How to Find a Professional Mentor if You're in College

On The Job

That's what this organization I wrote about for Gannett/USA Today aims to do: Saquoia Lewis, 21, says she's always wanted a mentor. That's when Lewis found StudentMentor , a nonprofit organization that matches college students with volunteer mentors for free.

Bridge the Generational Communication Gap

Office Dynamics

This is something we cover in great depth at our World Class Assistant™ Certification course in Las Vegas. Talk to them as a friend/mentor. Admin Assistant Training Communication Skills Motivators Self Development administrative assistant baby boomers communication gap communication skills gen-xers generational communication Joan Burge millenials Monday Motivators nexters veterans world class assistant

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Episode 241: What Sports Can Teach Us About Greatness with Don Yaeger


Throughout his writing career, he has developed a reputation as a world-class storyteller and has been invited as a guest to almost every major talk show – from The Oprah Winfrey Show to Nightline, from CNN to Good Morning America. Book: A Game Plan for Life: The Power of Mentoring.

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“Your Pseudo Emotional Newsletters Suck”

The Solopreneur Life

Mr. Horrell was the basketball coach for our eighth- and ninth-grade seasons at Ridge Junior High in Mentor, Ohio. I posted an article here yesterday, “What World-Class Salespeople Do That You Don’t,” that was one of my all-time favorites, even before I clicked the “Publish” button. Copywriting Basketball Criticism Mentor Ohio Writing T oday I’m going to explain why speaking your mind in your blog is good for business.

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Five Steps for Survival When You've Been Verbally Reprimanded

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Do you need anger management classes, or perhaps more training in an area that makes you defensive because you lack the necessary skills? This is a good opportunity to find a mentor who is willing to give you honest feedback and help steer you back on course.

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Don't Let the Numbers Get You Down

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But I know that math is critical in our world, and I still hold in high esteem anyone who managed to make it through Miss Boren’s algebra class. That means that you mentor others unselfishly, and give credit to others when it is due. Tags: mentoring sharing ideas performance evaluations I’m the first to admit I have never been a math whiz.

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5 Things To Do After Failing An Exam

Dumb Little Man

Form a study group, join a review class or hire a mentor or tutor. If you have the resources, you can hire a tutor or enroll in an online study program where you can avail of the guidance of a mentor. “I’m doomed.”. This is probably your thought after failing an exam.

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What to Do When You’re Put on a Formal Performance Improvement Plan

Eat Your Career

Outline, on paper, exactly what you need to do to reach the stated requirements—take a training class, get a mentor, shadow another employee, etc. No one goes to work with the intention of performing poorly. Yet, it happens.

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Is Your Business Forest Lost in the Trees?

Tips From T. Marie

Sure, you mean to learn that new software, take that business class or re-evaluate your pricing structure, but you’re just so busy taking care of your clients’ needs that you haven’t found the time. But I trusted my mentor and what they could see that I could not. My mentor was right.

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Zeqr Introduces a New Approach to Learning

Small Business CEO

The knowledge sharing hub currently offers over 600 courses taught by 450 experts, with 150 classes currently being tech-based. Zeqr is quite literally the future of learning.

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7 Business Ideas That Could Change the World

The Solopreneur Life

Now in its second year, The Thiel Fellowship has announced the members of the new class. Thiel then gives them $100,000 over two years of the program and surrounds them with mentors. V explains in this article how investor Peter Thiel has set up a program to give 20 teens and young adults the chance to have $100,000 for building a business. Thiel’s Fellowship selects 20 promising students, no older than 20, with grand ideas to change the world or start a new business.

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How to Help Your Boss See You as a Rising Star

On The Job

Find ways to improve your deficiencies, such as through online classes, seminars or even going back to school. Many young workers come to a conclusion that's often hard to swallow: Working hard doesn't mean you get ahead.

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Marketing Lessons I Learned From My Dad, the Pastor

The Solopreneur Life

It was the 1970s and 1980s in Mentor, Ohio, a suburb of Cleveland. But during his years in Mentor, my Dad unknowingly was using sound marketing principles. The Mentor church grew tremendously: membership and budget at least tripled, and the congregation successfully executed a major building program at a time when interest rates were 18%. From time to time I have considered the “marketing&# lessons to be learned from my Dad’s stint in Mentor.

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How to Become an Expert in Your Chosen Field

Eat Your Career

Mentor Someone In Your Field. As a mentor, you’ll gain a new perspective about the work you do. Read books and blogs, take classes online and in-person, let your expertise spawn from the expertise of others.

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Cleveland's Startup Accelerator Program

Small Business Labs

They are sponsoring a 12 week residential accelerator program that will provide $25,000 in funding, classes on entrepreneurship, mentoring and networking for 10 startup teams. Shaker LaunchHouse is a 23,000 square foot startup accelerator located in Shaker Heights, a suburb of Cleveland.  The program begins on September 3rd and is held at LaunchHouse (bring your long johns, winter starts early in Cleveland). You need to apply by July 1st.

