5 Tips for Hosting Clients in Your Home Office

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John knows just about everything there is to know about cheap office stationery for computer desks , because he’s thoroughly involved in writing reviews on those goods for his employer. Sometimes it’s easier to bring the office home, and sometimes it’s more effective if your home is your office. If you do decide to have a home office, be sure that your office is far away from the family room and the kids’ room.

Are You Covering All Expense Bases?

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Consider the expenses you incur in these areas: Rent/Mortgage: If you rent or lease an office space, be sure you can easily cover that, and any additional fees that are involved (maintenance, snow removal, etc.) Most VAs work from home offices. Consider “leasing” your home office to yourself as your business grows to subsidize your mortgage, and simplify your taxes. Do you attend networking conferences a few times a year? by Donna Toothaker.

10 Signs You're a High Maintenance Employee

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You insist on a certain chair in the conference room. You complain when the brand of coffee you favor isn't used in the office coffee pot. You use the office Skype system to pass along the tidbits to overseas colleagues.

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7 Tips for Organizing Your Home-Based Business

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Productive & Organized Home Contribute to P&O! » 7 Tips for Organizing Your Home-Based Business Home based businesses are more than a passing fade.  Home-based businesses account for 53% of all small businesses. Archive Network with Steph Is This You?

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5 tips for working at home with your significant other

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One of those changes has been a lot of people launching their own businesses from home. But what happens when you and your significant other both start working from home? couple have both been working from home since March. Working at home) can be very lonely.”

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Could telecommuting be a career mistake?

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At the same time, this difficult job environment may mean that you have to work even harder and smarter if youre not in the office everyday. home as a consulting engineer for his employer in Provo, Utah, he was given 60-days notice in 2007 that he was going to be laid off.

20 Tips for Freelance Writers

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Even if you don’t have a dedicated home office, set up your workspace to maximize your comfort and productivity, with equipment, supplies, and reference works well organized and handy. Working at home is a much more familiar concept than it used to be, but some people still don’t consider freelancing a real job). Join professional organizations and attend workshop and conferences when you can.

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