Synonyms for “Clothes”

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Words that refer collectively to one’s clothes have an origin in the sense of equipment or preparation; here are a dozen words available as alternatives to clothes. Apparel , ultimately derived from the Latin verb apparare , meaning “prepare,” started out in English as a verb but then came to be associated with clothing (as well as a ship’s rigging); apparatus is related. Clothes comes from the Old English plural of cloth.

Proper Gym Etiquette: What You Should and Shouldn’t Do At the Gym

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Do: Bring a change of clothes and indoor shoes. I personally avoid gyms which mandate using a reusable towel or don’t provide a way to clean the equipment. Typically, I will wipe down the equipment if I notice someone leave without doing so. Another is people using their towel to wipe the equipment with disinfectant. Sometimes, I sort weights while waiting for equipment or during a rest period. Don’t: Hog the exercise equipment.

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8 Avoidable Workplace Safety Mistakes

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With regular inspection, your equipment stays in top shape and won’t cause a halt due to breakdown. Store the chemicals away from any equipment and electrical short circuit board. Power fluctuations can also affect the equipment in your workplace. Update your equipment as old equipment may have frayed wires or worn out segments. Avoid stuffing outlets with too many equipment and tools. Avoid plugin more than high wattage equipment at a time.

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How to Start Creating A Home Gym That Fits Your Needs

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Then, figure out how much area is required to set the different gym equipment. If you want fully equipped fitness space, then invest in the equipment’s quality that won’t break your budget. It is not compulsory to buy expensive gym equipment. Choose The Equipment Wisely. Skip the expensive and heavy fitness equipment if you are not sure of using it. So, think twice before buying any equipment.

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How To Clean A Blood Spill: Safe and Proper Blood Cleanup from Workplace Accidents

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In the guidelines, OSHA also demands employers to provide personal protective equipment such as gloves, gowns, masks, and eye protection. Before you start the process of blood cleanup, you will need these materials: Personal protective equipment. Here’s how to clean a blood spill on a surface: Equip. It is necessary that you equip yourself with the proper protective materials, such as gloves, gowns, masks, and protective eyewear to protect yourself from any splashing.

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Podcast 116: The perils of storage space

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If your home really is tiny, like a studio apartment, and you need storage for seldom used items such as camping and sports equipment, off season clothes, holiday décor and memorabilia. Here are things you should not be storing; inherited furniture that you don’t like well enough to have it in your own home, clothing that doesn’t fit (unless a child will grow into it soon) and that treadmill you never used. by Listen or subscribe here: iTunes ? Stitcher ?.

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Service Untitled» Blog Archive » Impact of poor customer service.

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Home About Service Untitled Subscribe for Free Consulting Contact Archives Impact of poor customer service in retail sales Cheryl September 17, 2010 Culture , Customer Satisfaction , Specific Companies 1 Comment On the other side of the world, Meyer Stores are the largest department stores in the country, operating in over 65 locations across Australia selling all brands of clothing for women, men, and children as well as accessories, housewares, and electrical goods.

Top Security Ideas for Businesses You Need to Implement ASAP

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An office employee wanders into the wrong area of the building and suffers an injury due to lack of proper safety clothing or equipment. Environmental responsibility and security of materials and equipment, which could pose risks to safety and health. A thief walks through an unlocked door and manages to steal valuable property – money, fixtures and intellectual property.

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A Step-By-Step Guide On How To Clean Your Camera

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Now, to ensure longevity, you need to take proper care of your equipment and learn to clean it properly. Instead of using your shirt, you need to use a special cloth, like a lens tissue or microfiber material, to clean your glass. This part gets overlooked a lot but it’s a big deal when it comes to keeping your equipment working. If you invest in cameras and extra equipment for them, it is vital that you go the extra mile to take care of them.

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How to Effectively Remove Mold From Your House

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They can also cause damage to your property, including your clothes, furniture, wood, floors, and just about anything else they come in contact with. Moreover, they have the right equipment and the right techniques not only to remove all traces of molds but to keep them from coming back. Protect yourself by wearing old clothes and using gloves to wipe the molds off. Molds aren’t just eyesores; they’re a threat to your health and property.

2018 193

Podcast 107: Get ready to move

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If you want to have a manageable closet full of clothes you love to wear, select those now and get rid of the rest instead of filling up the future guest room closet with them. Here are some ideas: boxes you never opened from the previous move, clothes you don’t wear, outdated electronics, toys your kids don’t play with anymore, anything that’s broken and not worth repairing, and anything that will look old or shabby in your new place.

