Building Authentic Self-Confidence

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As a professional speaker and corporate trainer , I’m often mistaken for one of those rare “naturally confident” people. Contrary to what you might believe, confidence and self-esteem are rarely natural traits. How do we create the kind of confidence that is real and lasting?

5 tips on how to feel confident when you really don’t

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Before going on the stage myself and the other panellists were talking about how we conquer our nerves so that we can get up on stage and speak to the audience. Just recently I was chairing a panel session at the Conference and Hospitality Show in Leeds.

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16 Simple Ways To Build Confidence From The Inside Out

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Imagine how different your life could be with a little more confidence. When it comes to confidence, most of us could use a boost. Your life could be in a much better place if you had more of it to back you up when you need it. Start small and work your way up.

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Confidence is key for assistants

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Having low self-esteem or confidence issues can be a real challenge in life, particularly in the office and particularly for assistants. We have a difficult job and if we are unable to stand up for ourselves this makes the role a lot harder. How do you gain confidence?

How to Overcome Lack of Self-Confidence In Decision Making

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If you have lack of confidence in decision making or if you feel insecure about your own abilities, you may find it difficult to make even the simplest of decisions. And it all stems from not having enough self confidence. Lack of Confidence in Decision Making: The Consequences.

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9 Techniques to Delivering a Speech with Confidence

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A few had rehearsed presentations backed by visual aids while others seemed to be just making it up as they went. Some were better than others but as a whole, everyone was confident and quite effective in grabbing the audience’s attention. Speak Up.

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Do you have the confidence to open the boardroom door?

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How do we get the confidence required to walk into a boardroom when top level directors struggle and how do we keep our boss on time without annoying the rest of the meeting attendees? A lot of my confidence comes from a deep rooted belief in ‘fake it till ya make it’!

Convey Confidence Without Words

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You're "telling" others that you lack confidence to tackle the big jobs. But there are times when you need to ramp up your efforts to communicate through your body language and your voice. Do you get a lack of respect at work?

7 Powerful Habits To Skyrocket Your Self-Confidence

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Have you ever imagined how it would be to gain a ton of self-confidence? Not only can you gain self-confidence, but it’s even easier than most people think. Here’s the trick: Adopt the right habits and your self-confidence will skyrocket before you even realize it.

Five Confidence Boosting Steps to Showcasing Your Smarts

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Are you feeling a lack of confidence at work, resulting in you not speaking up or putting yourself forward? Up Your Industry Knowledge. The post Five Confidence Boosting Steps to Showcasing Your Smarts appeared first on Practically Perfect PA.

How Your Mental Health Depends On Your Confidence

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I’d like to be able to say that confidence is everything, but that’s not exactly true. They worked out that confident people were generally more successful people and therefore concluded they should spend efforts to boost self-esteem. See Also: 5 Steps To Regaining Confidence.

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Gain Confidence by Writing Down Your Ambitions

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The next time you''re feeling a bit down on yourself, you can regain your confidence — and make a good impression on others — if you take time to write down your aspirations and ambitions, a new study reveals. No one wants to admit that they''re not confident," she says.

Career Success A to Z: C is for Confidence

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Ultimately, I settled on confidence because it’s the one quality that can make all of these things easier. With confidence, you’ll be a better communicator and more effective collaborator. Confidence will help you meet fear with courage. I debated this one for a while.

How to Get Others to Value Your Work

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In my experience, when people fully understand their own value, they exude a much higher level of confidence in all that they do, and others naturally respond to this. Speak Up. Talk up your projects. As I said, this question comes up frequently.

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?What’s Your Mindset? How To Feel Confident In The Gym

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It is all about improving our gym confidence. Instead of stumbling into the free weights room and pumping a few hand weights until you get bored, study up! If you’re lacking confidence in navigating the gym on your own, signing up for a few training sessions might just be the tool you need to get started. Strike Up A Conversation. Sure, it’s intimidating waltzing up to the guy who is obviously strong and well versed in gym lingo.

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10 Mind Exercises That Will Teach You How To Build Self Confidence

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Are you a confident person? Do you know how to build self-confidence? I know my worth and I know I’m an awesome person so yep… I’m confident.”. But, like most folks, I would have been confusing self-esteem with self-confidence. But, self-confidence is a whole different story. Confidence is quiet and more subtle than that. I’m wishing I could tell you that I stood up and spoke my idea, but you already know how that ended.

