The One of a Kind Assistant Conference Experience

Office Dynamics

A Recap of Our First-Ever Virtual Conference for Administrative Assistants Our first-ever virtual conference for administrative assistants had so many monumental moments and nuggets of information.

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Why Conference Receptions Are A Great Place to Start Networking

Office Dynamics

Do you dread going to the welcome reception at a conference? A lot of people do, especially if they attend the conference alone or are a first timer. However, going to the first night’s event when attending an administrative conference is a great way to start meeting the people with whom you will spend the next 3 or 4 days. It’s also a great opportunity to meet the associates at the company hosting the conference.


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The Assist Conference 2015

Practically Perfect PA

I am so proud and delighted to launch the first conference from Practically Perfect PA – The Assist Conference 2015. I wanted to give all of my readers more information on the conference and why I think it is going to be a fantastic event. The Assist Conference is designed to support assistants, to arm us with the skills we need to tackle those issues. The role of networking internally and externally to help assistants develop. The Assist Conference 2015.

2015 190

So the Assist Conference happened!

Practically Perfect PA

So after many months of planning and organising the Assist Conference finally took place on Friday 27th February. By 9.20am everyone was settled in their seats patiently waiting for me to open the conference. I decided to start the Assist Conference with a quick look at a few inspirational assistants who I felt our attendees could learn from. My examples embodied the Assist Conference objectives: The need to change other people’s behaviours and your own.

2015 171

Networking best practices for assistants

Practically Perfect PA

Networking is really important. We are behind the scenes specialists, we are not encouraged to put ourselves out there and even if we did want to get involved in a networking event we are often too busy to leave the office. The problem is networking is really important. We don’t have many career advancing opportunities and networking can help us learn from each other. Assistants that are good at networking are also a real benefit to their organisation.

Choosing the Best Administrative Assistant or Executive Assistant Conference

Office Dynamics

An administrative conference should feed your brain and soul! You have finally gotten the approval to attend an administrative conference, maybe you have decided to invest in yourself by attending an administrative conference but choosing the best administrative assistant or executive assistant conference is no easy task. Attending an administrative conference is a big investment of your time and money. The flow of the agenda – is there time for networking?

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A review of the Assist Conference 2017

Practically Perfect PA

Last Friday we held our third Assist Conference at the De Vere Grand Connaught Rooms in London. I can’t quite believe I’m saying our third conference as we have been on quite the journey since our first conference. The theme of this year’s conference was The Assistant Toolkit. We also had the wonderful Simone White speaking about her incredible journey setting up the internal network at BlackRock.

2017 133

High Fives at an Administrative Assistant Conference

Office Dynamics

An administrative assistant conference is best measured by the feeling one has while clapping at the end of the last presentation. The Office Dynamics Conference. This year’s Office Dynamics’ Stellar Assistant Conference provided professional topics and presenters such as Judi Moreo, Susan Shultz, Debbie Gross and Joan Burge herself, among others, it also included Lisa Olsen who shared her fun emcee skills and passion for the profession. The Networking Opportunities.

2018 126

Conference for Administrative Excellence – Gala Event

Office Dynamics

In the lobby, guests walked a red carpet between tall red pillars while overhead, a marquee announced Office Dynamics International’s 25th Conference for Administrative Excellence. Guests had an opportunity to take photos and leave a video message about their conference experience. We had a grand time networking and bonding, which enabled us to enjoy the new friends we’d made at the conference. Friday morning began with a networking breakfast.

2018 153

Networking with ACE Connects

Practically Perfect PA

Back in November I had the pleasure of speaking to 50 assistants who were attending a networking event organised by ACE (Assistant Community EMEA), an internal networking group set up by assistants at BlackRock. I must say I was completely bowled over by the event, which is not something I have often said about networking events for assistants! I was asked to speak about networking and how beneficial it is for assistants.

Office Dynamics Administrative Conference – Thursday Sessions

Office Dynamics

Then the conference broke for the first set of four concurrent labs. We broke for a networking lunch (amazing lunch – kudos to Office Dynamics!) The post Office Dynamics Administrative Conference – Thursday Sessions appeared first on Office Dynamics. Admin Assistant Training ConferenceThursday began with The State of the Profession, live-streamed on Facebook Live, featuring Joan Burge, Debbie Gross, Lisa Olsen, and Julie Reed.

