How to get great customer service, anywhere.

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Dealing with corporate customer service departments is often one of the most frustrating experiences of modern life, and many of us have horror stories of futile attempts to resolve a simple issue amid a minefield of unhelpful automated phone trees and uncaring representatives. By following a few easy steps, however, we can make sure our problem is solved easily and effectively, no matter the company we are calling. The post How to get great customer service, anywhere.

Tech Fest 2014 and excellent customer service

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We also knew that ExCeL has a fantastic reputation for customer service and their staff really understand the difficult job of organising events. ExCeL have a dedicated onsite catering company called Leith’s. Most venues offer this service but quite often you will be introduced to the onsite contact and never see them again, or you will spend half your time trying to find them.

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4 Top Ways to Provide Superior Customer Service

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Customer service is vital to the success of a company in any industry. Poor customer service can lead to lost customers, low levels of customer loyalty, and bad publicity. Unhappy customers tend to talk, whether to their friends and family members or in the form of online reviews. No matter how you look at it, customer service should be one of your top priorities as a business owner or manager.

Customer Service Still Number One

Make or Break Moments

Once again – the number one article for the month is one I wrote a few years ago entitled How Do You Define Customer Service. I wrote the article before the economy took a turn for the interesting, when companies were still staffed and [.]. Connecting Moments Customer Moments Employee Moments making a difference building customer relationships customer service define excellent customer service

12 Customer Service Lessons

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Although I don’t believe there were any huge new “ah ha&# moments, the list is a good one that focuses on the importance and value of building relationships with customers. Keep it personal Don’t make the customer work Foster Relationships Go Above and Beyond Be enthusiastic Be helpful without being annoying (good one!) Active listening should be the first key to successfully building relationships with our customers.

Customer Service Through Social Media: The game has changed

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Harry is with Useful Social Media , and I will be presenting at their New York Conference on Social Media and Customer Service next week. Plus, Harry interviewed me about my book, The Hidden Power of Your Customers: Four Keys to Growing Your Business Through Existing Customers. The rise of social media has changed customer service beyond recognition. In today’s competitive landscape, customer service is more important than ever.

Killer Customer Service, or Customer-Killer Service?

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This friend had earned enough miles for a free trip to Europe but hadn’t been able to fly AirlineX for awhile since his company now required him to fly the cheapest option (which this airline never was). Unable to do that due to the aforementioned company policy (and with no other potential trips on the horizon), my friend lost his accrued points (and a future flight to Europe). Customers are watching the actions of your company.

Customer Service: When is Automation a Good Idea?

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Automation with customer service has to be handled with care. While customers are now used to computerized answering services instead of a receptionist picking up the calls, there’s also usually a decline in the service level when having trouble getting hold of a real person. Companies must strive to use automation in a manner that is a net benefit to the customers – not just the bottom line.

Personalize your customer service

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Everyone wants to be treated as an individual with their own specific needs catered to; in the perfect world that’s the epitome of “wow” customer service. Of course whether we use one company or service over another usually stems from past reputation, helpfulness, integrity, or a friendly referral. First of all, customers get it the way they like it. Online companies are even making it personal with Facebook and Twitter.

Surprise! Your Customer Service Ain’t All That.

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A recent article on Small Business Trends explains that although you may believe you and your business are providing excellent customer service, chances are your customers/clients aren’t exactly on the same page. In fact, when founder Mike Blumenthal conducted a survey, although business owners themselves believed that 75% of customers were experiencing excellent customer service, the customers themselves had something else to say.

On Using Excellent Customer Service To Reduce Churn

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They can even influence potential future customers as well. In an era where customer loyalty is hard to come by, it pays to offer the highest quality customer service experiences possible. Smart business leaders see the big picture of not only providing their consumers with the highest quality goods and service but also giving them the care and attention they deserve. After all, your business wouldn’t exist if not for happy and loyal customers.

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BYOD Improves Customer Service Workflow

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Imagine being able to assist customers from the comfort of your own home, or even better, imagine being able to reach a customer service representative without having to be put on hold. These two concepts have the potential to become a reality with the latest trend in customer service, BYOD or "bring your own device." BYOD could be the one of the customer service solutions the world of communication and customer service have been waiting for.

How Legendary Companies Fix Failed Payments

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Every year in America, customer churn costs businesses $136 billion. On top of that, 47% of companies lose auto-renewals due to changes in payment data. Customer churn is considered any instance in which customers, or subscribers, cease relations with a business or service.

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Take a Customer Service Approach to Retain Employees

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Four ways to use the customer service approach to retain employees. Outspoken billionaire and founder of Virgin Airlines Richard Branson once said that employees come first in a company, even before customers. Research into employee retention and job satisfaction takes Branson’s words a little further, recommending that the same customer service techniques used by successful companies should be used on employees.

The Benefits of Customer Service Training

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Customer service expert Shep Hyken wrote in one of his articles ‘Customer service is not a department. When you utilise good quality customer service throughout the entirety of an organisation– from the recent hires to the CEO – you can improve the way that every element of the operation impacts the customer. Customer service training makes the difference. … CEO Leadership Customer Service customer service training

Focus on Customer Service in 2010 (Finally?)

