Saying “Bon Voyage” to Your Customers

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As service professionals, we all understand the commitment and effort needed to acquire new and retain our existing customers. But what about the customer who has decided to leave? He wanted to make sure the servicemen/women under his command left with a positive impression of their tour of duty, knowing that if he did these people would speak positively to others about their experience in the service, which in turn, might inspire someone else to enlist.

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How Do You Know When Your Customers Are Starting to Stray?

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Good ones take it step further and focus on “service recovery,” making every attempt to retain a customer’s business after something has gone horribly wrong. Great businesses recognize and actively work a third dimension by paying attention to those cues that indicate their customer is becoming disinterested. So, how do you know when your customers are starting to stray? Are your customers starting to stray?

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How We Pulled Off a Huge Event Through Outsourcing


One of our virtual assistants is a 40+ year-old multilingual, experienced marketing and SEO specialist with a good understanding of sales and customer service. We ended up hiring him for several jobs and staying in constant contact over the course of several weeks. German” or “Excel” or “Customer Service”), which would have led to a minor disaster if I hadn’t noticed in the last minute that the person was not optimal for the job.

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Enhancing Workforce Performance Through Reliable Mobility Usage

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Your business location and your choice of phone service provider can determine whether you have a reliable signal or are struggling to make coherent phone calls. The ability to go from one bar of service up to the optimal number of bars can be the signifier of whether or not your mobility usage is contributing reliably to your business. residents being covered by mobile service, and boosters can reduce this problem. Increased availability to customers.

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Building a Perpetual Marketing Machine

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Free online marketing tools like social networks have great potential for reaching new customers, but their actual impact on the bottom line is hard to measure. Meanwhile, established tools like email marketing provide valuable metrics on subscribers, and are more suited for retaining and engaging existing customers than acquiring new ones. The counter is always packed, and if there’s ever a wait, the quick service and friendly staff makes sure it’s pleasant and short.

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