2018 149

Mind Your Manners: 5 Essential Etiquette When Attending a Conference Call

Dumb Little Man

Conference calls can be a fun and exciting way to catch up with friends and relatives from far away. But conference calls aren’t just for occasional homesick discussions, they are also critical components for business operations.

2020 187

How to Get the Most Out of Your Upcoming Administrative Conference

Office Dynamics

Next week I’ll be attending a large conference in Las Vegas to further my education. This is a training-industry conference and is one of the big ones. Yikes, I only have 7 hours at the conference including lunch, exhibit halls and breaks. The second day of the conference offers 65 sessions. This experience got me thinking about our own administrative conference we hold each fall and the attendee experience.

2017 123

Office Dynamics Administrative Conference – Wednesday Sessions

Office Dynamics

Following Joan’s remarks, the day rolled out with an array of fabulous speakers and the annual teambuilding event, one of Joan’s conference trademarks. Next up was Shasta Nelson, on “Replace Networking with Net-building: How to connect in meaningful ways”. After a great lunch, the conference broke into the four hands-on labs: Brandi Britton discussed communicating with confidence. Admin Assistant Training Conference

2018 137

My First Experience at The Conference for Administrative Excellence

Office Dynamics

Recently we held our 25 th Annual Conference for Administrative Excellence and WOW, it did not disappoint! Before I go on, I do need to mention that this was my first conference with Joan and the Office Dynamics team as well as my first time working a conference so I didn’t know what to expect. The Conference began with Joan’s traditional Welcome Reception. A great way to start the week and kick off the 25 th Annual Conference for Administrative Excellence.

2018 168

Inside the Edinburgh PA Network

Practically Perfect PA

Over the last few years there are plenty more online communities and in more recent times we have taken networking to a whole new level with local networks, organised by assistants, springing up all over the place. I thought it would be great if we had a little space on Practically Perfect PA dedicated to these awesome networks and I thought it would be even better if we found out a little more about the assistants who start up the groups. The PAs behind the Network.

Conference for Administrative Assistants – How to Get Your Executive’s Approval

Office Dynamics

Most of the time assistants tell me they can’t attend our conference for administrative assistants or training because of budget cuts or not getting financial support. But often, it’s just lack of knowing how to sell the conference to the executive. I used them when I was an assistant and needed to convince my executive to send me to a conference for administrative assistants. Know exactly what you want to accomplish by attending a conference for administrative assistants.

2019 190

Inside the Guernsey PA Network

Practically Perfect PA

Aside from the network, what have been your career highlights to date? I would also recommend joining a local PA network. This will mean that you get to meet other PA’s from all sectors and you will be able to network and develop. About the network…. What made you decide to set up the network? I went to Office* a few years ago with the idea of setting up a network. What are the objectives of the network? How did you promote the network?

Real Talk Conference Call

Loosely Speaking

AZVAs activities include: our monthly podcast (resuming in February), and accompanying newsletter, occasional face-to-face networking and educational events, a discussion listserv over on YahooGroups, a Facebook page (where you can interact and find out about upcoming events), low cost webinars on topics value to our audience and, new this year: occasional live conference calls as a place for all of us to come together, coffee break style, to discuss our businesses and learn from one another.

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A business case for the Assist Conference 2016

Practically Perfect PA

With just over a month to go until the Assist Conference kicks off on Friday 26th February at The Forge in Camden I am putting the final touches to the event. We have great networking opportunities for all of the delegates and we are adding a few creative details to make the conference fun and engaging. I have had great feedback from the Practically Perfect PA readers and so far we have 50 assistants booked onto the conference.

2016 109

A business case for attending the Assist Conference

Practically Perfect PA

With just under a month to go until the Assist Conference kicks off on Friday 27th February I am putting the final touches to the event. We have great networking opportunities for all of the delegates and we are adding a few creative details to make the conference fun and engaging. I have had great feedback from the Practically Perfect PA readers and so far we have 60 assistants booked onto the conference.

2015 149

Why it’s Worth Sending Your Administrative Assistant to a Conference

Office Dynamics

“Why is it worth sending my administrative assistant to a conference?” However, we all know that attending an in-person administrative conference is light years ahead of watching an online webinar. Conferences are the best place to discover new trends and practices. Administrative assistants from around the world gather at the Conference for Administrative Excellence and share their stories, experiences, and best practices with one another. Networking.

