How Google Classroom is Reshaping Learning

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What is Google classroom? Google Classroom allows students and teachers to chat and collaborate with features similar to Slack and other workplace software. Does Google Classroom actually help? Google Learning LMS

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Productivity Multiplier: Google Cloud Connect Now a Reality

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W e all know about Google as the search engine mogul and most know about Google Docs — an online version of word processing, spreadsheet, and presentations software. It took me less than a minute to install Google Cloud Connect and now I have a new toolbar in my Microsoft products.

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5 Collaborative Tech Apps Every Business Should Know about

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With that in mind, here are 5 collaborative tech apps that every corporation should be using. Google Drive (Safely store and share your documents). … Management Collaboration Apps Collaboration Tools Communication Tools Tech Apps

Tips for Getting Virtual Teams to Collaborate More

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Vint Cerf is a long-time innovator known for his natty three-piece suits, his work as Google’s chief internet evangelist and as one of the fathers of the Internet. This ensures that collaborative efforts in the future “are reinforced by these personal experiences,” he says.

Collaborative Workspaces are more than it’s Quirky, Creative Designs

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Google’s office has an indoor slide for their employees and it’s exciting. But there’s one thing that this tech giant wishes to tell us—there’s nothing wrong with injecting a little fun in the collaborative office environment.

Top Five Reasons Websites Lose Google Index Ranking | Internet.

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Search engine optimization is important in promoting a website, but making the wrong choices can land you in Google’s blacklisted category. Depending on the severity, Google may even delist a website, leaving an extreme loss in revenue for the company.

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How Introverts Can Harness Social Collaboration

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Open concept floor plans, collaboration areas and even a coffee shop smack dab in the middle of the office generates lots of noise, commotion, interactions and all the other stuff that wears down an introvert and plays havoc with concentration. But there is a way that introverts can harness the new workplace to their advantage so that they can still work in a way that plays to their need for more quiet and introspection, but still meets the demand for constant collaboration.

Google, Amazon - Whisple?


One of the most interesting collaborative business networks to emerge recently is a group of ambitious Northern Irish technology companies who have founded Whisple and are now open for members who want to work together in the high-growth global cloud-services market.

5 Ways To Use Google+ For Business

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Google Plus is not only for social communication but has proven to be an effective tool for business. Whether it is used in cost reduction efforts or to save time, Google Plus has numerous features designed to improve business productivity and efficiency.

Google drops Wave


BBC News reports that Google is dropping Google wave due to lack of users. Wave combined e-mail, instant messaging and the ability to collaborate on documents in real-time and was described as "how e-mail would look if it were invented today".

New in Google Docs: Spreadsheets Form Summary

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I love how Google quietly and consistently adds new tools – and new capabilities to existing ones. A favorite tool of mine is Google Docs – spreadsheets in particular. This questionnaire is a Google spreadsheet that has been turned into an online form that can be conveniently completed in a browser. How do you use Google Docs? Image via CrunchBase. I use it for clients as well as myself.

Meggin McIntosh on How to Back Up Google Docs

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Here at Aday VA we and most of our clients are heavy Google Docs users. It makes collaboration a breeze and suits our mobile work-styles to a tee. How to Back Up Google Documents (Google Docs). Google Documents (GoogleDocs) is a great application to use, but just like files you have on your hard drive, the files you create in Google should be backed up. Backing up Google Documents.

Today’s Admin Needs to Become a Mobile Office Pro

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An added benefit is the ability to share and collaborate on files of various types with others. Microsoft’s paid version is OneDrive for Business, which contains more features for collaboration. Google Drive. Share and collaborate on files.

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3 Tech Tools to Improve Your Organization’s Efficiency

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Make your everyday operations more efficient: Google Docs. Part of the Google App suite, Google Docs is one of the best shared online document programs out there. Improve Your Organization’s Efficiency.

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PhatWare releases Retina-optimized version of PhatPad for the iPad

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Yesterday, PhatWare Corporation announced the immediate availability of a Retina-optimized version of its PhatPad note-taking and collaboration app for iPad.

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Asana Comes to Android


Collaborate in real-time with Mobile Inbox. Apps Android asana Google Google Play Handhelds iOS project management Task Management tasks workspace

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Looking to Boost Productivity? Install These 6 Chrome Extensions


Personally, I’ve always been Google Chrome fanatic. Google Chrome has tons of extensions that are built purely to make your day-to-day life easier. You can use it in pretty much any context – personally, professionally, and even collaboratively. Apps Workflow extensions Google Chrome Lastpass momentum pocket stay focusd todoistEden Fried is a freelance web designer and blogger.

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How to Successfully Manage Remote Employees

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For up to ten people, Google Hangouts or Skype work great. Here are a few examples of daily, weekly, monthly and yearly activities that can create a collaborative culture, enhance communication and encourage accountability among team members.

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How Your Small Businesses Can Compete With Big Companies

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Build a professional website and use professional SEO services to help get your website as high up as possible in Google searches.… … Management business collaboration business competition strategic partnership

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Recommended Resource>> EchoSign: Electronic Signature Solution - Online Digital Signatures

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Recommended Resource>> EchoSign: Electronic Signature Solution - Online Digital Signatures : Just signed a new client contract using EchoSign (trusted affiliate) via Google Apps integration. collaboration resources virtual assistant author assistant affiliatesEasy peasy — and verified legal documentation.

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Misconceptions of the Open Plan Office

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Small businesses everywhere have been following in Google, Facebook and eBay’s footsteps, knocking down the dividers and grouping people together in a desperate bid to save space, encourage collaboration, and increase teamwork.