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9 Techniques to Delivering a Speech with Confidence

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A few had rehearsed presentations backed by visual aids, while others seemed to be just making it up as they went, using a lot of self-deprecating humor along the way. Imagine yourself speaking, your voice loud, clear, and confident.

3 Tips You Can Use Right Now To Connect With Your Confidence

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Confidence is a trait we are all born with. Because of this, one still needs to connect with confidence. Out of my seat, I was standing up and dancing, giving an impromptu performance to the children who sat at my table. I very much doubt she thought I’d take her up on her offer. Sadly, for many of us, by the time we reach adulthood, it feels like our confidence has taken a bit of a bashing. Confidence is always inside us, ready to shine.

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How To Start Building Confidence: A Story From A (Formerly) Fearful Guy

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And today, as a young 34-year-old man, I’ve got all the confidence in the world despite things being rough at the moment. If you are wondering how I started building confidence, here are a few lessons I learned along the way: Consider Your Mind A Dangerous Place You Never Go Alone. It’s kept me out of my addiction and it’s transformed me from fearful to confident. That gives me the confidence that all I have to do is continue to grow as a person and keep trying.

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3 V’s of Confident Communication

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Facial expressions, gestures and body movements - make up over half of the message you are communicating. Example: Betty never thought much of it when she told her husband, “I’m at Sandy’s, we’re having hot dogs for dinner,” until her husband showed up at Sandy’s with hot dogs in hand.

How to Develop Executive Presence (Regardless of Your Role)

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Description: Have you ever noticed that executives have their own unique way of showing up in the workplace? The most effective ones exude an air of confidence and authority. SIGN UP HERE. Confidence confidence Professional Development professionalism

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Shake It Up!

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It’s time to shake things up. This week I’d like you to really step out of your comfort zone—shake it up! Toastmasters and other similar groups or classes build confidence and teach you how to communicate your thoughts in a way that is clear, concise and impactful.

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The Difference Between Comfort, Cockiness, And Confidence


I slowed my pace, struggling to keep up with my wife and the guide. The point was that I was not confident with my steps, so I was careful with them. I picked up the pace. I felt more confident with each step I took. Even as the path narrowed and the incline became steeper, my confidence grew. Both the guide and Anne were several steps ahead of me when I stepped a little too far to the right and almost wound up face first in a rice terrace about a foot below.

The Relationship Between Confidence and Productivity


You know you need a confidence boost. If you would like to be more productive, having a healthy level of confidence is essential to your success, no matter what your profession. Through working with other writers on a daily basis I’ve seen the effects of confidence on productivity first-hand. Isn’t Self-Confidence the Same Thing as Motivation? In many cases, you are making the assumption that confidence is the same as motivation.

Small Business Employment, Confidence Stalled

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  It's going to be a long road back unless small business employment picks up.     Unfortunately, according to the Discover Small Business Watch Confidence Index small business owners aren't optimistic about the near-term economy. 

How to Find Your Voice at Work (Free Webinar)

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When I finally tried to speak up, no one listened. I learned when to stand up and when to back down. When you have the courage and confidence to say the hard things in such a way that others can really hear you, people will not only respect you, they’ll seek you out.

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Has Your Confidence Turned Into Arrogance?

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I know that confidence is needed in the working world. In other words, has your confidence turned into arrogance? Now, contrast that with the definition of confidence: "A feeling of assurance or certainty." They believe that just by showing up, success will follow.

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4 ways to keep your confidence during a job hunt

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Helpful information and advice from Americas favorite workplace columnist About Anita Blog Books Syndicated Column Interviews Career Links Contact Wednesday, October 21, 2009 4 ways to keep your confidence during a job hunt I hear from a lot of people who are out of work. Read Think Confident.

The Urban Myth of Confidence

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A full-blown, firmly-declared, confident statement uttered with absolute certainty. However, there is one myth rarely mentioned, even though it maybe more harmful and hold more people back than all of the above myths combined: It’s the myth of confidence.

