Career Success A to Z: C is for Confidence

Eat Your Career

I never realized there were so many good c-words related to career success: communication, collaboration, courage…. Ultimately, I settled on confidence because it’s the one quality that can make all of these things easier. Confidence will help you meet fear with courage.

Ten critical foundations for successful collaborative networks


A Virtual Enterprise Network (VEN) is a voluntary and dynamic community of SMEs that commit to working together for a period of at least six months (ideally, twelve months) to collectively seek opportunities to participate in collaborative projects of mutual business advantage.

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Book for Executive Assistants on Amazon Best Seller for 2 Years

Office Dynamics

Of course,what else would we expect of a book that was the outgrowth of a collaborative effort of 240 administrative and executive assistants who attended the Office Dynamics Annual Conference for Administrative Excellence in Las Vegas. Infuses life with confidence! WHO TOOK MY PEN.

2014 169

Silvia isn’t just an admin, an appreciation letter

Office Dynamics

Thank you for your great focus, energy, attitude, collaboration and fantastic support. An appreciation letter to Joan Burge, CEO and Founder, Office Dynamics International. We receive letters from executives and assistants about the impact of our work.

2016 145

How I Made My First $10,000: Treg Stark

The Solopreneur Life

I had little confidence in my computer skills and now that I was out of the corporate environment and its support system, I had less confidence in my marketing skills. Collaboration and Partnership Marketing Sales Starting Out How I Made My First $10000 startup

2014 175

How the DISC Behavioral Model Can Help Solopreneurs

The Solopreneur Life

I haven’t studied it in great depth yet, but I plan to because I think it gives us as solopreneurs a framework for understanding ourselves, our clients, and our collaborators. Client Relations Coaching Collaboration and Partnership DISC behavioral model Marsten

2011 218

Featured Soloist Kathryn Vercillo: “I Feel Like I’ve Been True to My Heart”

The Solopreneur Life

As a solopreneur, you have to maintain a strong sense of self-esteem and self-confidence and it would be too tough to do that if I was spending all day every day doing the parts of the business that are harder for me!

2012 179


Office Dynamics

Ideation is going to be rewarded over mere production, and collaboration is a new norm. OFFICE DYNAMICS CONFERENCE RECAP PART III: The Final Day. This article is part 3 of our conference recap. click here for Office Dynamics Conference Recap part 1 and part 2.

2014 130

Can a PA help their employer be more enterprising?

Practically Perfect PA

Collaborate with others. Collaboration is a fantastic way of finding new and improved ways of working. Often collaborations can lead to new products and services being developed or moving into new markets. Can a PA help their employer be more enterprising?

2017 203

Authoritative Website Copy | Men With Pens

Men With Pens

Putting confidence into your copy almost to the point of arrogance is pretty powerful stuff, and it works out great for a lot of people. However, all too often this confidence turns to cockiness. If you’re still not sure, I’ll be honest – I’m probably not going to be able to help you yet, because this takes confidence on both sides. Being Confident and Powerful Without Being a Jerk Now, there’s a reason that a certain level of “I just don’t care” works well sometimes.

2009 46

5 Things You Must Do When Providing References

On The Job

Once an employer gets around to checking your references, you may be feeling quite confident that a job offer is coming your way. Hold on. According to an Accountemps survey , one in three candidates are removed from job consideration after checking with their references.

2019 229

How to delegate effectively in the non-profit sector

Ian's Messy Desk

Rather than a top-down management style they would exhibit the best traits of current, collaborative leadership. The first time you delegate a task, staff may lack confidence in the process, and come to you more frequently, or proceed carefully, taking more time that might be necessary. The more you staff gets comfortable with the process and results, the more confident and efficient they will be come.

2019 125

International Women’s Day 2020 – A Message From Julie Reed

Office Dynamics

Create awareness about generation equality Support non-profit organizations working for women Celebrate, support, and collaborate with other women Start mentoring early. I would like to “celebrate, support and collaborate with other women” in honor of International Women’s Day.

2020 211

Leading and Working with a Multi-VA Team

Denise Aday

A few critical components and my key takeaways from the discussion: Project management – Whether it’s Basecamp, Central Desktop or another project management tool, have a way for everyone to easily collaborate and track client projects. That if you maintain a good communication flow via your daily collaboration tools, then team meetings don’t add enough value to warrant the hassle of trying to get everyone together at the same time across time zones.

