Great apps to boost home-office productivity

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W orking from home is fulfilling for a multitude of reasons, but presents the difficult challenge of remaining focused. Fortunately, there is a wide variety of tools you can use to help supercharge your productivity in your home-office. Here are some great apps that will allow you to reach your potential while working from home. This is the ultimate tool for helping you avoid distractions and enhance your productivity in the home office.

7 Home Office Hacks That Will Help You Get Organized

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C lear the clutter and add some extra functionality to your workspace with these office hacks. Whether you work from home full-time, or simply enjoy having a workspace in the house when you need it, maintaining an organized space is crucial to your productivity. Secret Printer Drawer A big part of an office’s disorganization stems from clutter. Guests in your home office will appreciate it too, since it can be used as seating when folded up!

Open Loops 12/12/2014

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This week I highlight articles on eating healthily cheaply; money-saving winter tips; getting back into your fitness routine; and an infographic on things to think about when setting up a home office. More great content can be found on the site at Simple Productivity Blog.,

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Open Loops 12/5/2014

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More great content can be found on the site at Simple Productivity Blog., On Fridays I pull the best of my blog readings to share with readers. Topics can come from anywhere, and cover anything.

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Stylish Way to Carry File Folders

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Plus, when you lay it on its side, the file contents are likely to make their ways into other parts of your bag. Now that I have a laptop, my home office is everywhere: dining table, bed, backyard, local cafe. by Of course, you could use a ho-hum briefcase but those are boring. Why not try a cool-looking, fun-colored totebag made specifically for hanging folders? Arrive at your next meeting calm, prepared and well-accessorized.

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Link Lineup: Running Your Business, Personal Productivity & More

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  Today, you can see content on: Effective Home Office Space.   Effective Home Office Space. Every other Wednesday, I share links to a number of different blogs and sites.  To Do Management. Manage Those Finances. Stop Wasting Time Networking.

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Open Loops 2/22/2013: Articles I Think Worth Passing Along

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From Lifehacker’s “Clean a Dry Erase Board with Baby Wipes” I think these tips, aimed at those who work from home, also apply to those that don’t. From Daytimer’s “4 Essential Goal-Setting Tips for Successful Home Office or Small Businesses” Photo by dresdnhope. More great content can be found on the site at, Fridays are open loop days at SimpleProductivity blog. Guilt is a powerful motivator.

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Podcast 082: Piggyback new habits

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This is podcast #82 so I’ve done plenty of shows on content that isn’t in the book, probably another book worth. If your home office is in the kitchen, all the easier to do. At work, you might want to develop a habit of filing every week so there’s not so much paper clogging up your office all the time. When you get back to your office from the meeting and before you start another activity, spend 10 minutes filing. by Subscribe: iTunes ?

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How to Manage Other People's Papers Messing with Your Home-Based-Business

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  When you have an office, or your only office, in the home there are usually added complications.     DIGITAL IMAGES ARE YOUR FRIEND Often the stuff that invades home offices belong to children.    The minute they begin pre-school a flood of paper comes home and it does not stop until they move out!  I created a “My Smiles” file in my office.

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Open Loops 5/24/2013: Articles I Think Worth Passing Along

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Doing it at home shifts the focus (and makes it seem a whole lot less like slogging through a huge backlog). I physically get away from my home office desk and use my writing nook. More great content can be found on the site at, Fridays are open loop days at SimpleProductivity blog. This really spoke to me. Viewing tasks as deliverables is what I do during the day.

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Build Your Own Organizing System

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I asked her to share it with my blog readers, so here’s her description: When I quit the day job to run two businesses from home, it took me a while to get organized in a new way. Related content: Tips for To-Do Lists. Originally posted 2009-04-14 11:06:01.

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Best Business Technology for Small Businesses & Their Owners (28 ideas from them to you!)

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We started by asking this question: What tech tools (office machine, gadget, hardware, software or online tools) could you not live without, why and where can we find it?  Quicken Home & Business Is The Best! I never leave home without it.