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Doing a Deep Dive?

Office Dynamics

Administrative assistants and executive assistants are always telling me they want to be challenged, learn and be a better assistant, but when they show up to my classes, some of them don’t really delve into the material.

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Monday Motivators: School Is Never Out for the Career-Minded Administrative Professional

Office Dynamics

They mentored, coached and encouraged me. I also selected mentors throughout my career and, to this day, continue to have mentors. Look into a class for fall. Happy Monday! I am very excited about this week as it is the beginning of my birthday week. I love birthdays and I am especially grateful that I have lived another year. One thing I have embraced since I was a child is learning. I have been a “sponge” my entire life.

Tips on transitioning your career

Practically Perfect PA

If you can find a mentor or someone in your chosen profession to have a coffee with and get some invaluable advice, it really helps with your motivation.

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Assistant Certifications: free webinar replay & handout

Office Dynamics

It’s not so much about receiving a ‘certification’ as it is about what will be covered in a class or online course. How do I find out more about the World Class Assistant curriculum based designation and program? . That would be our World Class Assistant high end boot camp.

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Resources for assistants

Practically Perfect PA

The magazine doesn’t contain any advertising so it is packed full of articles focussed on training and mentoring assistants. The website also promotes training for Executive PAs and mentoring services. Pin It. Welcome to my new blog site. I hope you are enjoying the new features.

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3 Major Lessons Learned From Losing 100 Pounds

Dumb Little Man

However, I also know what it’s like to run multiple businesses, be involved in my community, do service work, teach six to twelve yoga and fitness classes a week, put in the time and effort needed to keep a relationship fresh and exciting, write regularly, and work on my own healing and personal development. I’ve heard this for years from yoga teachers, life coaches, and mentors. I’ve lost over 100 pounds twice.

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Podcast 099: The virtual team

Clutter Coach

If I told Paula I’d start writing copy for my new class, I really want to get that done before we talk so I can tell her how it went and get some feedback. People in your field that you meet through networking, or a mentor. by Subscribe: iTunes ? Stitcher ? Soundcloud ? YouTube ? Google Play. You can leave a review here! This is podcast 99 and it’s about a productivity tool I call the virtual team.

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Are You Charging (and Getting) What You’re Worth?

Tips From T. Marie

Vicki Voisin (the Paralegal Mentor !) In reality, this is actually a high level virtual business class that could cost $150 to $700 in a traditional classroom setting. I bet you thought you’d missed out on the Finding & Claiming Your Value Webinar. Surprise! As I mentioned in my post earlier today, I just returned from two weeks in Maine due to a death in my family, 7 days of which I didn’t do anything business related at all.

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Why the Best Leaders Open Doors

On The Job

A good boss "mentors her (or his) employees" while providing ongoing opportunities for professional development, Jeana Harrington says. Treasurer''s son, tapped to be class leader one day at his preschool, noted that his job meant he "opened doors for people," Treasurer says.

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How to Be a Better Communicator At Work Part 1

Office Dynamics

I am using information and strategies that I teach in my live World Class Assistant™ Certification course. Emails can seem cold or the writer might “sound” abrupt when in fact they are just a short and to-the-point communicator (something else I teach in my World Class Assistant™ live course). Mentor? Be a better communicator at work. Leverage communication skills for business success.

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Book Review: Bill’s Imperfect Time Management Adventure

Simple Productivity Blog

His company decides give him a mentor, and even though Bill doesn’t care for the man, he tries very hard to do as he is asked. Bill’s mentor has a way of doing things that was set forth in a book and several classes. Bill’s mentor insists that this is the best way to do things and will not listen to Bill’s adjustment to the system, insisting that Bill go back to the original system. Mondays are productivity days at SimpleProductivity blog.

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The twenty minute ritual that accelerates growth and unlocks epic product-market fit 

The Shrink for Entrepreneurs

When a high school science teacher makes chemistry come alive to a class of bored, distracted, hormonal teenagers… when they sit forward on the edge of their seats to see what’s happening… that’s enrollment. . Investors, mentors, joint-venture affiliates, partners, vendors, journalists, agents and more… can all be targets for the entrepreneur seeking to enroll the people who matter in what she is building. .

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“Relationship Marketing” Pre-Launch: A Few Hours Left!

The Solopreneur Life

Launches are a crazed thing: days and nights run together, meals are taken at strange hours, and I type at speeds I haven’t reached since my 10th-grade typing class. (My My max speed back then was 32 words per minute; it earned me a B+ from Mrs. Christiansen at deal old Mentor High.). W ell, Day 2 of the “Relationship Marketing for Solopreneurs&# pre-launch is winding down! It’s been an exciting, hectic, and successful two days.

