5 Remote Collaboration Challenges and How to Overcome Them

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To have a better look into the matter, let’s talk about the team collaboration challenges SaaS environments have to face: Top 5 Remote Collaboration Challenges. Conducts effective virtual meetings using an online collaboration tool.

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10 Writing Resources to Explore

Daily Writing Tips

Whether you want to launch your freelance writing career, write and publish a book, or start a successful blog, these ten resources could help. While Leadpages is the priciest resource here, if you’re selling your writing online, you might well find it’s worth it.

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10 Must Follow Admin Resources On Twitter

Office Dynamics

In fact, there is an event called #AdminChat that’s just for assistants – a free event that happens with a select resource, weekly, hosted by Executive Secretary Magazine (another phenomenal administrative resource). Whether you are already on Twitter or you still considering the possibility of joining, you will want to know who the must follow admin resources on Twitter are! Must Follow Admin Resources On Twitter. Office Dynamics Twitter List of Admin Resources.

Competition and Collaboration Creates High Performing Teams


This encapsulates an inherent and powerful notion of teamwork where collaborative efforts and using complementary capabilities lead to progress and accomplishment of goals. Modelling collaborative behavior. Under collaborative conditions; teams can scale rapidly.

Episode 364: Collaborating with Nature with Darren Virassammy


Collaborating with nature has been a catalyst for the success of Darren Virassammy. He’s the Co-Founder of 34 Strong, an organization which provides expert team development resources and leadership coaching.

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Recommended Resource>> EchoSign: Electronic Signature Solution - Online Digital Signatures

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Recommended Resource>> EchoSign: Electronic Signature Solution - Online Digital Signatures : Just signed a new client contract using EchoSign (trusted affiliate) via Google Apps integration. collaboration resources virtual assistant author assistant affiliatesEasy peasy — and verified legal documentation.

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YouNetFast: Online Guide to Collaborative Networks


I am pleased to launch the YouNetFast blog/online resource which is a unique and up-to-date resource on leading, facilitating and benefiting from collaborative business networks. Collaborative Business Networks are replacing supply chains in major enterprises who need innovative and agile delivery partners. Volunteering, Environmental, Public Health) to form unique collaborations with their fans/supporters for mutual benefit.

Have you discovered the power of Serendipitous Collaboration yet?


The most common approach to business collaboration ( Planned Collaboration ) involves prior analysis of the participants to try to identify shared interests in collaboration (e.g. as complementary players in a collaborative supply network). Another more radical approach ( Serendipitous Collaboration ) involves putting a random mix of companies in a room and seeing what develops. Tags: Virtual Collaboration Networks

Strategic Ways to Grow Your Business with Collaboration, Partnering and More Referrals

Stephanie LH Calahan

  Her telesummit will cover 7 partnering and collaboration topics that will help you kick your partnering into overdrive.    Sue Kramer Harrawood, Peace of Mind Virtual Assistance -- Are You a Trusted Resource?   Felicia Shaw, Simply in Your Purpose -- Putting a Book Together -- Collaborative Books to Grow Your Business. Recently, I have been talking to a number of people that are looking for more ways to generate leads for their business. 

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C3: a new approach to Collaborative Project Management


The C3-CPM approach addresses the hidden side of project management - the people-collaboration-end-result perspective. These could include resources, money, skills, time or access. C3 Collaborative Project Management is also supported by a unique online business simulation which in just an afternoon allows teams to fully experience the C3-CPM method using a safe scenario and then facilitates them in applying it to their own most important projects.

C3: a new approach to Collaborative Project Management


The C3 approach addresses the hidden side of project management – the people-collaboration-end-result perspective and is also a powerful tool for conducting a quick project healthcheck. C3: a new approach to Collaborative Project Management.

InformationWeek reviews my favorite client collaboration tool: CentralDesktop

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After an extensive search and testing over several months, I settled on CentralDesktop earlier this year as my client collaboration tool of choice. collaboration tools, and our tests showed it’s a good choice for team-building. _. Tags: uncategorized clients collaboration free stuff organization preferred partners productivity Resources time management

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Leading collaborative business networks - 10 rules for success


When you are leading or facilitating any kind of collaborative business network or venture you need to know that these are very different kinds of team than you encounter inside organisations. Even if you somehow manage to bully and push your (right) idea through be prepared to provide ALL the energy and resources to make it happen. Collaboration is just a piece of cake. The collaborative Project - this is what stops it being just a "talking shop".

How to Fit in a Remote Team – What a Founder Says

Small Business CEO

Coming together on video calls for collaborating for a few hours is not enough.… Human Resources Management remote team teamworkingEntrepreneurs always worry if remote employees would fit into the company culture.