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2010 may just be the year that companies start to focus on their customers and serving them well. Now, I am cautiously optimistic about this focus on customer service, but let me tell you why I feel this way. Brands are using a focus on customers as a competitive differentiator in their advertisements. Frank Eliason mentions the new commercial for the Chase Sapphire credit card service. Every customer touch is another brand impression of the company.

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2 Easy Ways to Improving Customer Service in Your Business

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For any businesses that are dealing with customers on a regular basis, the fundamentals of customer service are vital to learn and to consistently get right. Whether you’re dealing with your customers over the phone, in your shop across the counter, or anywhere else, good customer service skills are essential if you’re going to give them the best experience of your business and if you want to keep them coming back to you.

Can Facebook emotionally manipulate customer service?

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We do research to improve our services and to make the content people see on Facebook relevant and engaging as possible. ” In the relevant subject of customer service, and estimating that half of all consumers may have from time to time become engaged on Facebook, does it make us wonder if what we buy or how we feel about a company can be artificially manipulated? Behind the Scenes Customer Satisfaction Customer Service Specific Companies

Customer services rate customer service

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It doesn’t take much to set up an attractive website, display some fine merchandise or services, and go about the business of selling. If we’re lucky and our orders arrive just as we were promised, the sale is a success, and we most likely will give that company our repeat business. Our problems begin however, when something goes awry, and we search for ways to hold an online company accountable for our complaints. Can you really rate customer value?

How credit card companies offer different levels of customer service

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So are there different levels of service for credit card customers depending on one’s credit and past financial history? For a consumer who has been involved in a bankruptcy, has judgments or poor credit based upon late or skipped payments, interest rates are always higher, but poor customer service should not go hand in hand with poor credit. For the more credit challenged consumers, often the customer service departments have been outsourced to another country.

Customer service principles learned from a dentist

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Of course notwithstanding anything to the contrary, dentists along with their expertise to keep our smiles shining, should also prescribe to the ultimate quest of customer service no matter how advanced their dental education may have been. After all patients are customers and therefore should be appreciated and valued. From surgeons to CEOs, getting out from the exam room and being seen raises the bar of confidence with patients and customers alike.

The Lost Art Of Customer Service Within The Tech Industry

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Reinvigorating Customer Service in the Tech Industry. The tech industry is often highly impersonal — especially among companies that sell digital goods. A company can sell a digital service entirely over the Internet. The buyer pays online, and the service activates itself automatically. During the buyer’s entire time as a customer, he may never interact with an actual person.

Customer service sparkles with romance at St. Augustine specialty boutique

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While Cupid may not have the reputation for worrying about customer service when it comes to thoughts of love, it’s clearly evident the diapered imp of romance has never had to deal with an epic proposal like Kanye West and Kim Kardashian in the middle of AT&T Park in San Francisco; all resplendent with a 50 piece orchestra and a $3 million 15 carat diamond ring. Customer Service Customer Service Experience Specific Companies

Customer Service Hell

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I got instead a reminder of real customer service hell a computer answerphone instead of a human voice - do you know what I mean? I though to myself that they probably don't give a damn about their customers as I carried on hanging on, whilst the metallic voice droned on, not even hearing my voice. Électricité de France ( EDF ) is the world’s largest utility company and no wonder! customer service

Bad customer experiences make customer service mistakes harder to forgive

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Perhaps the most repeated complaint when having to deal with poor customer service is the need to keep calling back when something is wrong with a product. Statistics tell us that bad customer experiences are shared twice as much as good experiences, and the vast majority of bad service is vocally transmitted to family members, friends, and then coworkers.

Guest Post: Ritz-Carlton Customer Service Secrets

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The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company is known worldwide for it’s “legendary service.” So much so, Apple uses the luxury hospitality brand as a model for its owner customer support traditions. This means seeking out the customers unanticipated and unvoiced needs. Recently, I sat down with Ritz-Carlton Vice President Diana Oreck to see if she could share any more secrets to the company’s customer service super sauce.

Is There a Difference Between Customer Service and Customer.

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Posted by Deborah Chaddock Brown on August 10, 2010 under Customer Moments , Employee Moments , First Impressions | Read the First Comment Customer Relationships are just like good friends They sound similar but do they mean the same thing? I asked the question of the Build Customer Relationships group on LinkedIn this week and overwhelmingly the answer was NO. Making sure the customer feels and IS valued and always treated as such.

Customer service reality show?

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In Great Britain, Mary Portas used to help failing businesses get back on the right path, but now she has changed sides and stars in a customer service reality show. I admit I sometimes get hooked on reality shows; American Idol, New Jersey Housewives, and a few others, but now we make way for hidden cameras and mystery shoppers as the lack of customer service is exposed for all the world to see. She rated 90 percent of businesses as not putting the customer first.

Zappos customer service ‘core values’ sets record for longest call

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Zappos’ Customer Loyalty Team repeatedly exceeds expectations of the family culture CEO Tony Hsieh envisioned as his passion for customizing customer service always remains a number one priority 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. On December 8, Customer Loyalty Team member Shaea Labus spent 10 hours and 29 minutes on a phone call. There is nothing better than the human factor when calling customer service.

