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This is good if you know the person’s taste, or give a gift card. I caught my daughter singing some very inappropriate lyrics the other day – she had learned about the band from a friend, whose aunt gave her the CD. Better to give an iTunes gift card. With a toddler at home, it is easier to not have anything cloth on the table. Actually, with my husband at home, it’s easier not having anything cloth on the table. Clothes.

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Minimum Life Traveling Baggage

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So, I usually take with me my identity card (in Europe I can travel only with that, I don’t need a passport), my driver license and my passport. In the form of the most used currencies (USD, Euros) or debit cards. I own only one credit card and I keep it topped most of the time, just as an emergency package. The debit cards are used to carry cash in a little bit more flexible way. Clothes. Local Phone Cards. Prepaid phone and internet cards.

106 Thoughts on Overcoming Overwhelm in a Freaked-Out World

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If you need to write/send your holiday cards then look at your calendar and schedule it in. Learn to say "no" sometimes! Saying "NO" Is An Important Time Management Technique Learn to say NO! You could try EFT or the Sedona Method, or a simple, easy to learn and use exercise guessed it: Dissolving Overwhelm. You can make that first step easier by supporting yourself: comfy clothes, your favorite music, an organizing buddy, etc.

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