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When to Use a Colon: Rules and Examples

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Bring the following equipment: a torch, warm clothing, and waterproof boots. Not “Bring the following equipment a torch, warm clothing, and waterproof boots.”). You should bring a torch, warm clothing, and waterproof boots. Not “You should bring: a torch, warm clothing, and waterproof boots.”). Warm clothing. Warm clothing! The colon can be a tricky punctuation mark.

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7 Ways to Splurge Money Wisely

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Comic books, shoes, clothes, perfumes, pens, alcohol, watches, knife set, desserts, markers, belts, purses, socks, jewelry, art, memorabilia – the list is endless. If you are an athlete, splurging wisely on tools of your trade will mean buying good equipment you need for the sport you are an athlete in. Yes, you read that right! Splurging – a word so decadent that just the thought of it is followed by strong guilt.

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Green Christmas Wishlist

Eco-Office Gals

Fair Trade Sports Equipment – My kids love soccer, football & basketball. Baby clothes are always a great choice since they grow so fast! Trying to find the perfect gift for your Eco-concious friend or just want to make a lighter impact with your giving?

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5 of The Best Hobbies To Get You Outside

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You can rent cheap equipment or buy your own and go anywhere you want. You might need to buy special clothing, pads or even a gun for it. Always wear protective clothing and a helmet. It seems like everyone you meet is involved in interesting or unusual hobbies. Perhaps, it’s been a goal of yours to try one of those activities, too. If that is the case, maybe you can try some fun outdoor activities.

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How to Get Off Your Butt and Start Running This Spring

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Prepare equipment in advance I still remember my first few tries to go out running last year: in the morning I would force myself to wake up early and then spend 15 minutes trying to find my shoes, choosing the right clothes and another 30 minutes setting the right playlist to listen to while running. This year, the night before my first run I have set all the equipment next to my bed: smartphone with the playlist prepared, running shoes, clothes, bottled water.

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Dress Greener for the Office

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Contrary to popular thought, you don’t have to rely on clothes that stomped on Mother Nature’s feet to get to your closet. Admittedly, it’s easier to stop by the mall on the way home after you’ve spilled coffee on a white blouse, but let’s remember that most of the clothes you’ll find there are unfairly traded and harvested in ways that would make Mother Nature scream. Here’s a list of stores with office-friendly clothes.

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5 Important Tips Before Traveling Overseas

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Instead of folding, roll your clothes along the length of your luggage. Tools, sharp objects and sports equipment go into the same luggage. The next layer should be the lighter clothes, like your shirts and undergarments. Flying overseas, particularly if it’s your first time, can be a nerve-wracking experience. Regardless of which country you are traveling to, there are things you can do and prepare to make the trip not only hassle-free but safe, too.

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The Secret To Packing The Perfect Travel Dopp Kit

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Unless you’re a sworn beard grower, you will need your shaving equipment. Using a lint roller will get rid of any unwanted fluff or debris on your clothes, leaving you looking and feeling crisp, clean and confident. The worst thing about traveling is packing, especially for men. However, love it or hate it, every savvy male adventurer knows the importance of packing a perfectly assembled Dopp kit before hitting the road.

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3 Main Advantages of Disposable Linens for Your Business

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If clothing, protective equipment and hygiene appliances are disposable, it saves a lot of time on laundry. Many care homes, food production and serving facilities and hospitals, among other enterprises and institutions, are now using disposable linens rather than the traditional fabric varieties. Single-use items, like disposable aprons and gloves, or soluble laundry bags, are becoming more and more commonplace as businesses catch on to the advantages they offer.

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Too Many Shades of Disheveled?

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” Borrowed into English with the meaning, “hair hanging loose and thrown about in disorder,” the word came to denote a disordered personal appearance that included clothing. By extension, dishevel can also apply to an individual’s clothing and living environment. a spirit in disheveled clothes lingering on the side of the road and waiting to hitch a ride.—. A word’s original meaning often expands over time.

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Top 5 Office Waste Reduction Tips

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Also, when it comes to office equipment that uses paper, purchase an all-in-one copier, printer and scanner (preferably one that is refurbished) and refill your print cartridges a couple of times before discarding them. Get cloth towels for the bathroom, refillable pens for everyone’s desk and put in a water cooler so that your staff will be discouraged about drinking out of so many plastic water bottles.