2019 100

What Makes a Good Conference Venue?

The Small Business Blog

Anyone that has ever had to organise a conference will tell you there are 1000s (in fact over 29,000 in the UK) of venues to choose from. When choosing a venue for your next conference there is more to consider than just the budget. If you are planning a conference here are some elements that you might find handy in narrowing your search for the perfect venue. Also considering social and networking areas for delegates to take time out and have a comfortable experience.

2013 164

Benefits of a multi-day conference

The Small Business Blog

Company conferences and events have also seen financial cuts. However current research shows that companies who have swapped their multi-day conference for a quick meeting in the office are probably suffering as a consequence. In the south west, for example, there are plenty of conference venues which can cater for multi-day events, and their budget conscious packages may just surprise you. Here are some of the many benefits of a multi-day conference.

2013 152


Office Dynamics

After so much anticipation, the Office Dynamics Conference, titled the 21st Annual Conference for Administrative Excellence , opened on Tuesday evening September 30th with the Social Fusion Mixer. Meanwhile, the Office Dynamics team including Joan Burge and the conference’s featured expert presenters like Julie Perrine, Chrissy Scivique and Lucy Brazier flowed through the space, helping connect people with industry peers and mentors, sharing stories and smiles.

2014 151

The Assist Conference is just over a week away

Practically Perfect PA

I must say it has been an amazing few months getting the Assist Conference up and running. We have also been fortunate enough to have Get Taxi support the Assist Conference. Assistants that are coming along to the conference seem genuinely excited about the day and I have received so many good luck message and from those that can’t make it. The post The Assist Conference is just over a week away appeared first on Practically Perfect PA.

2015 125


Office Dynamics

OFFICE DYNAMICS CONFERENCE RECAP PART III: The Final Day. This article is part 3 of our conference recap. click here for Office Dynamics Conference Recap part 1 and part 2. The training, speaking, coaching and writing Joan devotes herself to, as well as this conference itself, is how she achieves those goals. By conference end, it was clear to all present that we have truly entered a new era in the workplace.

2014 100


Office Dynamics

OFFICE DYNAMICS CONFERENCE RECAP PART II: PEAK EXPERIENCE. This article is part 2 of our conference recap. Thursday proved to be the peak day of the 21st Annual Conference for Administrative Excellence, beginning with yet another series of breakthrough plenary sessions and then culminating in the fabulous Gala Dinner. The end of the conference sessions was only the beginning of our evening, however; the best was yet to come!

2014 100

A business case outline for an internal PA network

Practically Perfect PA

People are undoubtedly the best asset of every firm and having a PA network will help confirm that PA’s are an important and integral part of the organisation. An internal network will help us to build stronger relationships and enable better teamwork, communication and easier delegation and reciprocation of help. Some potential ideas for a network are: Create a dedicated electronic forum in order to share best practice and information.

Avoid Conference Call Catastrophes

The Office Professionals Place

Thursday, April 29, 2010 Avoid Conference Call Catastrophes Have you ever been on a conference call and couldnt get a word in because there were so many people on the call and they were talking over each other? Does it seem like nothing is accomplished on conference calls? Here are some ways to avoid conference call catastrophes and make the most out of teleconferences: Determine the purpose of the meeting and how many people will be invited.

2010 109

Make Educated Decisions When Choosing an Administrative Conference (Part 1 of 6)

Office Dynamics

Since there are so many administrative conferences being offered, I would like to walk you through a series of blogs on how to select the conference that is right for you, gain approval and how to get the most for your investment. A conference should feed your brain and soul! What is your goal or goals for going to a conference? To network and meet new people? The flow of the agenda – is there time for networking? WHO is hosting the conference?

2017 113

Six Easy Networking Tips for Introverts

Dumb Little Man

When I’ve been to networking events, I’ve found it incredibly helpful to have some established friends there already. If you’re going to a very large event, like a multi-day conference, you may want to make specific plans to meet up. The same applies to networking. You may not think your accent is strong, but consider the people you’re networking with: I’m from the UK, and I occasionally have to repeat myself when I’m at events in the US.)

What is the Difference Between an Administrative Conference and Administrative Training?

