Guide To Life Insurance: How to Make Sure Your Policy Takes Care of You

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In this article, you’ll learn the best tricks to make sure your life insurance policy is prepared to take care of you and your family. Permanent or “whole life”, as some insurance agents are now calling it, is nothing more than a scam-like, highly complex product put together by insurance companies so they can charge large commission fees off you. In reality, the monthly premiums are almost always so much higher than for a similar term policy.

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How Simple Policies Can Change Your Business

While this makes sense, it doesn’t mean you should ignore behind-the-scenes business administration tasks, such as setting policies. Policies that outline how you run various elements of your business, and why you do it that way, set boundaries and create a foundation for the business.

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Should Your Company be Recruiting from a Foreign Market?

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Aside from the administrative headache associated with putting the required policies and processes in place, an international campaign must consider the best cultural and language practices.…

How Trumpcare Will Impact Self-Employment

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  The reason is the proposed legislation allows insurance companies to charge up to 5 times the premium amounts for older people than younger people. Government Policy self-employment Small Business Economy

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Seeking Freelance Flexibility With Full-Time Stability

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It would also help if more companies offered flexible work options for their traditional employees. Economic Uncertainty Freelance gig economy Government Policy Independent workers self-employmentThe Inc. article What Do Millennials Want From Their Employers, Exactly? This Study Sums It Up in 1 Sentence says Millennials want: "Freelance flexibility with full-time stability" This is, of course, not just what Millennials want. It's what everybody wants.

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Encouraging U.S. Commerce Report on "Digital Matching Firms"

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Lack of company oversight means untrained workers can pose a danger to consumers. Privacy dangers arising from the companies collecting a huge amount of personal information.   I was also recently on a panel with a senior policy person from the Department of Labor.   1099 Economy Contingent Workforce Freelance gig economy Government Policy on-demand economyThe U.S.

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Incorporating Millennials Into Your Company

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However, if your company is going to have longevity, you’ll need to capture the attention of millennials and incorporate them into your company. Consider Your BYOD Policy. For example, some companies use internal social networks for communication instead of email.

8 Factors That Determine Whether Your Company Would Benefit From a GSA Schedule

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However, if you are like many companies, you may be uncertain whether your company is eligible to participate in the program and if you should invest the time needed to obtain a GSA Schedule Contract. So, how can you tell if your company would benefit from holding a GSA Schedule?

Comparing Small Business Owners and High-Growth Entrepreneurs

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  About 18 months ago we conducted a study to better understand if and how founders of high growth companies differ from their counterparts at more typical small businesses.  Motivation :  The top reason for starting a company according to high-growth entrepreneurs was "building wealth."    The main reason we're interested in this topic is we believe policy makers are too focused on high-growth companies and entrepreneurs. 

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Large Companies Recovering - Small Businesses Still in Recession

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Defining Small Business Innovation 2010 Top 10 Small Business Trends Intuit Future of Small Business Resources The Changing Face of Entrepreneurs The Connected World of Entrepreneurs Disclosure Policy Emergent Research works with corporate, government and non-profit clients.

Considerations For Social Media Use In The Workplace

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Company use of social media in the workplace is also increasing. Human resource and other company professionals are using social media sites to screen potential employees, monitor current employees and obtain information about competitors or customers. Provide a social media policy.

Why Your Office Needs a Green Workplace Policy

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If you have an office without a green workspace policy, it’s about time to put one in place! There are a variety of reasons to implement such a green policy, and if you’re looking to do so, ways to do it simply and without great cost. They reflect well on your company.

Uber and Lyft Lawsuits & the On-Demand Economy

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" As we've pointed out in the past  these lawsuits are a really big deal to on-demand and sharing economy companies.   If the courts find the drivers have been misclassified by Uber and Lyft and should have been classified as employees, the companies will face substantial fines and penalties. Because of this, expect the deep pocketed on-demand economy companies to vigorously defend themselves.

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Using Twitter to get a company’s attention

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Here are some suggestions: Share your problem and tag the company’s Twitter account publicly which means you should include the Twitter handle within your message so all of your followers can see it. Google the company’s Twitter account.

Is Small Business Ownership the Great Equalizer?

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  The median survey respondent's company has been in business roughly 9 years.  The   Our belief is once a business owner gets past the challenging early and mid-stage years and builds a viable company, educational background, ethnicity, race and gender differences have little impact on their firm's ability to compete.  government policy trends women

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Should Employees be Allowed to Use Social Media?

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Nowadays many companies even have social media policies governing the ways that an employee can access social media in the work environment and whether they can at all. The Policy. Social Media social media at work workplace policies

My Health Care Risk Shift Mistake

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  Companies have shifted responsibility for retirement, career planning and health care to employees and government at all levels have reduced social support services.    government policy Intuit 2020 Trends Report trendsI recently personally experienced one of the trends we follow - The Risk Shift.   The    The bottom line: I spent over $800 for x-rays that should have cost me $37.    Let me explain.

The Growth of Private Company Stock Exchanges

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Defining Small Business Innovation 2010 Top 10 Small Business Trends Intuit Future of Small Business Resources The Changing Face of Entrepreneurs The Connected World of Entrepreneurs Disclosure Policy Emergent Research works with corporate, government and non-profit clients.

Wisconsin, Illinois Companies Feeling the Recovery

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Defining Small Business Innovation 2010 Top 10 Small Business Trends Intuit Future of Small Business Resources The Changing Face of Entrepreneurs The Connected World of Entrepreneurs Disclosure Policy Emergent Research works with corporate, government and non-profit clients.

The Millionaire's Tax and Small Business Jobs

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  These companies are almost all C corporations, so their hiring decisions are also not impacted by personal tax rates.    government policyLet me start by saying Smallbizlabs: (1) is pro-business; (2) thinks lower taxes are better than higher taxes; and, (3) prefers a smaller government.    We're also non-partisan, which means we don't let politics influence our research. 

