Comparison of Adjectives

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Adjectives have three degrees of comparison: positive, comparative, and superlative. It seems to me that the general rules for the comparison of adjectives can be mastered by a twelve-year-old. If memory serves, I was taught the rules for comparing adjectives in fifth or sixth grade: 1.

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Why the comparisons you make determine your success

The Shrink for Entrepreneurs

We’ve been making comparisons for thousands of years. This constant social comparison is just a way of life. However, they’re just as susceptible to social comparison as their knuckle-dragging ancestors. if you can transcend social comparison.

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Moxie Tip 151: The VA/Employee Comparison Trap

Virtual Moxie

VAs make sense, not in the dollar-to-dollar comparison, but in the effective/efficient/convenient comparison w/ employees. Fees Moxie Tips AssistU Moxie Tips Virtual Assistant Virtual Assistant Training Virtual Moxie

Global Interest in Coworking Booming

Small Business Labs

In comparison to the same month in the previous year, this figure has climbed by 35% - and by around 60% compared to two years ago. When looking back at the last five years, the search volume for “coworking” has increased sixfold in comparison to other queries.

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A Mini Guide to Business Insurance

The Small Business Blog

You can find a full listing and evaluation of these on online comparison sites like Money Supermarket. There are many different types of insurance cover that a business will need to look into, and some that are required by law. But here is a list of some of the main policies that should be considered…

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3 Cases of Incomplete Parallel Structure

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In each of the sentences below, an action or result is described in comparison or contrast to another, but the phrasing that expresses the parallel between the two phenomena is faulty. The middle portion of this sentence presents a flawed comparison—“similar.

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Will Consultants be Replaced by AI?

Small Business Labs

Again from the article: the processing power of four smart consultants with excel spreadsheets is miniscule in comparison to a single smart computer using AI running for an hour, based on continuous, non-stop machine learning. Since we're consultants, we hope not.

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Email Isn’t Dead. Here’s Why You Should Be Using It to Market Your Business.

Tips From T. Marie

The comparison chart at the end of this post compares some of the more popular services. Bonus Freebie: EMail Marketing Service Comparison List. The business experts agree, when it comes to marketing, the most effective avenue you can use is email.

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Sales Psychology: Why People Won’t Pay Your Rates

The Shrink for Entrepreneurs

When someone says “that’s too expensive&# , they’re verbally acknowledging an unconscious comparison. A comparison they don’t even realize they are making. This was the comparison their unconscious mind was making. Today’s post is short and sweet.

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Gardens: The Unsung Hero in Real Estate Valuations

Small Business CEO

Gardens, and landscaping in general, are often the most overlooked elements when it comes to adding value to a home.

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6 Small Business Service Types That Offer a Flexible Work Environment

Small Business CEO

Recent studies show that employees who are granted the freedom to work remotely have a significantly increased rate of productivity in comparison with office-based staff that reaches around 60% to 85% for an 8-hour work day.

5 Types of Parallel-Structure Problems

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but also” comparisons. Enforcement actions by regulators in the United Kingdom are usually less severe in comparison to the United States. Sometimes, the absence of a word or phrase renders a comparison incomplete.

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Make Educated Decisions When Choosing an Administrative Conference (Part 1 of 6)

Office Dynamics

Make a comparison spreadsheet, if necessary. Since there are so many administrative conferences being offered, I would like to walk you through a series of blogs on how to select the conference that is right for you, gain approval and how to get the most for your investment. I am keeping these blogs to the point. A conference should feed your brain and soul! Start with the end in mind. What is your goal or goals for going to a conference? Education wise? What skills do you need to grow?

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12 Great Holiday Shopping Apps That Can Save You Time and Money

Dumb Little Man

In olden days, like a few years ago, you had to run from one store to another in search of the lowest prices and best deals, but now you can comparison shop right from your smartphone, provide you have the right apps.

Overcoming fear of failure (falling short) and what other people think.

Denise Aday

personal work comparison clients fear of failure letting go control Overcoming fear of failure (falling short) and what other people think. : Got this by email from a client today and it really hits the spot this week, which has been a bit of a dispiriting one where I’ve constantly felt like I was falling short, however imaginary the impression. Tip: this also happens when you internalize and take responsibility for things outside of your control.).

Technology of the week: Touchjet Pond Projector

Practically Perfect PA

it isn’t cheap but if you think about how much it costs to install Smart Screens in every meeting room or giving every member of staff a tablet it is a tiny cost in comparison. What is Touchjet Pond Projector? The Touchjet Pond is great piece of kit from over the pond.

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Goldman Sachs on Millennials

Small Business Labs

They are used to instant access to price comparisons, product information and peer reviews. Goldman Sachs has an excellent infographic/report on millennials  (born 1980 to 2000).

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Can a PA help their employer be more enterprising?

Practically Perfect PA

By working together, you can both share workloads so not everyone is carrying out the same price comparison research and ordering the same or similar items. Can a PA help their employer be more enterprising?

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5 Types of Redundancy

Daily Writing Tips

Various words and phrases serve to communicate what a word or phrase refers to or herald to a reader that additional information is forthcoming or a comparison is being made, but writers sometimes make the mistake of unnecessarily employing more than one of these indicators at once.

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5 Types of Parallel-Structure Errors

Daily Writing Tips

Writers often have difficulty constructing sentences so that comparisons, contrasts, and lists, as well as parenthetical elements, are logically arranged.