Office Dynamics

I’d like to help you understand better so you can stop asking yourself “what is the difference between an administrative conference and administrative training?” When choosing an administrative conference or training, choose wisely. Social – most conferences purposely set time for social and extracurricular activities Might include a welcome reception or dinner General Sessions and Concurrent Sessions Usually, everyone is in one place/room.

2019 144

New! Scholarship Application for 2014 Conference [TIME SENSITIVE]

Office Dynamics

Administrative Conference Scholarship Application Announcement. I am excited to share with you that we are now accepting applications for scholarships for the 21st Annual Conference for Administrative Excellence happening this Sept 30-Oct 3 at the Red Rock Resort & Hotel in Las Vegas, NV. I urge you to take advantage of this administrative conference scholarship application if budget was a primary reason why you aren’t able to attend an administrative conference this year.

2014 128

The Art And The Science Of Networking

Dumb Little Man

Knowing how to network successfully can help you tap into a hidden job market and present your skills and experience to potential employers. More than half of jobs are filled through networking contacts and more employers are turning to social media tools for help with hiring. Using network referrals to get a job can lead to 6% higher annual income and most networkers stay in their jobs for two times longer than direct job searchers. Benefits of Networking.

2018 152

How to Use LinkedIn’s Find Nearby Networking Tool

Jen Lawrence

Have you ever been to a conference or networking event and you wish you could connect with everyone? Picture this… You’re at a networking happy hour with your organization and there are lot of fresh faces. I’m about to change your networking life with a simple LinkedIn tip. Networking groups that you want to connect with quickly and swiftly. Tap the My Network icon, the + symbol, and then Find Nearby.

2019 43

How to Use LinkedIn’s Find Nearby Networking Tool

Jen Lawrence

Have you ever been to a conference or networking event and you wish you could connect with everyone? Picture this… You’re at a networking happy hour with your organization and there are lot of fresh faces. I’m about to change your networking life with a simple LinkedIn tip. Networking groups that you want to connect with quickly and swiftly. Tap the My Network icon, the + symbol, and then Find Nearby.

2019 40

Beating Networking Nerves

Small Business CEO

Effective networking is an essential to furthering your career as well as being vital to the success of your business. From building up a strong client base to creating opportunities for new ventures and collaborative projects, good networking skills will help you to make your business grow and thrive in this competitive commercial environment. It’s important to understand that networking opportunities aren’t limited to conferences and corporate events.

The Hidden Rewards of Network Building

Simple Productivity Blog

Being in sales, I was an early adopter of networking as a way to build a client base. This goes back to when a network was established by dropping off as many business cards in as many locations as you could think of – pretty ham-handed stuff, but it worked. After all, a network back then was strictly a numbers game. People with real academic credibility were taking this networking thing seriously and analyzing it. Advanced Social Networking.

7 Deadly Entrepreneurial Networking Mistakes

The Shrink for Entrepreneurs

A great network is the foundation of every successful entrepreneurial career. To cut the preamble short: This quick-and-dirty article breaks down the seven most deadly networking mistakes I see all sorts of (otherwise smart) entrepreneurs making. Go to “Networking Events” Don’t do it. Networking events are usually full of desperate newbies who’ve been told they need to network to grow their business. Network for Direct Sales.

Captivate Business Conference Guests With Their Own Devices

Small Business CEO

This frustration is magnified tenfold for conference planners. Yet the only thing anyone talks about afterwards is the great party they were able to arrange on some social networking startup app during the boring speech about web design best practices. … Information Technology business conference engaging people

2015 80

Come meet your tribe

Practically Perfect PA

One of the main reasons to attend any conference is to network. But not every conference offers the same networking opportunities. So rather than just say “unique networking opportunities” I thought I would detail the networking that will be available at the Future Assistant Conference which is taking place next week, Thursday 8th and Friday 9th […].

2018 148

12 Days of Christmas Webinar: The Accelerated Assistant

Office Dynamics

Admin Assistant Training Assertive Attitude Career Management Communication Skills Creativity Interpersonal Skills Leadership Networking Problem Solving Productivity Professional Image Self Development Teamwork Time Management Uncategorized Workplace Tools #adminconf 12 Days of Christmas admin admin professional assistant professional development assistant webinar conference conference for assistants executive assistant conference free webinar the accelerated assistant

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