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Working from home can be great, but there are also times when it can be quite isolating. The Hub is open for you to run your business in a friendly and helpful collaborative environment throughout the working week.

Mad Productivity: Driving the Work so that it Doesn't Drive me Crazy

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When (most often M-Thurs, 9a-4p), where (only in the office—I almost never, ever work when away--as in traveling for pleasure--because I think being away means going away from the work, too), and with whom (only people I really want to work with) are important because they’re clear. Office —mainly Word 4. Microsoft Groove , or Teamwork PM if collaborating with a Mac person 6. Business Standards Web/Tech home-office efficiency virtual assistant productivity work productivity

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8 Sharp-witted Ways To Protect Your Rental Homes

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Here are some practical measures you can start doing for rental home security : Identify and Secure Possible Access Points. If you’re on a short-term lease, moving a safe into your temporary home can be too troublesome. See Also: 15 Budget Worthy Smart Home Improvements.

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Best Business Technology for Small Businesses & Their Owners (28 ideas from them to you!)

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We started by asking this question: What tech tools (office machine, gadget, hardware, software or online tools) could you not live without, why and where can we find it?  Quicken Home & Business Is The Best! I never leave home without it.

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5 tips for working at home with your significant other

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One of those changes has been a lot of people launching their own businesses from home. But what happens when you and your significant other both start working from home? couple have both been working from home since March. I miss the collaboration with my colleagues.

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Project Managment Planning Time | Men With Pens

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It’s a joint venture that you’re collaborating on. The (Mis)Adventures of Mike: Mapping out business processes Reply Eliza ( @MakeWayForBiz ) December 17, 2009 at 7:17 pm @SiteBooster – this is especially true when you work from a home office. You need to be even more self-disciplined about time management, because you don’t have the structure of a corporate office setting. People can look over the walls of your office or walk right in.