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Podcast 101: Stop acquiring

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It includes exercise gear that you think will get you to exercise, instead of using the stairmaster to drape clothes on. It includes sports equipment for a sport you don’t know if you even like doing yet. by Subscribe: iTunes ? Stitcher ? Soundcloud ? YouTube ? Google Play. You can leave a review here! This is podcast 101 and it’s called stop acquiring.

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Packing Made Simple: 7 Tips to Make Your Move Go Smoother

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Pack an overnight bag with a change of clothes, your toiletries, and anything else you’ll need over the next 24 hours. Make sure you have extra packing equipment ready to make loading the truck go smoother like a dolly to move large furniture and heavy boxes, stretch wrap to protect furniture and other large items, and extra straps and bungee cords to secure items. A lot goes into planning and executing a move especially when it’s long distance.

2017 155

The 80/20 Rule: 5 Places to Focus On To Declutter 80% Of Your Life

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Your closet is home to clothes that you probably don’t use. Are you already short on storage space because of all the clothes you’ve accumulated but have never worn? Identify the clothes that you actually like and use, and then throw out the others or donate them to charity. Your kitchen may be filled with all the fanciest equipment and the most expensive ingredients, but probably cook with only 20% of them. This post was written by a guest author.

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How Pre-Flight Checklists Can Save A World Of Effort

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It minimizes the risk of equipment failure, and gives the pilot the best chance at an incident-free flight. I remember one trip we took with friends to go skiing in the mountains: our friends forgot to pack winter clothes for their daughter. Mondays are productivity days at SimpleProductivity blog. An airplane pilot goes through a pre-flight checklist of things that she must do in order to make sure the plane is in working order before attempting to take off.

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Joining instructions for company events

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For example if you are doing a team building event will the attendees need a change of clothes? If they are sitting a test will they need a calculator or any other type of equipment? Most of us will be involved in organising an event at some point in our career particularly if your company does not have a dedicated events department.

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35 Small Acts Of Kindness To Spread Happiness And Flex Your Kindness Muscle

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Other than donating money, items, and clothes to a charity or a cause you believe in, you can donate your time by volunteering. Put gym equipment in its right place. You want to be happy. So, you do everything to maximize your happiness. You do the things that make you happy. You set and achieve goals. You make as much money as possible so you can buy your way to happiness. But, what if I told you that one of the best ways to feel happy is to give it away. Here’s what I mean….

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Practically Perfect PA visits: The Sofitel Lafayette Square Washington DC

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There is a well-equipped fitness centre for those that do not want to brave the elements. I’m always a bit self conscious walking around a beautiful hotel in my work out clothes so I scurried out of the door hoping I wasn’t noticed. Stepping into the Sofitel from the rain soaked streets of Washington DC was a lovely experience. The hotel lobby was lit in a warm glow and the door staff gave me an equally warm welcome.

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Wringer or Ringer?

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She fed pieces of clothing between rollers to get as much of the water out as possible before hanging them out on that other old-fashioned piece of laundry equipment—the backyard clothesline. The other day I read an essay in the Washington Post in which a woman describes herself as having been “put through the ringer” with a difficult birth.

2020 63

Freedom's Just Another Word for Nothing Left to Lose

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” She landed in Detroit with her computer and a few bags of clothes. She had crafts supplies and baking equipment and lots of other things she rarely used. by Originally posted 2011-05-12 15:48:09. Republished by Blog Post Promoter Two years ago, Jenny’s life turned upside down. “The Universe,” she says, “picked me up and spun me around.” Nothing else. At first, she missed her books and her photo albums, but none of the other stuff. Not a thing.

2015 109

How To Train for a Marathon

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Shoes and Clothing. Your running shoes, not surprisingly, are the most important pieces of equipment you’ll need. So, you want to run a marathon. You want to feel the rush of adrenaline. You want to experience the feeling of great accomplishment and satisfaction in crossing the finishing line. But, how are you going to run 26.2 miles when you get winded running for the bus? The truth is that anyone can complete a marathon if he or she trains properly.

