Synonyms for “Clothes”

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Words that refer collectively to one’s clothes have an origin in the sense of equipment or preparation; here are a dozen words available as alternatives to clothes. Clothes comes from the Old English plural of cloth.

How to Organize Your Files With Cross Referencing

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That being said, cross referencing works for some people and certain fixed types of cross references are easy for anybody to use. Also, the development of tags as metadata for electronic data serves as a type of cross reference. There are Three Basic Ways to Cross References.

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Spring Cleaning

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Or, I should say, speaking of “felt:&# Used the sleeve of a lamb’s wool thrift shop sweater that I felted as a dust cloth throughout the house.

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Difference between “Pressing” and “Ironing”

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Posts By Email Grab The RSS Home Archives About Contact Tests Book Difference between “Pressing&# and “Ironing&# by Maeve Maddox Sridhar Nyapathi asks What is the difference between pressing clothes and ironing clothes?

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How to Choose the Best Table Linen and TableCloths

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One of the most common material choice for table clothes is cotton. Cotton table clothes are affordable and easy to maintain. Polyester table clothes are suitable for outdoors, kitchen and dining area. The design of the cloth is important for creating a particular look.

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Monty Python Officeland

Laughing all the Way to Work

With references like these how can I lose? The funniest was the gym clothes. Laughing All the Way to Work: A Survival Blog for Todays Administrative Assistant We all have to work, but who says we cant enjoy it too! My goal for this blog is to give good tips and ideas and occasionally put a smile on your face as you start your day!Lets Lets enjoy our day together.©

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25 Names of Fabrics, Wools, and Leathers Derived from Place Names

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calico: a type of cloth originally from Calicut, India. cambric: a type of cloth originally from Cambrai, France. chino cloth: a cloth originating in China (the name is Spanish for “Chinese”). dungaree: a type of denim cloth originating in Dongr?,

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Use Lists to Manage Your Life

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Here is a quick outline of some of the lists you can keep: Reference. Clothing. The post Use Lists to Manage Your Life appeared first on Ian's Messy Desk. My wife is the queen of lists.

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When is a Partnership Not a Partnership?

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When asked what they think it means to work in partnership with a client, VAs often tell me that it refers to "being equals" in the relationship. even spoken with him, but he''s the guy you''ve taken your clothes to for. fundamentally what you have is an "I pay you and you clean my clothes,". care for your clothes, he doesn''t contribute to your life/work in any. way (except in cleaning your clothes), you may send others to him, but you''re not invested, really.

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How to Increase Productivity by Switching Off and Getting Cozy

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This refers to being at the dinner table, having finished your meals, just sitting and chatting with your family and friends. The Japanese have an expression that translates to “too little tea,” referring to someone too busy to stop and drink a cup of tea now and then.

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Podcast 111: Quit sorting

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There are situations where using one of these sort methods makes sense, such as in your clothes closet. I favor insertion sorting for clothing, combined with purging your cache (listen to the previous podcast to learn about that). This means you take all your clothes out of the closet and put them on the bed. If you want to get fancy you can buy clothes rack dividers like the ones you see at stores to separate your categories. by Listen or subscribe here: iTunes ?

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5 Scandinavian Lifestyle Hacks We Should All Live By

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The Nordic countries are constantly topping the list of happiest countries on the World Happiness Report and their people are often referred to as well-educated, healthy, and content. It’s no secret that the Scandinavian lifestyle has been envied for decades.

Amazing Discount Strategies That Keep Your Sales Moving Upward

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For instance, a sports clothing store offers discounted membership to a local gym to its customers who spend a certain amount. Reciprocally, the gym also offers discount vouchers to its loyal customers for purchasing from that sports clothing shop.

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3 Types of Spelling Challenges

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Likewise, we refer to the air one takes in one’s mouth or nose during respiration as breath, but when we describe the act of respiration, we use the term breathe. Cloth is the word for material used to make garments, but we clothe ourselves when we dress.

