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Minimum Life Traveling Baggage

Brilliantly Better

Again, from a long experience I learned that you need to fill in a lot of papers when you travel and if you don’t have a pen handy you will lose a lot of time. Clothes. At any decent hotel you can find a DIY washing facility so you don’t need to carry any extra clothing in your luggage. But I still think I need to be covered with clothes for at least 2 days. It’s a nice to have equipment but also requires a great deal of attention. Extra Clothing.

The Conquering At Mt. San Gorgonio

The Marq

I walked over to meet up with Christopher, and after our hellos, we talked about the trek, what food and equipment we’d each brought, our last minute equipment check the night before in an effort to lighten up the packs, among other things. It was then that we learned you could have up to 12 people per pass. While Christopher signed up for the pass, I loaded up Jiggy and made room for Christopher and his equipment in the SUV. Climbing Mt.

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