2017 153

Freedom's Just Another Word for Nothing Left to Lose

Clutter Coach

” She landed in Detroit with her computer and a few bags of clothes. She had crafts supplies and baking equipment and lots of other things she rarely used. by Two years ago, Jenny’s life turned upside down. “The Universe,” she says, “picked me up and spun me around.” Nothing else. At first, she missed her books and her photo albums, but none of the other stuff. Not a thing. That came as a big surprise.

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5 Reasons Why You Need to Stop Taking Life Seriously

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Keep in mind that your travel comrades have been just as duped as you to believe iPhones and designer clothing have any bearing on self-worth. If the path leading to it was already well-worn, equipped with safety lines and neon signs, we’d all be up there. Pretentious title, but far from a call to adopt a stance of apathy within this wondrous and dynamic reality we exist together in. Well, no. It’s quite the opposite.

2019 193

Freedom's Just Another Word for Nothing Left to Lose

Clutter Coach

” She landed in Detroit with her computer and a few bags of clothes. She had crafts supplies and baking equipment and lots of other things she rarely used. by Two years ago, Jenny’s life turned upside down. “The Universe,” she says, “picked me up and spun me around.” Nothing else. At first, she missed her books and her photo albums, but none of the other stuff. Not a thing. That came as a big surprise.

2016 100

How To Overcome Obstacles: 5 Ways On How To Be A Conquerer

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If your internet is slow on your phone, at least you have a phone equipped with up-to-date 21st-century technology. If your clothes are wrinkled in the morning, at least you have nice clothes to wear, let alone a job to go to. To stress you out beyond your normal limits with extreme mental and physical challenges to make you worthy of serving with the world’s most elite fighting force. This is the simple principle of the US Navy SEALS. But, don’t confuse simple with easy.

2017 182

15 Tips for Drawing Up a Cleaning Schedule

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Don’t forget to check electronic equipment which tends to attract dust. #10. Otherwise, you end up with a dryer full of totally wrinkled clothes. Sort the clothing by colour and then again by durability. Use mild soap and a sponge or cloth. #12. Copyright © 2011 Marlon Ribunal. Visit the original article at [link].

2010 158

The ups and downs of working from home

Practically Perfect PA

I guess I saw working from home as either skiving off or something the grown-up managers did with their superior equipment! No make-up, no hair styling… no clothes. Early in the week I wrote an update on my time in Barcelona and the new job I’ve had since April.

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“Useful” Gifts And Better Alternatives

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With a toddler at home, it is easier to not have anything cloth on the table. Actually, with my husband at home, it’s easier not having anything cloth on the table. It’s one thing if someone has a known athletic hobby; but if they are serious about it, they will have opinions about their equipment and want to buy their own. Clothes. For years I was given clothing in yellows, browns and oranges: colors that make me look dead.

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Contrast and Stand in Contrast To

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Sure enough, I found examples: Clare’s ball dress is a classic example of non-habitual clothing; as she is not used to wearing it, it falls in contrast to her ordinary self through clothing. I found more examples in a variety of contexts that included fine dining, public transportation, golf equipment, and religious doctrine.

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Practically Perfect PA visits: Lake Austin Spa Resort, Austin Texas

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And thank goodness you can happily swan around the resort in your bathrobe because they are quite possibly the most luxurious item of clothing I have ever worn. The spa actually has a well designed meeting space with all the equipment you would expect. Where do I start with Lake Austin Spa Resort ? Well I think it is only fair to say from the outset that Condé Nast Traveler are right in voting Lake Austin Spa Resort the #1 Destination Spa on the Condé Nast Gold List.

2014 190

The Kettlebell: Your All-in-One Home Gym

The Solopreneur Life

I know, you don’t want a bunch of equipment lying around. And, heck, that treadmill you bought five years ago in the midst of a fitness seizure has become nothing more than a clothes rack. T his was written by Jen Waak, who pens a monthly health column for The Solopreneur Life. Jen Waak. Stopping by the gym on the way home from work is a bit of a fantasy for most solopreneurs. We work from home, so there is no “stopping by.”

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Freedom's Just Another Word for Nothing Left to Lose

Clutter Coach

” She landed in Detroit with her computer and a few bags of clothes. She had crafts supplies and baking equipment and lots of other things she rarely used. Originally posted 2011-05-12 15:48:09. Republished by Blog Post Promoter Two years ago, Jenny’s life turned upside down. “The Universe,” she says, “picked me up and spun me around.” Nothing else. At first, she missed her books and her photo albums, but none of the other stuff. Not a thing.

2014 109