2010 54

5 Ways to Build A Culture Trust In A Large Remote Team

Dumb Little Man

This means better collaboration efforts could arise and positively impact company culture, as well as drive overall business performance forward. But how do you start building trust and collaboration in a virtual team?

2020 185

Dealing with confidential electronic documents

Practically Perfect PA

This is obviously an important subject for assistants because we have to, have to, have to, keep our Executive’s confidence. When using collaborative tools such as Trello or Google Docs again make sure that only those authorised to see the documents can access them.

2017 208

RedHat CEO: Forget What You Know About Traditional Management

On The Job

For example, when Whitehurst was COO with Delta, he was charged with leading the company out of bankruptcy and restoring confidence. Without that constant connection from leadership, employees won’t have the willingness or confidence to be innovative or collaborative.

2015 173

10 Work Productivity Tips and Tricks You Should Adopt at Work Today

Dumb Little Man

It lifts the confidence in their work. can be used for online team collaboration. There are only two ways to increase the output of your work. It’s either you put in an extra number of hours or find smart work productivity tips to working hard. Productivity and Motivation.

2020 268

How Millennials Measure Success At Work

Dumb Little Man

Most people think millennials are very confident and sure of themselves. If you are responsible for managing a team of millennials at work, make sure you promote collaborative work and recognize team members whenever they reach new goals or come up with fantastic ideas.

2016 280

Change Your Attitude; Change Your Biz

Virtual Moxie

and others you collaborate with; you''re better than that! This one change will make you feel (and be) more confident, and that will absolutely filter out to how successful your business is.

2013 202

Top Five Skills To Develop In College That Can Help You Get Your Dream Job

Dumb Little Man

Collaborative skills. College kids should work well in groups while collaborating on projects. Apart from team-based projects like service activities in high school, you can learn to be collaborative by participating in extracurricular activities and athletics, too. If you are unsure about how well you can write an essay, ask yourself if you are confident that you can score an A+ if you write the essay yourself.

2017 157

Things Assistants Do That Executives Appreciate

Office Dynamics

More confidence when addressing conflict in a way that leverages relationships. Increased confidence: more vocal, more influential and exudes a stronger presence with those she works with. Collaborates and communicates with the team without specific direction from me.

2018 173

7 Apps to Help Protect Your Mental Health at Work

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Moreover, the RR app enables hassle-free collaboration between the users and their treatment team, further strengthening their recovery path. It’s equally vital to talk – about your feelings, fears, or just how your day was – with your family, friends, or anyone you feel you can confide in.

2020 191

How Entrepreneurship Helped Me Find My Real Calling

Dumb Little Man

Making the transition from being a freelance content creator into a full-time agency owner, I expected to continue doing what I had been doing but with collaborators and at a larger scale.

2019 244

Why Sharing Credit at Work Is Good For Your Career

Eat Your Career

Talking up the value and contributions of your teammates shows that you recognize the power of collaboration—and you’re good at it! You Prove Your Confidence.

2015 152

7 Great Leadership Traits That Guarantee Success

Dumb Little Man

Emphasize Teamwork and Collaboration. The secret to every great service experience is that the people responsible for it have learned how to collaborate and work as a team. What you can be confident about, however, is that if you develop these 7 great leadership traits, you’ll be following the footsteps of some of the most successful leaders in the world. Whether you like it or not, the success of your career is linked to how good a leader you are.

2018 176

7 Leadership Tips From Leaders

Ian's Messy Desk

In fact, whenever there is an opportunity for two or more people to collaborate to get something done, leadership is a key ingredient. Drucker – Developing the confidence and capability of your people will raise their self-belief. Builds confidence in people. The post 7 Leadership Tips From Leaders appeared first on Ian's Messy Desk. What is a leader?

2014 195

A sneaky peek at the Future Assistant programme

Practically Perfect PA

His fun and interactive session on building confidence is a real eye opener for anyone who could use a little confidence boost.

