3 Keys to Building a Profitable E-mail List

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That means that you need an e-mail delivery system, which is commonly called a CRM (Contact Relationship Manager). I recommend Mail Chimp or Constant Contact if you’re just starting out and don’t have a lot of funds to work with. When people opt in, their contact information gets entered into your CRM automatically. They’ve trusted you to provide them with valuable information and not to sell their contact information or spam them.

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Featured Soloist Burton Kelso: “Putting Yourself First Is the First Secret”"

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What is a mistake that you made that you have learned from? During my first years of business, I did not do a good job of keeping in contact with my customers. You have to stay in constant contact with your customer base.

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Creating Your Online Marketing Flow in 3 Simple Steps

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Constant Contact. By following the three steps outlined above you will create a marketing plan that constantly brings in new subscribers, and turns those subscribers into paying clients. (c) Learn how YOU can create an efficient and organized office in 7 EASY steps, and receive free how-to articles at [link].

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How We Pulled Off a Huge Event Through Outsourcing


We ended up hiring him for several jobs and staying in constant contact over the course of several weeks. Here are some of biggest learnings: 1. I don''t do a lot of outsourcing, but offering up guests spots here at Productivityst has started me down that path.

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Top 10 Online Tools for Book Authors

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You can opt for WordPress.com aka “hosted WordPress” (which is easier and cheaper to get started with, but more limited) or WordPress.org aka “self-hosted WordPress” (which offers lots of flexibility and full control, but has a slightly steeper learning curve and means paying for a domain and hosting up-front). I’ve chosen MailChimp here as it’s free up to the 2,000 subscriber point … but there are plenty of other good options, like Aweber and Constant Contact.

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My thoughts on the multi-VA model

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And everyone is willing to teach everyone else, so you raise your net value by learning things you would have just turned down on your own. Plus you get the benefit of every piece of your team being in constant contact with each other, working together, and all being on the same page.

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