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A Conversation with Joan

Office Dynamics

How better to share the conference experience than a conversation with the creator herself – The professional, personable, and mentor to many, Joan Burge! A: Believe it or not, most of my mentoring came from executives; not peers.

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Find Your Call: The Best Tips on How to Select the Right Career

Dumb Little Man

Having a mentor or guide to help you course through the troubled times of choosing the right career for yourself is imperative. Devote some time searching online and offline for relevant classes or training. “Find out what you like doing best and get someone to pay you for doing it.”. – Katharine Whitehorn (British journalist).

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DOs and DON’Ts for Building a Great Team

Step It Up VA Coaching

If you don’t have team management experience, consider taking a class, working with a mentor, or hiring a project manager to help you cover all your bases. by Donna Toothaker. When it comes to building your Virtual Assistant business, hiring a great team makes all the difference. When you’ve got a pool of experts, you’ll be able to take on bigger projects, focus your talents-and best of all, make more money.

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5 Ways To Amplify Your Personal Brand

Office Dynamics

Take a class at a local university. Mentor someone in the company. “In a crowded marketplace, fitting in is a failure. In a busy marketplace, not standing out is the same as being invisible.” ~ Seth Godin. It’s no secret the world has changed. You are doing more with less. Things are moving at the speed of light. And Google has become the new resume. The question is … what are you doing about it? How are you standing out? What are your points of distinction?

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Product/Program Promotion Problems and Profits -- Launching Lessons Learned Expert Interview

Productive & Organized

We did a number of things: free video training series leading up to a tele class promoted via social media, email; jv partners helped us to promote; and. Mentor and Certified Strategic Business Leadership Coach.

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Invest In Yourself

Office Dynamics

And webinar attendees were very excited until I announced the price which actually was an amazing value for everything I will be giving to the group—through my 42 years of experience, being a mentor and coach, plus materials for the program and 90-minute live sessions for 12 months.

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Experience vs. a university degree part two

Practically Perfect PA

I have taken several courses and classes. Yes, I have taken job-specific software classes, classes to learn organizational and people skills, and took computer certification classes which I was not aware I needed coming right out of high school.

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How to Become an Expert in Your Chosen Field

Eat Your Career

Mentor Someone In Your Field. As a mentor, you’ll gain a new perspective about the work you do. Read books and blogs, take classes online and in-person, let your expertise spawn from the expertise of others. I’m going to make a bold statement here: In the field of professional development, I consider myself an expert. It’s not just because I’ve been writing this blog for over 5 years (any Joe-schmoe off the street can do this, you know!).

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The Skills You Need to be Great Boss

On The Job

He also suggests it's a good idea to find a more senior manager to serve as a mentor or to lead a project at work. Consider Toastmaster's International or some public-speaking classes to help you project your message in a confident way.

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Peer Synergy: 5 Powerhouse Strategies For Creating Administrative Peer Power

Office Dynamics

Sharing expertise, mentoring and offering to cover for your colleague during their vacation or for a medical emergency, are all great contributors to peer synergy. It means when a peer comes to you and says, “I am so excited; I achieved the completion of an entire 8-week class.”

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And now for some damage control

Loosely Speaking

Lorelle , publisher of Lorelle on WordPress , loves to camp in her C-class mobile but is happy to be living in a real house in a real house at long last (even though she’s never there). Will you be my mentor? And, blush-blush, I am flattered you asked me to be your mentor.

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And now for some damage control

Loosely Speaking

Lorelle , publisher of Lorelle on WordPress , loves to camp in her C-class mobile but is happy to be living in a real house in a real house at long last (even though she’s never there). Will you be my mentor? And, blush-blush, I am flattered you asked me to be your mentor.

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A Day in the Life of an Admin

The Office Professionals Place

Attend seminars and conferences, subscribe to professional publications, get or become a mentor, and take classes (i.e. Join Me on My Social Media Networks " target="_blank" class="fb_share_link" onclick="return fbs_click()">Share on Facebook Simple template by Josh Peterson.

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What Are You Thankful For?

The Office Professionals Place

My advice is to grab a member and become a mentor or get mentored! Join Me on My Social Media Networks " target="_blank" class="fb_share_link" onclick="return fbs_click()">Share on Facebook Simple template by Josh Peterson.

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Some Things Must Be Believed to Be Seen

Virtual Moxie

I’m teaching a class loosely called “ Get Me Outta Limbo! ” Because, in truth, until you do, all of what I share here with you, anything you read in ezines from other teachers, anything peer mentors share, every skill you learn in order to impress clients, all best practicey sorts of things… all of it will be nothing but mechanics for you. It’s for AssistU Virtual Assistants who feel stuck in some context as they build their businesses.

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