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How to Keep Teams Motivated to the Finish Line

On The Job

The comparison to past success often spurs teams to push with greater effort in the final stages, researchers say How many times have you been about to reach your goal and for some reason, you lose interest? I've heard bosses complain that they've just about got their team to achieve a new goal -- and then enthusiasm seems to wane. The bosses try to figure out a way to jump-start the flagging interest, but can't seem to keep the team motivated. A new study sheds light on why this happens.

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Idioms with Compare

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Compare with would be reserved for a detailed comparison that notes differences between two people who are similar in some respects, but not in others. The verb compare comes from Latin comparare , “to pair together, couple, match, bring together.” It occurs in four common English idioms.

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3 Types of “Not Only. But Also” Errors

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But because changing is the operative verb for both parts of the comparison, it should precede “not only” — and should be shadowed by also after the conjunction: “Digital cameras are changing not only photography but also our lives.”. This sentence mixes two phrasing forms for making comparisons: “both.

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3 Cases of Dangling Modifiers

Daily Writing Tips

Each of the following sentences begins with a modifying phrase that is erroneously constructed in such a way that it appears to refer to the subject but does not. A discussion of the problem, and a revision that solves it, follows each example.

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5 Minutes With… Daniel Abrahams

The Small Business Blog

Our latest interviewee is Daniel Abrahams, the Co-Founder & Head of Partnerships at award winning comparison sites… Read the full article here: 5 Minutes With… Daniel Abrahams on: THE SMALL BUSINESS BLOG. Welcome to the latest in an ongoing series of entrepreneur interviews for The Small Business Blog. These short Q and A sessions are conducted by myself and feature some of the most exciting figures in the business world.

5 Types of Conditionals

Daily Writing Tips

By comparison, a second conditional follows the past simple with would and the infinitive. When crafting “If (this), then (that)” statements, note that several varieties exist, distinguished by tense and probability. This post describes, with examples, various types of conditional statements.

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10 Things You Should Know About Creating Your Happiness

Dumb Little Man

Avoid Social Comparison and Dwelling On Things. “Happiness is not something ready-made. It comes from your own actions.” Dalai Lama. A lot of people know that happiness isn’t something you find in other people or things.

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LED Street Lights: The 21st Century Lighting Option

Eco-Office Gals

There is not a shade of doubt about the fact that they are long-lasting, environmentally-friendly and energy efficient in comparison to traditional sodium lamps. In comparison, LED lights have distinct advantages. LED street lighting is an innovation that is here to stay.

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Then or Than?

Laughing all the Way to Work

Than is used to make comparisons. Both than and comparison have a letter “A” in them. I have always had trouble knowing when to use the words 'then' or 'than'. Sometimes it is easy to figure out, but other times I struggle to figure it out. Well, today I came across a sentence where the person used 'then' and I was pretty sure it should have been 'than', but wasn't positive.

15 “Positions” and Their Variations

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juxtapose : place together for comparison (“set beside”). juxtaposition : placement together for comparison (“something set beside”).

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Can’t Keep a Job? Here’s Why

Eat Your Career

Remember that comparison is the thief of joy. Every week, I get a ton of emails from blog readers with career questions they want me to answer. Typically, I don’t provide career advice via email—that’s why we have the monthly Q&A (“Ask the Career Coach”) video sessions.

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Take your boss’s business trip virtually

Practically Perfect PA

There are plenty of other comparison websites but I always check Skyscanner prior to booking any flights. According to a recent survey conducted by PA Life assistants spend at least 20% of their time organising travel.

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The Rise of Intermarriage and Cultural Fusion

Small Business Labs

The reason 1967 is the comparison date is that's the year the U.S. In 2015 one-in-six U.S. newlyweds (17%) were married to someone of a different race or ethnicity.    This is up from just 3% in 1967. Supreme Court ruled that interracial marriages were legal. 

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Ten tips for organising a business trip to… Houston

Practically Perfect PA

Hotel rooms in 4 or 5 star properties are cheap in comparison to other US cities. After many many years of booking business travel to Houston for my Executives I finally got to travel there myself in January 2014.

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Proper Parallel Construction of Sentences with “Not,” “Neither,” and “No Longer”

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When writing sentences in which a comparison is made with not , neither , or “no longer” as the focus of the contrast, be vigilant about achieving logical parallel structure, as discussed and demonstrated in the explanations about and revisions to the following examples.

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Three Deadly Sins of Leadership

Ian's Messy Desk

It was necessary to discount numerous tactical behaviors that may appear destructive at the moment, but in the large scheme pale by comparison to the more strategic negative behaviors. It is the comparison that makes [a person] proud: the pleasure of being above the rest. Once the element of competition [or comparison] has gone, pride has gone.” Some time ago a magazine writer asked me a probing question.

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10 tips for organising car hire

Practically Perfect PA

Car hire comparison sites. In the UK there are quite a few hire car hire comparison sites which will help you secure a good deal for your boss.

The Pricing Battle: Charging for Your Time or Charging for Results/Value

Productive & Organized

" 2 - Comparison to their own hourly evaluation of themselves. Recently, I've been talking a lot with clients and in on-line groups as questions come up about pricing strategy.

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Pronunciation of -ise in Verbs and Nouns

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For a fascinating comparison of views on the subject of -ize vs. -ise , see Mike Horne’s “ The -ize have it! ”. The letter s represents two sounds in English, the unvoiced sound /s/ heard in sister , and the voiced sound /z/ heard in rose.

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Don’t Do Due Diligence

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Since the 1980s, the expression “due diligence” has migrated from legal and business use to the general vocabulary, where it has become an inflated synonym for “comparison shopping.”. Not so very long ago, the only people I heard talk about “due diligence” were realtors.

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