2017 181

3 Ways To Build A Personal Brand Based On Authenticity

Dumb Little Man

When a product or service is so high-quality that its creator is confident enough to give it away, that tells audiences it’s truly valuable. Here’s where to start: Give back to your collaborators and supporters. But like Chance, I focus on what I can achieve alone, then collaborate with others to let them shine. In today’s society, people are used to getting a taste of products for free.

2018 157

What Some Girls Scouts Can Teach You About Careers

On The Job

My Girl Scout Troop is having a program to help empower young women and build confidence within themselves. They want those who can come up with creative suggestions, solve problems and collaborate with others.

2015 188

No More Ass-Kissing!

Virtual Moxie

In the second you sound confident about what you need, and that there shouldn''t be any reason why what you''ve done wouldn''t be just fine. isn''t, then, asking permission, but collaborating.

2014 198

A business case outline for an internal PA network

Practically Perfect PA

The overall concept is to share best practice and information and to create a unified sense of collaboration between all Assistants. Dispel the ‘Ivory Tower’ myth and work much more closely with other PAs and try to avoid working in silos and have a more collaborative outlook.

4 Motivational Triggers to Get You Started Right Now

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Seeing every single one of your objectives getting fulfilled elevates this sense of achievement, and you grow in confidence with every passing step. This is the kind of confidence makes world-beaters. We all get stuck in a rut every once in a while.

2016 206

Why Your Co-Workers May Not Trust You

On The Job

Only 10% of respondents said they have a "great deal" or "quite a lot" of confidence in Congress. In addition, disengaged and distrustful workers are less collaborative and innovative, Russell says.

2013 164

How to create an assistant handbook

Practically Perfect PA

Focus on achievement – your colleagues are more likely to remain motivated if they enjoy their involvement, feeling confident that they have the ability to deliver (especially if you undertake this project in your spare time!).

2016 201

Why Sharing Credit at Work Is Good For Your Career

Eat Your Career

Talking up the value and contributions of your teammates shows that you recognize the power of collaboration—and you’re good at it! You Prove Your Confidence. You have confidence in your own role and the value of your own contributions, so you’re not afraid of letting someone else have their moment of glory too. I talk a lot about how to advocate for yourself , be loud and proud of all you do , and t ake credit for your work even when others are trying to steal the spotlight.

2015 100

Quiz: Are You a Team Player?

Eat Your Career

You simply have to be willing to collaborate and pitch in when needed in order to achieve success. By building, and being a part of, a strong team, you can feel confident that your career future is bright. Let’s face it: Everyone wants to be a team player.

2012 236

Why it's Smart to Ditch the Pay-as-You-Go Pricing Model

Virtual Moxie

Note to new VAs who feel the need to do this: change your standard and the way your practice works the second you feel more confident or notice that you''re struggling with the PAYG clients you have).

2014 226

Office Dynamics Administrative Conference – Wednesday Sessions

Office Dynamics

Every year she and her team develop an exciting event to get people up and mingling, working together in collaboration and creativity – and this year was no exception! After a great lunch, the conference broke into the four hands-on labs: Brandi Britton discussed communicating with confidence.

2018 184

5 Office Design Hacks That Will Increase Employee’s Productivity

Dumb Little Man

So, while designing the office layout, you have to keep these things in mind: Try to develop separate areas for quiet, individual and collaborative, noisy work.

2016 203

Getting buy in from the boss

Practically Perfect PA

There was less sharing of information, silos in place and limited collaboration. Have the confidence to take the lead, be proactive and have a conversation with your boss. “Succeeding in business is all about making connections. Business is all about personal contact.

2017 213

Why You Should Re-think That Low-Cost Virtual Assistant

Tips From T. Marie

They have a right to their opinion of course, but it’s funny how many of those same people are contacting me again a few months later with tales of virtual assistant collaborations gone bad. If any of these apply to you and your business, attending the webinar “ Finding & Claiming Your Value- How to Charge What You’re Really Worth With Confidence ” will teach you how to really determine your value and set your rates to reflect it.

2011 148

Avoid Burnout by Creating Your Own Utopia

Office Dynamics

Collaboration and efficiency is enhanced when a team works together, even if not on a particular project, unity leads to productivity. Confidently acknowledge your experience as a valuable asset. Avoid Burnout. In Utopia, burnout would be a term no one ever used or heard of.

2018 180