun For Your Admin Team

Office Dynamics

This seems to be a hot trend, learning as a team. 6 Tips To Make Learning Fun & Ensure Your Team Will Remember What They Learned. Then build a calendar for future lunch and learn sessions where attendees can bring new information that supports that topic.

Strategies For Better Content Marketing

Small Business CEO

How would you like to learn how to create better content that highlights your business in just the right way? Guest speaker Ileane Smith will answer all of your burning questions on the topic of content marketing. Content Photo via Shutterstock.

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A Step-By-Step Guide To Writing Good Web Content That Can Sell For $100

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Not so long ago, UX Myths posted an article which demonstrates that people are not too fond of web content reading. As long as you create worthy content and find your audience, you will have no trouble having people that will read your articles. Moreover, you will be able to easily sell this content and make money from it. So, meet this complete guide to good web content writing. Content is the king. What makes for good content?

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A Quick Marketing Guide On How to Utilize Visual Content On Social Media

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Because of this, it’s critical that you know how to promote your business using visual content on social media. Now, if you want to learn how to use images to promote your social media page and business, then check out the tips below. Where to Find Images for Your Content. As a business owner or a marketer, you are probably aware of the fact that adding SEO to your content could lead toward higher search rankings and more traffic.

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How to Learn a Language in 90 Days or Less

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I’ve become addicted to learning Spanish. When I moved to Spain in January of 2010, I wasn’t interested in learning the language, but I am now. You’ve probably been taught that learning a language is done in school, and that you have to understand grammar to use a language.

Learn Rules for Single Quotation Marks

Business Writing

In a recent business writing course, a participant insisted that single quotation marks be used around quoted content and titles of works. He was certain that I was wrong when I told him that double quotation marks are the standard. Frequently Asked Questions Proofreading Punctuation Pointer

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The Rise of Custom Content

Small Business Labs

The Custom Content Council recently released a survey showing the growing role custom content is playing in marketing. The Council defines custom content and publishing as: "Custom publishing marries the marketing ambitions of a company with the information needs of its target audience. " According to their survey, 87%of CMOs surveyed said custom content was valuable or very valuable.   This

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The Solopreneur Life Launches Subscription Plans That Include All Content

The Solopreneur Life

Total access to “The Best of The Solopreneur Life Radio” • A unique RSS feed that shows you the content as it is published, without delay. • It was on the block for about 90 days, and during that time I learned that I really didn’t want to sell it.

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3 Major Lessons Learned From Losing 100 Pounds

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After two and a half years of hard work, lots of setbacks, injuries, and lessons learned, I did it. There are many things that I’ve learned from my experiences, but I’ll keep this simple. We may aspire to improve but we learn to accept ourselves as we are, without needing to change who we are. We learn to thrive when things are rough. I wasn’t content. We learn to live in each moment and appreciate the journey. I’ve lost over 100 pounds twice.

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Breaking the Fast: What I Have Learned Using Intermittent Fasting

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While there is a ton of content out there that dives deep into the biological implications and positive health effects of intermittent fasting ; you can learn more about that by just searching google. I have learned to make choices that serve my health rather than my old cravings.

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Productivity Learned From Mom-isms

Simple Productivity Blog

More great content can be found on the site at Mondays are productivity days at SimpleProductivity blog. There are certain things that all moms seem to say.

The Truth about Content-Writing Mastery

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We want to craft breathtakingly compelling content that brings us piles of comments and eager new clients. They’re trying to skip the first step – the boring one, the one where you have to learn the basics and fundamentals. We all know how we''d like to feel when we write.

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Task Prioritizing: Learning to Postpone

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More great content can be found on the site at This post was written by a guest author. If you want to guest post on this blog, check out the guest post guidelines. Staying on top of everything has never been easy for me.

How to Present Your Content

Daily Writing Tips

Produce the content carefully: Think about how readers will engage with the content — at work, at home, on public transportation, in a passing vehicle? Original Post: How to Present Your Content.

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Learn Software Faster with A Wallpaper

Simple Productivity Blog

One of the best ways to increase your productivity skills in software is to learn the shortcuts. But learning the shortcuts for new software can be difficult, and can interrupt workflow if you have to move your eyes from the screen to a place where you have them written down.

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Don’t Read If You Know What A Content Marketing System Is

Office Organization Success

If you don’t have a Content Marketing System in place, or you don’t even know what a Content Marketing System is, then I highly encourage you to register for tomorrow’s free training: How To Create A Content Marketing System That Brings You New Subscribers Daily. If you’re ready to learn how to add a Content Marketing System to your business join me tomorrow.

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Free Training: How To Create A Content Marketing System That Brings You New Subscribers Daily

Office Organization Success

You will learn: How simple your Content Marketing System can be (no reinventing the wheel here!). 5 simple strategies that easily repurpose your existing content. The ONE thing you need to do each week to ensure your Content Marketing System stays on track. At the end of the workshop you will understand how a Content Marketing System works, and what you need to do to ensure that your own Content Marketing System is automated and streamlined.

How To Learn Something New Every Day (And Actually Do Something With It)


For years I kept reading blogs, listening to interviews and watching TED talks, without implementing what I’d learned. That’s why today I’ll not only show you what you can do to learn something new every day, but also how to actually do something with it. where to find new things to learn, every single day, how to consume them without going into overdrive. You’ll feel a lot better about the things you do learn, because you’re actually backing them up with actions.

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Strategies for Automating Some (Hopefully not All) of Your Social Media Content

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Automating Your Content.   Yet, because I automate my content delivery, engagement can begin. and otherwise interact with me through the content that I automate. Start by looking at the plan that you created and identify the types of content that would support your plan. 