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How You Can Improve Your Mental Health by Practicing Yoga

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Thus, it is no more a surprise to see stores, clothing, and publications lines dedicated to this industry. Do you crave peace? That invigorating milieu that one can create is not less than a magic pill that heals the pain and problems and lets you achieve a healthy mental state.

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Hosting Your Own Teleclass? 6 Dos and Don’ts for a Successful Outcome

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Even though you want your information to flow naturally from one point to the next, it’s also really important to have a plan and something to refer to so that you can stay on track. This goes from the room you’re presenting in to the clothing that you’re wearing (and everything inbetween).

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Throughput, Exogenous, Titer, and Fomites

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It refers to the amount or number of units passing through a system. It could refer to the amount of oil going through a processing plant or the number of customers buying hot dogs at a food truck. clothing.

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12 Ways to Make a Great First Impression in a Job Interview

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Here''s a checklist that can help you make that critical good first impression: Clothes should be neatly ironed (front and back). Refer to the hiring manager as "Mr." Hiring managers often make judgments about you within a few seconds of meeting you for the first time.

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Effective Tips for Writing Assignments You Probably Didn’t Know About

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Once done with the writing part, be sure to reference the assignment correctly and proofread it. He/ she will focus on your tone, the clothes you are presenting in, the way you speak, and the actual content of your assignment. For many students, transitioning to high school can cause an academic whiplash. They have to adapt to a new environment, adjust with the surroundings, and most importantly, score well in their academics.

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Swath vs. Swatch

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The reader was referring to the use of swatch where the context calls for swath. The word originally referred to a tag, something like the stub of a raffle ticket, attached to a piece of cloth before it was placed in a kettle to be dyed.

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Belt Idioms

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A belt is a strip of flexible material, such as leather, plastic, cloth, used with or without a buckle for wear (usually) around the waist. This term refers to the region in the north-central Midwest of the United States where corn (maize) and corn-fed livestock are raised.

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Practically Perfect PA visits: The Sofitel Lafayette Square Washington DC

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The habit I am about to refer to is blowdrying my hair. I’m always a bit self conscious walking around a beautiful hotel in my work out clothes so I scurried out of the door hoping I wasn’t noticed.

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Wringer or Ringer?

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She fed pieces of clothing between rollers to get as much of the water out as possible before hanging them out on that other old-fashioned piece of laundry equipment—the backyard clothesline.

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5 Reasons Why You Need to Stop Taking Life Seriously

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Keep in mind that your travel comrades have been just as duped as you to believe iPhones and designer clothing have any bearing on self-worth. Your ego is a fiction you’ve created to provide a frame of reference to experience the world.

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How to Think Inside the Box

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Genuinely creative people do not refer to “outside the box thinking&#. He asks permission to photograph them; then they need to hold their pose while he sticks his head into a cloth bag and fiddles with focusing rails. Capture ideas on the go for future reference. I can overuse a good cliché as much as the next person; and perhaps more so. However, there are a few I dislike and refuse to speak. “Think outside the box&# is one such bad cliché.

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The Many Meanings of Quarter

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Quart came to mean “one-fourth of a gallon,” while quarter refers to one of four (usually) equal parts of a whole. The word also refers to a compass point or direction other than north, south, east, or west or to one-fourth of the horizon or the area beneath it.

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Tips for the Traveling Administrative Professional

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If you haven’t had a chance to do a lot of traveling, use your travelers as a reference point. Pack a couple dryer sheets in with your clothes. These can prevent wrinkles from forming in your suitcase, and your clothes come out smelling laundry fresh rather than like a stale airplane! Shirts, pants, business clothes (when appropriate), socks, underwear, pajamas, sunglasses, shoes, and swimsuit. Administrative professionals are the superheroes of travel planning.

55 American English Words Derived from Algonquian Languages

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The following is a list of such terms, more or less commonly used, most of which refer to animals or plants or products derived from them. mackinaw (Menomini): a heavy type of cloth used for coats and blankets, or a coat or blanket made of the cloth, or a type of trout.

