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Five Confidence Boosting Steps to Showcasing Your Smarts

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Are you feeling a lack of confidence at work, resulting in you not speaking up or putting yourself forward? Subscribe to free email newsletters.

3 Simple and Low Cost Marketing Ideas to Create Visibility

Office Organization Success

If you have some important information to share, you can instantly create a post – no waiting for your next newsletter to make your announcement!

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“Who, me, network?” Build Confidence in Your Networking Skill!

Office Dynamics

She is Poet Laureate for the Town of Danville; a frequent contributor to the Northern California IAAP Chapter newsletter and a member of its Newsletter Committee. A guest blog entry by Nancy Fraze. “It’s It’s all in who you know.” How often have you heard that stated? Everywhere you go…there’s somebody new to learn to know! Networkin

Has Your Confidence Turned Into Arrogance?

On The Job

I know that confidence is needed in the working world. In other words, has your confidence turned into arrogance? Don't get me wrong.

Life Coaching Tips to Organize Yourself For Success - Productive.

Productive & Organized

A small 'victory' on your chosen path fills you with joy and gives the strength and confidence to pursue further. Strength and confidence along with hard work and determination may help you progress in the desired direction. Life coaching and business coaching creates change in communication skills and self confidence.

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13 Things Happy People Do Differently

Dumb Little Man

Only, those same expectations will drastically limit your quality of life and resultant levels of confidence and happiness. Respect it.

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3 Simple Steps to Taking Time Away from Your Business

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With today’s list management services you can preschedule your newsletter ahead of time so it will get delivered exactly when it should.

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Why Motivation is Overrated

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Aaron Morton is the creator of The Confidence Lounge. Grab your free pdf e-book in the next second by signing up for the free newsletter.

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5 Ways to Look Better at Work

On The Job

Your latest photo in the company newsletter bears an uncanny resemblance to your mother. In your eyebrow. Sag, actually. And maybe out-of-date.

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Win a Scholarship to Damn Fine Words, the Writing Course for Business Owners

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For several years now, the Damn Fine Words writing course has changed how businesspeople write the content that helps them market, sell and succeed.

2013 30

How to Smash Writer’s Block Forever

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Lack of confidence. Cater to them, and you’ll run out of words, live in doubt and constantly fight with your writing confidence.

How to Get Motivated When You’ve Already Run Out of Motivation

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This will give you the confidence boost (and motivation boost) you crave when it comes time to revisit your long-term goals. So, take it easy.

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How to Turn Your Ideas into Life Changing Actions

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You might need to select the people you confide in carefully – who’s most likely to be encouraging and supportive? Entrepreneur How To Change

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Webinars for Assistants (Minute Taking & Excel Pivot Tables)

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After many requests, the editors of the Administrative Professional Today newsletter have produced a webinar to take your minute-taking skills beyond the basic level to master minute taker. Fight against your fear of taking minutes and learn to do it properly and with confidence. Advanced Minute Taking Workshop.

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Social Engineering 101: A New Definition and 9 Quick Tips

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3) Confidence comes from Within There is no way to happiness. You can choose to be happy and confident, right now, right here. F **g.

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11 Underrated Ways to Improve Your Sleep and Get You Focused, Happy and Massively Productive

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I’m quite confident that you’d prefer a prettier picture for your future. Most of us think we’re getting enough sleep when really, we aren’t.

2012 143

The Little Things in Life

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I pulled out the classic scissors, confident that this game would end with my victory. A few months ago, I was having one of those days. A tie.

2013 60

32 Quick and Easy Ways to Short-Circuit Your Happiness

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The choice is yours to make if you want to believe in yourself and confidently move forward in your life. It comes from your own actions.” ~The

2013 124

How to Write Like a Professional

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Once you’re confident about your purpose and audience, you can move on to the actual writing. You might have no idea where to begin. Where?

2011 104

The State of Done


And that allows you start a whole new line with the confidence that you can end it when it truly needs to end.on "I''m done.". your terms.

2014 40

Reboot Your Life Like Betty White

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Remember, life changes when we become confident about ourselves. We all know her. Her career literally spans nine decades. Most T.V.

2013 74

How to Create Lead Magnets That Convert

The Solopreneur Life

They need to feel confident they will be able to work well with you. Most people default to the “Get My Newsletter” offer.) ”).

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Seven Great Ways to Make Your Good Intentions Last

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How often have you made a New Year’s resolution, only to give up by February? All of us have good intentions for positive change in our lives.

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How To Find The Best Topic For Your Blog

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Take, for example, the topic of self-confidence. It can be a special access, newsletter or a very valuable piece of content.

2016 28

How to Prove that You Are Worthy of a Raise

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The five steps below will help you prove that you are worthy of a raise, so that next time you can ask for one with confidence. That's fine.

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The Most Important Trait To Boost Your Productivity


To receive a free copy of the Career Advancement Toolkit, join the Project Management Hacks email newsletter. But where can you start?

2015 36

How to Get Rid of Bad Habits Once and for All

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Anchor in that state of unstoppable confidence and then condition the anchor over time. Would you like to change that? No one does it alone.

2013 100

A Casual Conversation with Chris Guillebeau on Writing

Men With Pens

After you listen to our call, you’ll feel inspired to plan your next great escape… with confidence you can write your way there.

2012 29

16 Sneaky Ways You Sabotage Your Own Happiness (And What To Do About It)

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Happy people feel good and confident about themselves. Grab your free pdf e-book in the next second by signing up for the free newsletter.

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No Free Handouts – You Have to Work for your Happiness

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We start to feel increasingly good about ourselves, more confident in our own skin, comfortable about staring deeply into the mirror, beyond the surface, into our own hearts. Sign up for his free eBook, A Walk Through Happiness and newsletter! Are you waiting for happiness to fall in your lap? It can’t happen. Here’s the thing.

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12 Business Productivity Tools They Can Not Live Without.

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I keep it with me on the go, and while waiting for my kids or on line I can always pull it out and write my next blog post or newsletter piece.

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Stephanie Hosts Jill Hively: What's for Dinner? 5 Steps to Meal.

Productive & Organized

Productive & Organized Home Contribute to P&O! Archive Network with Steph Is This You? It does not have to be that way!    Meet Our Expert!

2011 62

How to Release the Energy of Your Potential

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We are always seeking a positive emotional response to a limiting belief – when I get the promotion I will feel confident about myself.

2013 62

Starting Over from Scratch

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Armed with my iPad to fill in the time, I stepped into the building feeling confident. In other words, I was told to start over from scratch.

2013 44

How I Lost More Than 150 Pounds

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Once in a while i would bring in left overs, but I am pretty confident it was not a salad. I also had to STOP making excuses. You Can Do It!

2013 77

Damn Fine Words Writing Course Open for Registration

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If you’re completely confident that your writing has never, ever lost you a client, then you don’t need to worry. You’re missing out.

2011 11

How to Hustle Your Way To Freelance Success

Men With Pens

If you aren’t confident in your abilities, how do you convince a prospective client you’re the person for the job? I did. So did James.

2012 52

You’ve got mail…

Practically Perfect PA

It has taken a while to confidently manage emails on behalf of someone else but I feel now with a few years experience it is easer than you think.

2012 20

The State of Done


And that allows you start a whole new line with the confidence that you can end it when it truly needs to end…on your terms. by Cheryl.

2014 30

The Top 100 Secrets Of High-Achievers

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Knowing their value gives them the confidence to excel and deliver that value day-in and day-out. How do you feel about success? Work hard.

2013 147