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Adhering to the "Open Door" Policy

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Home About Me Advertise Adhering to the "Open Door" Policy By The Professional Assistant on Tuesday, February 19, 2008 Filed Under: Meetings , Prioritize I n my last job, I had my own office. We strive for an “open door” policy, but of course, there are times when the managers hold meetings or make phone calls and have their door closed. Just remember, if your company has an “open door” policy, please adhere to it.

‘WOW’ customer service has to be reliable and consistent

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Customer service has to become part of a company’s culture and with the ease and ability of finely tuned humans, these valuable employees must be able to make decisions on service at the very time it is needed. Companies just need to learn to do it better.

Measuring the Impact of the Invisible Economy of Independent Work

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There's a growing view that the way economic statistics are collected and analyzed fails to reflect the economic and jobs impact of independent work - especially independent work created by new economy companies like Airbnb, Etsy and Elance.   Government Policy Independent workers trends

Small Business Labs: The Growth of Private Company Stock Exchanges

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Defining Small Business Innovation 2010 Top 10 Small Business Trends Intuit Future of Small Business Resources The Changing Face of Entrepreneurs The Connected World of Entrepreneurs Disclosure Policy Emergent Research works with corporate, government and non-profit clients.

How policy and cost savings are helping to drive the uptake of low-energy, retrofit LED Lamps

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Governments around the world have also increased awareness and uptake of low energy retrofit lamps through low cost loans to pay for upgrades that can be repaid through energy companies from the energy savings such as the Green Deal in UK. “The traditional GLS lamp is dead!”

Getting back to the basics of effective customer service

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Customer service has always been a top priority for American Express as compared to the endless prompts and procedures of other credit card companies.

Stepping It Up – What’s Stopping You?

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Donna’s gems and my take-ways (great stuff here for clients, too): You must be the CEO of your company – In other words, stop doing it all the work yourself! Tags: uncategorized boundaries collaboration delegation marketing mindset money motivation organization packages planning policies pricing services success systems teams virtual assistant

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NEW Canada Anti-Spam Law effective July 1 (And how not to be a spammer regardless of location.)

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Remember, regardless of laws and policies, spam is also in the eye of the beholder. Back to those laws and policies… The terms of service of most email marketing providers are stricter than the anti-spam laws themselves. ( CC by 2.0 photo by TeresaH12~~~bizzyazabee ).

Employees of Large Corporation Not Happy at Work; The Self-Employed Are

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  As the study infographic shows, only 27% of employees at large companies are happy at work. Key quote from PWC's report: Small companies often appear to have less bureaucracy, tighter cultures and more leniency around work policies. "Happiness"

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Take lessons from the leaders in customer service

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With a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee and a one-year return policy, consumers find the entire buying and service experience fun and efficient. Culture Customer Satisfaction Customer Service Employees Little Things, Big Differences Specific Companies

5 Things to Remember in a New Job

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As the economy improves, many people are starting new jobs and learning how to work for a new company and a new boss. Take notes on instructions regarding procedures, company policies, names, etc.

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Social marketing 101: respond to your customers about social issues too

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Clients and customers love the personal touch and having the ability to comment on an issue; the problem arises however, when no one from the company responds back or follows up on a complaint, lack of service, or even a social issue. The company now claims to have organized a Down Task Force establishing a traceability system of new procedures. Angry Customers Behind the Scenes Customer Satisfaction Specific Companies

Do Green Employees Make Greener Companies?

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The whole team must be on board, and this need for unity in the struggle is what makes environmentally conscious employees so vital in the development of green companies. Companies are both anchored and powered by their employees.

Is your customer service “naughty” or “nice?”

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Consumer Reports does qualify their list as neither an approval or disapproval of an organization as a whole, but Tod Marks, the senior editor and resident shopping expert states it is about “specific policies regarded as customer friendly.”

Will Small Businesses Drop Employee Health Coverage in 2014?

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companies may drop their employee health insurance when provisions of the new health care law take effect in 2014.   government policyWe've looked at the new health care law and tried to understand and forecast what it means for small businesses.    Our quick summary:  we don't know and we don't think anyone else does.    Which is one reason why the topic is so controversial.  The

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All Aboard the Induction Process

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Putting together an efficient policy is important because it ensures that all employees are integrated into the company and their role in the organisation quickly. Senior members of the team may not be aware of how much you have to do before someone joins the company, so share your checklists with them and stress that you need to know as soon as the role has been filled.

Does America run on “Dunkin’ Donuts”?

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The company’s Dunkin’ Donuts Perk and Rewards program translates into free beverages as well as emails informing customers of the latest news, special offers and new store openings. In a company that serves more than one billion cups of hot coffee and iced tea annually, clever marketing has made people feel more engaged. The company’s green policy began in 2008 when the first green store opened in St.

Budget cuts for the IRS result in unreliable customer service

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While many taxpayers are silently grinning about the decrease in audits, the overall lack of customer service ultimately results in longer lines at assisted help centers, longer wait lines on telephone inquiries regarding policies and the ever thickening IRS new rules and regulations, and a complete breakdown of interoffice departments in the IRS obviously unable to communicate with each other. Angry Customers Customer Satisfaction Customer Service Employees Specific Companies

How to create an assistant handbook

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Policy & Procedure , for HR documents, travel and expense policies, health and safety etc.;

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The Milkshake Moment

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The following is an excerpt from the book The Milkshake Moment: Overcoming Stupid Systems, Pointless Policies and Muddled Management to Realize Real Growth by Steven S. Ian’s Messy Desk Helping you get the most out of the 24 hours in your day.

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