6 Tools to Help You Manage Large Projects with Local & Virtual.

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" Central Desktop Laura Horton Lawrence suggested the use of Central Desktop.  They describe their tool: " Central Desktop for Office radically improves the way users collaborate on Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files. It allows users to open, save, edit and co-author files stored on-line in Central Desktop directly from Office. Click to get posts as we publish Prefer less email?

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Leading and Working with a Multi-VA Team

Denise Aday

A few critical components and my key takeaways from the discussion: Project management – Whether it’s Basecamp, Central Desktop or another project management tool, have a way for everyone to easily collaborate and track client projects. One is the occasional “pop in” on client/team member discussions, whether in project management comments or email. Continuing reflections on IVAA Live Summit 2010 (#IVAA10)…. I love discussion panels.

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