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I Need Web-Site Pros For My Virtual Corporation

The Solopreneur Life

This means that if a project requires a particular creative skill that’s outside of my expertise, I have trusted resources at the ready. If you’re familiar with TheSolopreneurLife.com, you know that I prefer: long-term working relationships; collaborating with people who are pleasant to work with; and people who are motivated to serve others. (If Collaboration and Partnership Virtual corporation web sites

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Silvia isn’t just an admin, an appreciation letter

Office Dynamics

Thank you for your great focus, energy, attitude, collaboration and fantastic support. An appreciation letter to Joan Burge, CEO and Founder, Office Dynamics International. We receive letters from executives and assistants about the impact of our work. In fact, we have hundreds of letters stored away here that we’ve never shared with you before. Why not take a few moments during our blog-a-thon for the administrative profession to highlight YOUR stories and why we’re here?

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VANetworking Blog of the Week

Denise Aday

I love my VANetworking colleagues and the wealth of other resources. Tags: uncategorized achievement collaboration preferred partners professionalism Resources success virtual assistant Congratulations to me for AdayVA.com being named VANetworking.com’s Blog of the Week! Thanks guys!

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How I Made My First $10,000: Treg Stark

The Solopreneur Life

Later I learned that it would take $50,000 of resources to get the job done! Collaboration and Partnership Marketing Sales Starting Out How I Made My First $10000 startup T his is “How I Made My First $10,000,” a new, ongoing feature that gives all of us a glimpse at how other solopreneurs hit the challenging $10k milestone. If you would like to be the “How I Made My First $10,000,” please send me an email. Name of solopreneur: Treg Stark. Treg Stark.

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Gmail + GTD + Inbox Zero = Profitable Productivity

Denise Aday

Gmail’s mobility and collaborative benefits will far outweigh your initial discomfort. uncategorized Best practice books clients collaboration David Allen delegation email management Getting Things Done improvement life balance money organization procedures productivity Resources success systems time management virtual assistantGmail is a WONDERFUL thing. The common outcry is that email is evil.

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Aday VA Announcement: Saying Yes Means Saying No (An Entrepreneurial Evolution & Grieving Process)

Denise Aday

Virtual assistance is an incredibly collaborative and supportive industry and I love my VA colleagues. The resources she sent me as a result of our discussions helped me really clarify my passions and keep moving forward. Considering just pulling together an abundance of resources for both VAs and those who want to learn about and work with VAs. This is a difficult announcement following a tough decision, involving quite the identity crisis.

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How the DISC Behavioral Model Can Help Solopreneurs

The Solopreneur Life

I haven’t studied it in great depth yet, but I plan to because I think it gives us as solopreneurs a framework for understanding ourselves, our clients, and our collaborators. There are a lot of DISC resources on the market; are there any you recommend? Client Relations Coaching Collaboration and Partnership DISC behavioral model Marsten

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Office Dynamics

We then took a brief networking break for coffee and tea, and attendees were given a final opportunity at the Office Dynamics Conference to visit the Office Dynamics Boutique to pick up learning resources and books by our featured conference speakers, including Joan Burge. Ideation is going to be rewarded over mere production, and collaboration is a new norm. OFFICE DYNAMICS CONFERENCE RECAP PART III: The Final Day. This article is part 3 of our conference recap.

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Leading and Working with a Multi-VA Team

Denise Aday

A few critical components and my key takeaways from the discussion: Project management – Whether it’s Basecamp, Central Desktop or another project management tool, have a way for everyone to easily collaborate and track client projects. That if you maintain a good communication flow via your daily collaboration tools, then team meetings don’t add enough value to warrant the hassle of trying to get everyone together at the same time across time zones.

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Featured Soloist Kathryn Vercillo: “I Feel Like I’ve Been True to My Heart”

The Solopreneur Life

I’d connect with people who know about marketing and monetizing blogs and the many things I didn’t (and still don’t always) know and utilize those resources. Being a solopreneur means that you are the head of your own business that you operate without employees but it does not mean that you can’t collaborate with others.

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Meggin McIntosh on How to Back Up Google Docs

Denise Aday

It makes collaboration a breeze and suits our mobile work-styles to a tee. Tags: uncategorized Best practice collaboration delegation preferred partners procedures Resources virtual assistant I discovered this handy how-to article via a tweet by one of my favorite productivity gurus (she prefers “Empress&# ), Meggin McIntosh of Emphasis on Excellence. Here at Aday VA we and most of our clients are heavy Google Docs users.

What Company Directors Need to Know About Flexible Working

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Contemporary computing and communication technologies have made it possible for more and more people to collaborate remotely and do increasingly greater portions of their work from anywhere. … Human Resources flexible workingFlexible working is an increasingly common aspect of the ways in which businesses and organisations of all sizes function and operate.

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Living in a Style Vacuum

Loosely Speaking

Now I rarely meet anyone I work or collaborate with in person, so the thought of heading to my industry’s annual event (BTW, I am talking about the International Virtual Assistants Association hallmark event, the ** Annual Live Summit —see the link at right) the last time I attended was 9 years ago!)

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Attracting Millennials: Understanding What Millennials Want in a Career

Office Dynamics

Millennials see time as a limited resource that should be handled wisely and they aren’t interested in trading it for money. Collaborative work. Millennials are team-oriented players who crave collaboration and a voice to share their ideas and opinions in the workplace. Even if your industry is accustomed to working autonomously, you may find the collaborative environment gives a boost to your productivity and work culture.