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The Genre of Productivity: The Next Big Thing On The Web


Then I thought how not too long ago everyone seemed to be talking about (and using) 37Signals’s Basecamp for collaborative project management. We are seeing huge growth in notetaking apps, highly-advanced collaborative tools, todo lists with reminders and Dropbox support to back them all up.

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7 Ways to Increase Organic Traffic to Your Website

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In this regard, the ranking of your website on Google is very important. The higher the rank on Google, the higher the chances of converting leads into sales. To achieve a higher ranking on Google search engine, SEO strategy will play a pivotal role.

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Redefining Office Culture To Boost Employee Satisfaction and Productivity

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In fact, the intended purpose of The Open Office was to provide a set up for on-the-fly collaboration across employees. For example, although Google is most known for their office design, they have lesser-known perks. The evolution of the office dynamic is interesting to study.

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It's Not Just Cloud Price Wars Driving Usage

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The cloud storage price wars being waged by Google, Amazon, Microsoft have been getting a lot of press this summer.   And Google is telling everyone to expect price declines to continue.

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Another Reason to Love Dropbox. Paper!

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Until recently, I really hadn’t given much thought to an online collaboration tool. Until they introduced their online collaboration tool, Paper. . Recently, after searching through a particularly long email chain I decided it was probably time I found an online collaboration tool. Online Collaboration Tool Features. The list includes YouTube, Spotify, Google Docs, Facebook, Slideshare and Instagram. Adding Collaborators and Assigning Tasks.

Eco-Friendly Mobile Web Tools

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Google Docs . Another mobile Web tool that can help the environment is Google Docs. Employees in your business can collaborate with one another, without having to print out a document to share it.

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Gmail + GTD + Inbox Zero = Profitable Productivity

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Gmail’s mobility and collaborative benefits will far outweigh your initial discomfort. How I use a combination of Gmail, GTD (Getting Things Done) and Inbox Zero : (Note that these are all things you can do in both free and paid versions of Gmail, although I use and recommend Google Apps for Business. Gmail is a WONDERFUL thing. The common outcry is that email is evil.

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13 Ways You Should be Using Your Smartphone for Business

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We all know about texting, calling and emailing from our phones, but are you collaborating from it as well? With a plethora of collaboration tools online, it’s as simple as finding one with an awesome phone app that works for your business. My favorite editing app is Aviary , but there are lots more out there like Adobe Photoshop Express and Google Snapseed. Try Keynote , Microsoft PowerPoint , Google Slides or even Canva to create a powerful presentation on the go.

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Teambuilding 2.0


Teams meet in the real world to collaborate and discuss strategy around a game that takes place virtually. For a young company GCO have some impressive clients including the likes of Google and Vivendi - heres a case study from their website if you want to find out more.

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Coworking at a Growth Inflection Point

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Coworking facilities - shared, collaborative workspaces - are rapidly gaining traction as a work location option.    This is illustrated by several clear signals. Web traffic and activity related to coworking continues to surge. 

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Dealing with confidential electronic documents

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When using collaborative tools such as Trello or Google Docs again make sure that only those authorised to see the documents can access them. A few years ago I wrote a really detailed blog about dealing with confidential electronic documents and paperwork.

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The Secret Is Out!

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Collaborative effort. The cool thing when you collaborate with others, ideas come to life that you had not planned. That is one of the differences between teamwork and collaboration. Who do you need to collaborate with at work? Google it. The secret is out!

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Tracking the Digital Nomad Trend

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The number of citations has accelerated since, with Google reporting more hits on this term this month (January 2015) than all of 2010.

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Top 10 Reasons For Learning R Programming For Beginners

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You can share your ideas with the community and also collaborate to produce products that can help you and other people. To make things even better, you can host any web app created using shiny on cloud services like AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure.

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A Sophisticated Guide on How to Build Your Startup

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Whatever your preference is, you can either create a Facebook page, Twitter profile, a Google page for your business or utilize them altogether. This to improve your ranking in a Google search. Collaborate with non-competitive businesses.

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How Artificial Intelligence Will Dominate the Future of E-commerce

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With multinational technology companies like Google and Microsoft investing heavily in AI technology, it is predicted that more than 80% of interactions involving retailers and end consumers will push through even without human cooperation by 2020.

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Choosing the Best Administrative Assistant or Executive Assistant Conference

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To understand this further, Google Johari Window. Some of our administrative conference themes have been: collaboration; resiliency; revolutionary; and empowerment. An administrative conference should feed your brain and soul!

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Technology of the week:

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also features a scheduling feature which integrates with iCal and Google Calendar. The app also allows users to collaborate using a virtual whiteboard. Today’s Technology of the week : Here are all the details…. What is

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Creating Powerful Presentations

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Try to think about your organisation’s brand in a more creative way – if for example the company colour is green do a Google search for ‘green’ and see what images appear and then use them for your slide backgrounds. Google Slides.

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Creating Powerful Presentations

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Try to think about your organisation’s brand in a more creative way – if for example the company colour is green do a Google search for ‘green’ and see what images appear and then use them for your slide backgrounds. Google Slides.

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Top 13 Tools For Efficiently Running Your Online Business

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Google Apps Google Apps is a package of popular Google tools like Gmail, Google Docs and all, allotted specifically for your domain. Skype Any list that talks about tools for collaboration and conducting business can’t be complete without Skype.

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Book Review: The Fifth Age of Work

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Skype, Google Hangout), as well as the decentralization and de-localization of work characterized by distributed teams, remote work, flex work and telecommuting, contract and project-based work, and the rapid growth of the coworking movement. 

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