Unleash Your Confidence – Vlad Dolezal Interview

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A few days ago, Vlad launched his first paid product, a guide called Unleash Your Confidence. You may find it hard to believe, but this guide is actually about… confidence. Like being confident in the situations you want. Unleash Your Confidence.

The Urban Myth of Confidence

Men With Pens

A full-blown, firmly-declared, confident statement uttered with absolute certainty. However, there is one myth rarely mentioned, even though it may be more harmful and hold more people back than all of the above myths combined: It’s the myth of confidence.

The Benefits of Workplace Routines and How to Set Them Up

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You have a specific time by which you need to get up, wake the kids, get in the shower, make the kids’ lunches, send them out the door, and jump in your car to head to work. When you follow a routine that really works, you can feel confident that the outcome will be the same each time.

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How Job Seekers Can Project a More Confident Image

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Even the most confident job seeker has a niggle of doubt every now and again. Even if it's only a twinge that wakes you up in the middle of the night, it's there. But there are ways to become more confident about yourself and what you bring to the table. She says that unless you’re “authentic” in your interactions, then you wind up feeling stressed, depressed and anxious about your efforts. Any other suggestions you have to boost the confidence of job seekers?

Seven Ways to Build Up Your Writing Confidence

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Most writers – even those who make a living from their craft – lack confidence at times. A lack of confidence, though, can be crippling. It leads writers to give up before they’ve even begun – or to fret for hours over the simplest of writing tasks. Whether you’re struggling to get to grips with grammar or preparing to launch your third novel, you can become more confident. That’s not a great way to build your confidence.

7 Strategies to Speak Up to Get Results

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I’ve lost my mojo and fear speaking up when I should,” confessed Janet who recently stepped into a new position. That’s why I’m offering these seven strategies to help you speak up and speak your truth the next time you feel that your voice needs to be heard: Clarity is Key.

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How to be confident in any situation

The Shrink for Entrepreneurs

That just one more technique would guarantee that they’d feel ready and confident to face anything a client could throw at them. They often hunt around for the ultimate tool to learn and master… hoping they’ll then be confident in their abilities.

Find Your Writing Confidence, No Alcohol Required

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You can try the “suck it up, sweetheart” approach, which works to a point, but it’s not much fun after you get over the giggle of saying it in a James Cagney accent. Heck, do something totally pointless and relaxing: run a bath, stare into a crackling fire, cuddle up with your honeybun.

5 Ways Business Investment Loans Can Help Your Start-Up

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Listed below are 5 ways in which a business investment loan can help to expand your start-up. Now may be the time to get a small business development loan to get up to date on current technology for your start-up. This may just fuel your business and help it gear up for the next level. Once the start-up is established, it is time to entice new customers with an appealing in-store display, a well-lit interior, easy to identify signage, and other features.

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Picking up skills along the EA career path

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The skills you pick up along the assistant career path are invaluable and I for one would not be able to do the job I do today if I hadn’t started as a Team Administrator back in 2003. Speaking with confidence on the phone and forwarding calls.

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Featured Soloist Krista Stryker: “I Nearly Tear Up From Happiness”

The Solopreneur Life

What was the best thing you did when you were starting up your business? If you’re not passionate about what you’re doing, it doesn’t matter if you end up making a lot of money from it—you’ll hate it.

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7 Simple Ways To Overcome Negative Thinking & Set Yourself Up To Win This Year

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Wake up earlier than your household. If I am woken up, then I feel behind already and forced into everyone else’s agenda. And the alarm clock is just plain horrid so I never allow that to wake me up. This usually works to get me ramped up again.

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Turn Up the Heat on Your Professional Passion

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Sure, it’s nice to hear that you’re pretty and loved, but your partner can’t give you confidence you don’t have. The post Turn Up the Heat on Your Professional Passion appeared first on Eat Your Career. As many of you know, I talk a lot about professional passion.

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11 Ways To Pick Yourself Up And Bounce Back After Failure

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Arianne Huffington, Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates experienced many ups and downs before they became successful in their respective fields. Sometimes you’ll face situations where the odds are stacked up against you. Your chances of recovering from failure and regaining lost confidence depend heavily on how you approach it. It only throws two choices in your way: either give up or fight again. It’s up to you to decide and take the call.

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