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Social Networks, Cultural Evolution and Idea Sex

Small Business Labs

Reports and Resources Intuit 2020 Research Report Todays Hobbyists are Tomorrows Hobbypreneurs Homepreneurs: A Vital Economic Force Research Brief - Small Business Credit Outlook The Economic Stimulus Package: Whats in it for Growing Businesses?

New in Google Docs: Spreadsheets Form Summary

Denise Aday

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The Networked Enterprise (TNE) Reference Card


A unique reference card for printing on 2-sided A4 (Landscape) which folds into 6 sections showing the key priorities and resources in developing The Networked Enterprise through its 7 maturity stages with the 8 key techniques and their checklists. A must-have for all group collaboration coaches, leaders and practitioners! Volunteering, Environmental, Public Health) to form unique collaborations with their fans/supporters for mutual benefit.

8 Quick Tips for Better Zoom Meetings

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Employees bid farewell to face-to-face meetings and sought refuge in virtual conferences to collaborate. Use collaboration tools. The video conferencing tool has a collaborative annotation feature.

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YouTeamFast: New Blog on working with Teams


I am pleased to launch the YouTeamFast blog/online resource which pulls together Twenty One of my best techniques for assessing, mobilising, operating and improving teams and is the second website in my YouWorkFast series. Volunteering, Environmental, Public Health) to form unique collaborations with their fans/supporters for mutual benefit. Tags: Online Collaboration Techniques

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Coworking Going to Pot

Small Business Labs

Key quote from a Green Labs blog post : We provide startup marijuana companies with a collaborative work environment, access to necessary business resources and a forum for ongoing, industry-specific conversation. and hope to create a centralized space for marijuana professionals to speak and collaborate.

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Kickin’ it up a notch with NEW Productivity & Systems Services

Denise Aday

Small team collaboration. As I mentioned, this has always been a part of working with our clients as their go-to resource and trusted advisers. Tags: uncategorized apps clients collaboration consulting delegation organization procedures productivity services systems time management tools training I’m very excited to announce some fantastically helpful new services from Aday VA Solutions. We’re kickin’ it up a notch!

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Win A Two Hour Business Consultation With Guy Kawasaki

Small Business CEO

Each month until May 31st, 15 lucky people will be chosen to win a free Flip MinoHD when they sign up for a free 30 day trial of Verizon’s Collaboration Center. Verizon Collaboration Center is a better way for businesses to meet online, present projects, and share calendars and ideas. Now you can get the resources of the enterprise, no matter the size of your business. Verizon and Cisco have teamed up to bring business owners The Better Way Challenge.

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5 Career Tips for Project Managers Post-Pandemic

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In the first quarter of the year, we survived through supply chain disruptions, team management, collaboration, and connectivity crisis and are still striving to keep afloat. It is said that difficult times bring out the best in people.

Doing the Virtual Assistant Shake(Up)

Denise Aday

The thing is, when you’re a go-to resource for many things, as helpful as that is for clients, you can miss out on the experience of being truly expert at something specific you enjoy. Since beginning my freelance virtual assistance practice in early 2006, I’ve worked mainly as an executive-level administrative generalist with marketing and technical savvy thrown in. I’ve been privileged to work with some very successful authors, speakers, and consultants.

Blog Hopping Tour pulls into the Loosely Speaking depot

Loosely Speaking

Eventually, VAs will seek them out for input, potential subcontracting and the building of collaborative relationships. Tags: Virtual Assistant Resources convention OIVAC professional development Professional Development for Virtual Assistants A huge welcome and a big hug for Sharon Williams , president of 24-Hour Secretary!

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Asana: What Needs Doing


Maybe collaborative tools can’t – or don’t– work for individuals. It’s the ultimate Asana resource that features tactics, tips, and tricks that will turn you into an Asana action figure. Mindfulness Android app app store asana collaboration getting things done GTD inbox zero iOS iPad iphone mobile productivity Task Management teamwork time management Web AppI’m pretty pleased with my experience with Asana since I really started using it at the start of the year.

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3 Reasons Automated Hiring Will Rock Your World – And Your Bottom Line

Small Business CEO

Automated pre-hire assessments have made the hiring process less complicated and more efficient for both human resources and applicants. In doing so, firms are able to make better use of their resources and minimize risk associated with making a bad hire. More efficient collaboration with other decision makers. Automated assessment save resources, helping companies quickly and effectively narrow down the applicant pool to only the most qualified individuals.

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52 Templates and Tools for Every Successful EA


Hiver – This is an email management tool designed to help you manage collaborative inboxes. As an executive assistant, your job role tends to be very versatile.

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6 Reasons to Get Certified as a Data Scientist

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They have realized that their most significant resource is the reams of data that they generate on a daily basis. Now that they have recognized this fact, they are seeking to make use of this enormous resource and turn it into an asset for themselves. Data science is advancing rapidly.

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