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How to Improve Your Writing Skills by Analyzing Structure

Men With Pens

Upcoming posts will focus on better writing skills, in honor of Damn Fine Words ‘s launch. Don’t miss it! All the experts say so.

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A staff away day that worked

Practically Perfect PA

It is a wonderful case study; if only all of our Staff Away Days’ could be so useful! Now that would be useful.

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Wanted: Experienced Authors For The Small Business Blog

The Small Business Blog

Do you want to use your skills to contribute to one of the world’s leading small business blogs? To expand on educational content in all areas of small business, case studies, reviews, previews and news stories… Are you an experienced writer with a passion for small business? If so, we want to hear from you.

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For Immediate Release: Experience the Extraordinary

Office Dynamics

Experience the Extraordinary! Introducing the NEW Office Dynamics International Website. Change your work environment… NOW! We’ll show you how!

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How to create an assistant handbook

Practically Perfect PA

Utilising the skills of the wider team. The first step is to meet with your team and mind map questions arising and obstacles you may face.

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How to Write a Blog Post That Millennials Will Read

Dumb Little Man

To build you credibility, it’s a good idea if you can add case studies, researches and statistics to support your claim. Sources.

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Planning your job search

Practically Perfect PA

And now match this with your skills and interests: Analyse your skills – what they are, and which ones you want to develop. The internet!

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The Cloud's Impact on Business Models

Small Business Labs

It's changing how accountants service their clients, how they charge (from hourly rates to value-based pricing), the type of skill sets they need to be successful and leading to more firm and practice specialization. The traditional way accounting firms service their clients is a different time - different place model.

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How to Write a Book Review

Daily Writing Tips

In the case of nonfiction, be alert for offbeat or provocative statements that define the tone of the book, and refer to them in your opening sentence.

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10 reasons to attend Assist 2017

Practically Perfect PA

Every session is designed to enhance your unique tool kit of skills. It is on Friday 24th February in London. Assist Conference 2017.

How to Create Lead Magnets That Convert

The Solopreneur Life

Lead magnets shorten the length of the sales cycle because lead magnets: • Demonstrate your skill. They’re right, of course. Impact has 53(!)

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21Tips For Building the Body of Legend Bruce Lee

Dumb Little Man

More and more scientific studies tell us that that’s bad if your goal is to lift more weights. He was one of a kind. Sound good? Health Heros

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How to Get Paid What You’re Worth

Small Business CEO

Refer back to your case studies – and point to people or businesses that are testament to your level of skill. What should you do?

Three Ways Writers Evolve Over Time

Men With Pens

I see where I was going – but in a lot of cases, I never quite made it there. Where have you relaxed your standards or improved your skills?

Swarm Leader opportunity for team practitioners, consultants and researchers


To publish case studies and new working practices. The Individuals: What skills and experience we are looking for in a Swarm Leader?

Is blogging worth it? | Men With Pens

Men With Pens

It takes time, energy, skills, money, creativity and consistency to make it work. Melani – Whoever gets that case study going… I’m in.

Should You Go Back to School? | Men With Pens

Men With Pens

In my case, for example, I want to have a whole marketing campaign planned out by the end of my course. Learn some life skills. Simple.

Authoritative Website Copy | Men With Pens

Men With Pens

Must be that French blood and all…) @Steve – May I present you Case Study Number 3875, James Chartrand. But it requires little skill and no finesse, so it’s easy and fun to write. Written by James - 19 Comments There’s a strategy used in copywriting, and it involves being authoritative, even aggressive. Ehhhh.

Free Blog Posts | Men With Pens

Men With Pens

They’re the wisdom culled of years of experience, study, and labor. Case in point… “1$ an article! Having said that, it could be worth a case study. Alas, in many cases…bloggers aren’t yet up to that level, so they compile their best ideas into ebooks that they either a.) “We get to retire? Wrong.