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Casual Friday Has Gone Too Far

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This doesn't apply to those of you who need to wear casual clothes every day because you assemble SUVs or work in the county landfill.) See above reference to jeans.) Last Friday I took a couple of hours off to run some personal errands.

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Band, Bend, Bind, Bond, and Bund

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Band , meaning “a flat strip” or “something that binds,” came to refer not only to an object with either or both of those characteristics but also to an organized group of people, perhaps from the use of uniform pieces of cloth worn by affiliated warriors.

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In the 19th century, undertaker could refer to: a subcontractor. The noun shroud , for example, started out in English with the meaning of “clothing.” The ropes “clothed” the mast. Sometimes public radio announcers refer to their sponsors as underwriters.

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75 Names of Unusual or Obsolete Occupations

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draper : a cloth dealer. fuller : someone who shrinks and thickens wool cloth. haberdasher : an owner of or worker in a store for men’s clothing or small items used for making clothes. huckster : a peddler (now refers to a con artist).

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Self-Acceptance: The Key To True Happiness

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I changed my hairstyle, got new clothes, and started to get in shape. Psychologist often refer to this as our inner critic. Do you need to learn how to accept yourself ? In middle school and high school I struggled with finding my identity.

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Could Changing Your Appearance Get You a Job or Promotion?

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I see these men who are trying to be a little too GQ ," says Maggie Jessup , referring to the men's magazine often featuring fashionable clothes. They're going to look at your hair, your clothes and your accessories," she says.

Rules About Treatment of Numbers

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These rules also apply to quantities such as units of time or distance; exceptions can be made for such categories as temperature, clothing sizes, and miles per gallon. Refer to percentages with numerals.

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List of Greek Words in the English Language

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Knowing those subjects was evidence that a person was educated, so dropping a reference to Greek literature was encouraged even into the 20th century. From Greek mythology, we get words such as atlas, chaos, chronological, erotic, herculean, hypnotic, muse, nectar, promethean, and even cloth.

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Top Ten Confused Words [C-D]

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The spelling canvas is a noun signifying a heavy cloth. Conscience is a noun that refers to the sense of right and wrong in an individual. For ordinary references to the body, corporal is the usual word.

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The Power of Volunteering

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During the American civil war, educator Clara Barton and a team of volunteers started to provide clothing, food, and supplies for the sick and wounded servicemen. This is often referred to as ‘human capital’ which is defined as ‘the acquisition of “of all useful skills and knowledge…that is part of deliberate investment.” This gave me great references, enabling me to get me a permanent job in a school.”.

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Words That Follow “Sequi”

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The dominant modern sense, that of “a continuation of a story,” is nearly as old; prequel is a recent coinage created on the model of sequel to refer to a story that predates a related tale in an overarching narrative but was created first.

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Hanks of Hair and Gobbets of Flesh

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The word hank refers to something long and flexible like hair or yarn: After selecting and measuring a new hank of hair I tie the end off tightly with very strong thread. I read this in a mystery novel: A trapped cat would fight its cage until it tore off hanks of its own skin.

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How to Get Organized Using Lists

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Here is a quick outline of some of the lists you can keep: Reference. Clothing. David Allen suggests some lists can be useful, fun, and interesting, that fit in the area of “reference” or “support.” Cover via Amazon. My wife is the queen of lists. She carries a iPhone 4S and can, with a swipe and a couple of taps, pull up whatever information she needs to plan her next action. For example, she tracks all our shopping lists.

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15 English Words of Indian Origin

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More recently the word has gained additional senses, for example to refer to a computer user’s visual representation within a game, on a forum etc. In the UK it is also used to refer to very large lorries (trucks). The English language has absorbed words from cultures the world over.

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Phrasal Verbs and Phrasal Nouns

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As an adjective, the word might refer to a window where a customer can be served without entering a business location.). One can, for example, walk a line, but that means something different than a reference to walking in a line, while “walk a door” is meaningless.

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