3 More Rules for Producing Consistent Content

Daily Writing Tips

Learn these exceptions to the rule that compound nouns are either open or closed. Original post: 3 More Rules for Producing Consistent Content. Here are a handful of tips that will help you produce clean, clear writing regardless of topic, intent, and audience.

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How to be content with what you have

Ian's Messy Desk

Home About Contact Me Links Sitemap How to be content with what you have Posted by Ian McKenzie Written on April 26, 2010 If youre new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Here are some tips to help you remain content with your life. That is contentment.

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Learn English with Alexa Skills: Writing, Grammar and Vocabulary

Daily Writing Tips

The Magoosh Vocabulary builder is designed to help you learn new words by asking you questions and offering multiple choice answers. The skill gets added to your “ flash briefing ”, which can include news headlines and other short content, depending on what skills you choose to enable.

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10 Life Lessons I've Learned in My First 30 Years

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I am viewing age as a positive simply because I have learned a ton of lessons that not only help define me, but will make future years enormously successful - emotionally, professionally, and socially. Appreciate the person that you're angry with and learn to live with them the way they are.

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Why You Need to Learn to Whistle

On The Job

Maybe it's time we learned to listen to ourselves more. When was the last time you were content with only the sound of your own thoughts? Can you whistle? I'm starting to to think this is a lost art. My parents were wonderful whistlers.

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How to shift from learning to doing 

The Shrink for Entrepreneurs

It’s the leap from learning something… to acting on it. . Learning is comfortable. . Adult learning – entrepreneurial learning – pushes all those same buttons. . How contentedly safe does it feel to curl up with the latest must-read business best seller? . To shift yourself from learning into doing , you have to perform a radically self aware and honest exercise: . Reading and learning does many things.

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Leave The Past Behind: 6 Ways To Learn The Art Of Un-Loving

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Learning how to fall out of love isn’t easy. If this is exactly your case, it’s probably the right time to start learning how to fall out of love. Here are 6 ways to help you learn the art of un-loving. The content of your previous conversations might haunt you, or worse, give you hope that he might actually love you back someday. Despite this, you need to keep in mind that learning to love also involves learning how to let go.

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Create Your Own Free Lunch and Learn Sessions

Ian's Messy Desk

The post Create Your Own Free Lunch and Learn Sessions appeared first on Ian's Messy Desk. Why not use one lunch-break per week as a lunch-and-learn session? There is a wealth of video content available on the web and not all of it fake MythBusters’ clips about farting.

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Do You Have Useless Website Content?

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Your website content may be utterly useless. Your website content most likely repeats several sentences throughout your site. If you want to learn how to write better web copy, register for the Damn Fine Words writing course. Click here to learn more.

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Launching Lessons Learned Interview: Cena Block

Productive & Organized

  Today, I'll share another Product/Program Promotion: Problems and Profits -- Launching Lessons Learned.  We'll be discussing what she learned as she launched her 5-week Group Coaching Program.   What didn’t go so well and what were your lessons learned

Benefits of Handwriting: How Handwriting Can Boost Your Productivity

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Different studies prove the potential of cursive, but we will only point out a few examples: Handwriting creates a drain on mental resources needed for higher-level aspects of writing such as attention to content, elaboration of details, and organization of ideas. Brain Learning Productivity

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A Buoyant Life: Five Life Principles I Learned at Sea

Simple Productivity Blog

Every day I learn something from the sea and as the years have gone by, I have grown to see how these lessons transcend into every area of life. But as a boater myself, I have learned to use these moments to my advantage – as an opportunity to pause and reflect.

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Launching Lessons Learned Interview: Cena Block

Productive & Organized

  Today, I'll share another Product/Program Promotion: Problems and Profits -- Launching Lessons Learned.  We'll be discussing what she learned as she launched her 5-week Group Coaching Program.   What didn’t go so well and what were your lessons learned

sobcon--lessons I learned

Virtual Moxie

Categories 30-Day Projects Business Communication Expectations Fees Legalese Moxie Relationships Self-Care Standards Web/Tech Moxie Archives Feb, 05 to Today Search Translate Moxie Also Mine « Help get hugs and money delivered around the world | Main | Dealing with trust and safety in virtual relationships » May 19, 2009 SOBCon--lessons I learned I attended SOBCon a few weeks ago. Always bring them home to your content.” Share valuable content with others.

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3 Lessons I Learned from Hulu Plus

Tips From T. Marie

Hmmm, I began thinking maybe being without cable wasn’t so bad, maybe this whole streaming content thing was even better. It also has given me the opportunity to learn a couple of lessons about customer service. Due to some wiring issues, I suddenly found myself without my Charter Cable on the second floor of my condo.

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Lesson Learned: Never Leave Something For the End of Vacation

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This will allow you to receive updates in your RSS reader every time new content is posted here. Please take some time to check out the content on the site. Lesson learned…never leave date-sensitive computer tasks to be done when I am sure to be exhausted and jet-lagged.

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Choosing Administrative Training That’s Right for You

Office Dynamics

The challenge may come when you realize there are a plethora of training programs, conferences, webinars and other learning events for administrative assistants and executive assistants. Our conference and World Class Assistant™ our very different learning events. Focused content.

UI/UX Design for Users with Dyslexia

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Trying to reach out to every potential user, numerous businesses have learned that they are not accessible enough. In this post, you will learn why things need to change and how to do it. With the help of technology, people with dyslexia can learn to cope with the condition faster.

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