5 Ways to Make Customer Service a Part of your Brand

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It isn’t what you sell that makes customers pick you over the competition, it’s what you’re known for. Many companies have a strong brand attached to them. Zappos, the billion-dollar shoe store, is known for its customer service. Their customer centric culture drives their growth in unprecedented ways. Here are five ways to incorporate customer service into your brand.

BMW modeling customer service innovations after Apple

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All Genius Personnel will be salaried, and if a customer is interested in purchasing a car they will be referred to a salesperson. The program is now being tested in Europe, and the company hopes to be ready to launch in the United States by next year when it introduces its 13 electric cars. Customers don’t storm out as a salesman rips up a contract; tactics like that don’t work well in the luxury segment.

‘WOW’ customer service has to be reliable and consistent

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With the convenience of online browsing, the possibilities are endless, but how will our online retailers handle customer service? The customer service representative was exceptional and spent the time trying to figure out what replacement cushions would have the best result. The next morning the call to cancel the order didn’t turn out as it should have, and thus began a lesson in a customer service failure.

Recruiting talented employees to enhance customer service

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Happy employees make for motivated people who want to deliver the best customer service they can to assist consumers and clients. Recruiting and keeping talented employees therefore is very important when building relationships with people and developing a company’s brand, because it’s what people say about you and your business when you’re not in their presence that makes a profound difference in the world of customer experience.

Sending flowers and customer service

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This past Valentine’s Day, Washington Post’s Melissa Bell stated, “Love hath no fury like a flower customer scoffed.” ” It seems a popular wire service 1-800-Flowers failed to deliver bouquets for many customers creating a plethora of Twitter and Facebook complaints with the fervor of an inevitable doom. Only a few dissatisfied customers ever received an answer on that ominous February 14th.

Face to Face in a Virtual World: Greening Up Even Traditional Customer Service Experience

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Do you want to reduce your business’s carbon footprint and increase customer interaction and satisfaction at the same time? So is providing excellent customer service. The truth is that providing a nurturing environment for your customers can happen just as well virtually as it can in a face to face environment. After all, companies cannot subsist on social media alone. It might even be helpful to hire a company to help you.

Customer service goes holographic

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Manchester Airport’s Terminal in London introduced holographic customer service agents today. Yes, no kidding, and the holographic images, reproduced from real-life customer agents Julie Caper and John Walsh have been deployed at the entrance to the security area of the airport. The company Musion who created the virtual employees has also worked with the rock bands, The Black-Eyed Peas and Gorillaz’ Damon Albarn.

Increasing customer service popularity with Facebook

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Facebook gives organizations the opportunity to “WOW” customers with their human and approachable touch so important to building business, loyalty, and the development of a company’s brand. With over one billion active users, why not use Mark Zuckerberg’s brilliant social platform to help to build an audience, engage them in interesting conversation about one’s product or service, and then have the opportunity to convert visitors into more customers?

Consumer Reports says Apple does customer service better

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The ultimate success of a company is predicated on exceptional customer service experiences. For post-sales service, Consumer Reports ranked Apple Customer Service ahead of other companies for best PC tech support with the company scoring an 86 out of a possible 100 points. The training manual concentrates on the psychological aspect of customer service and builds the learning experience with role playing.

When businesses decide to neglect customer service

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Do these powerful organizations therefore view customer service as an operational cost rather than a marketing investment? In a study from CRM Guru, bad customer service accounts for 70 percent of customer attrition followed by poor quality at 30 percent, price at 25 percent, and functionality at 15 percent. Even in huge industries, the cost of keeping existing customers is still far less expensive than recruiting new ones.

Memorable experiences make for “WOW” customer service

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One recent experience at the Ritz Carlton where my real estate partner and I recently visited for lunch to meet with a European client who had flown into Palm Beach for the day to preview a listing we were offering, certainly left a wonderful customer service memory I had never experienced before, but have mentally earmarked as one of the most memorable customer appreciation opportunities I’ve ever witnessed. Why do customers want to keep coming back?

What happened to customer service at Sears?

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According to online surveys, over 80 percent of customers now give Sears poor customer service grades citing reasons of inept management, unreliable products, poor customer service, and a profound lack of employee training. Customer service begins with employees who want to be working and doing their best. Take lessons from the leaders in customer service If I have a problem with Comcast, I am obligated.

Want to Win More Business? Be There for your Clients 24/7

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Picture this – your company’s phone is ringing off the hook. It could be a potential customer calling up to inquire about a product. Or an existing customer is trying to book an appointment. Or worse, a dissatisfied customer looking to resolve a grievance.

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Why Big Business Has Customer Service All Wrong (and how small businesses can take advantage of it)

Tips From T. Marie

I’m a stickler about customer service. I have experience serving and helping others, so when it comes time for me to be the customer I have high expectations. This morning I read Seth Godin’s latest blog post entitled, Please Go Away in which he talks about the way most big businesses deal with customer service. Not one of those friends ever mentioned getting praised or receiving bonuses for helping a customer find satisfaction.

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