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How Good Office Ergonomics Can Mean Better Productivity

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This is a guest post by Lloyd Burrell, who enjoys writing about office desk furniture. Having a home office, or office, that works for you — and not against you — is important. A poorly designed office space can really hinder your productive working time.

Creative Uses for 3M Post It Notes

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  Today, 19 of my experts share their favorite and most creative use of the office supply gems. In my Power Office! I use them to label paper piles during small business, home office or residential file system creation.

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Embracing Changes

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Let me make it clear, though, that the main theme of this blog will remain as is – productivity at work and home office. I think my domain name,, would still be proper for this kind of content. Copyright © 2011 Marlon Ribunal. Visit the original article at [link]. Post written by Marlon Ribunal. Follow me on t witte r. I’ve been busy the last few weeks.

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7 Tips for Organizing Your Home-Based Business

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Productive & Organized Home Contribute to P&O! » 7 Tips for Organizing Your Home-Based Business Home based businesses are more than a passing fade.  Home-based businesses account for 53% of all small businesses. Archive Network with Steph Is This You?

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Announcing.The Paper Tiger Online!

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Productive & Organized Home Contribute to P&O! Work With Stephanie « No Space for a Home Office?   We've helped slews of clients implement the software along with other productivity systems as they claimed their Office Miracle ™ !

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Why You Aren’t Born Great – And Why That’s Okay

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The idea that I was really the one to blame for my own failures didn’t sink until I was working at a friends’ office one day. Post by Eric Pangburn Eric Pangburn is a web content writer focused on creating solutions for any niche at Niche Store Content. Nobody is born great.

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The Productivityist Podcast: Say Hello to David Knapp-Fisher


We chatted (with David right in my home office) about keeping connections alive, his routine, and the power of saying hello. If you’re interested in supporting the podcast and receiving exclusive content while doing so, you’ll want to check out the patrons-only version of The Productivityist Podcast on Patreon. My guest on this episode is one of my good friends, David Knapp-Fisher.

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20 Tips for Freelance Writers

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Even if you don’t have a dedicated home office, set up your workspace to maximize your comfort and productivity, with equipment, supplies, and reference works well organized and handy. Working at home is a much more familiar concept than it used to be, but some people still don’t consider freelancing a real job). Treat all your correspondence as if it were an assignment: Write impeccably, with no content or factual errors.

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The Pros and Cons of Freelance Writing Online

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Because you are essentially working for yourself, the job allows you to write in just about any location: your home office, a neighborhood cafe, the beach (so long as your computer doesn’t run out of batteries and the wireless connection isn’t hampered)–anywhere you want. Perhaps due in part to the proliferation of content mills, many writers have no problem working for cheap. Freelance writing online is often touted as a dream job.

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The 7 Links Challenge

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I checked it, because I didn’t remember reading it… Then I realised I had read it, and dismiss the “gender content&# quite a bit.

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Don't Be an Introvert Writer | Men With Pens

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But you can’t chain yourself to your computer so get out of your stuffy office and allow your brain a breather once in awhile. Thomas Warren is a content writer for Go College , one of the oldest and most trusted resources to guide students on how to finance and succeed in college.

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Outsourcing Options For Small Business | THE SMALL BUSINESS BLOG

The Small Business Blog

Concentrate on your business, not your office. For all your IT supply needs in your home and in your office. WinWeb – Your Office Online Simply the best way to manage your small business! WinWeb TV Free Small & Home Business Videos for you.

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Project Managment Planning Time | Men With Pens

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Get Google Ranking Position via Fresh Content Marketing Reply Eliza ( @MakeWayForBiz ) December 17, 2009 at 7:15 pm @Marlene – that’s a very interesting dilmena, and one we have discussed here at Make Way. The (Mis)Adventures of Mike: Mapping out business processes Reply Eliza ( @MakeWayForBiz ) December 17, 2009 at 7:17 pm @SiteBooster – this is especially true when you work from a home office. People can look over the walls of your office or walk right in.