Reduce Your Company’s Carbon Footprint

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Today’s environmentally-minded companies are always looking for ways to make their carbon footprint smaller. Unless you really need powerful computer equipment, say if you work in video editing or game development, look at whether you can replace inefficient desktops with more eco-friendly laptops. Post from: Eco-Office Gals Reduce Your Company’s Carbon Footprint. The post Reduce Your Company’s Carbon Footprint appeared first on Eco-Office Gals.

Environmentally Friendly Powered Access Equipment

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As the demand for access equipment has risen over the years so has the technology, driving new vehicles suited to different heights, strengths and weights leading to the production of the main categories of mobile access equipment: Scissor Lifts. Electrically charged mobile access equipment like the scissor lift and the cherry picker are two of the most commonly hired vehicles to business in the UK for internal maintenance.


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Guest Post: Six Ways You Can Green Your Gym and Workout Routines

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There are several ways to reduce our carbon footprint while sweating through a cardio session or pumping iron at home or in a gym. They are versatile in that they can be performed just about anywhere and at anytime and they don’t require expensive equipment. Laundry machines use a significant amount of energy and can really increase a gym’s carbon footprint.

Little Green Footsteps

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A purist may say that there is still a green cost to running the IT equipment and my argument would be – fine – I agree. However, we cannot operate a business today without IT and suspect in most cases the incremental service cost and carbon footprint required to make these changes are significantly less the storing and shipping around unnecessary paper based files. I am not sure what the carbon cost is for these kinds of figures, but I bet it’s substantial.

Eco Mobile and Broadband

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Motorola, the Renew’s manufacturer, claims this is the world’ first carbon neutral phone. The Samsung Blue Earth S7550, like the MOTO W233 Renew, is also made of recycled water bottle plastic and, in addition, is equipped with solar cells. A wide range of green apps are available that can help you reduce your carbon footprint and contribute to a more sustainable planet.

Quick Tips for Businesses Installing Solar Panels

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Business owners are always looking for new ways to go green and reduce their carbon footprint. In most states, once you decide on solar, you have two choices — buying or leasing the equipment. You also aren’t responsible for any maintenance or repairs on leased equipment.

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3 Things That Make An Effective Banner Ad Design

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With today’s numeric color-matching equipment, you should expect your printer to do better than create a rough approximation of your logo, photos, or other images. Want a lower carbon footprint for your business or event? Before there were “banner ads” on the internet, there were banners. Printed banners that advertised a sale, drew attention to an event or made a rock band look like seasoned professionals at the annual park festival.

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How Can Being A Green House Reduce The Greenhouse Effect?

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There are so many ways you can reduce your carbon footprint within the home and protect endangered wildlife, with minimal effort. How can I reduce my carbon footprint? Leaving electronic equipment on standby is a real waste of electricity and money; simply turning off equipment properly is a simple, yet effective change to make. Having an eco-friendly office is fantastic and will really help to save the environment from global warming.

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Better Eco Friendly Choices for Your Business in 2017

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Eco-friendly web hosting companies are those that try as much as possible to reduce their carbon footprint on the planet. They use renewable energy, plant trees, buying carbon offsets and other green activities to help offset the effects their equipment and infrastructure have on the environment. Making your business more eco-friendly (green) is a wise move to make.

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Is working from home really more energy efficient?

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On the one hand, working from home can reduce your carbon emissions through a lack of commuting. Only have the equipment that you need in there – no TV for entertainment, it’ll only end up wasting electricity. How do you think your carbon footprint stands now that you work from home? There are some pretty conflicting opinions on this subject.

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How to Make Your Workplace Greener

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Though the initial expense may be off-putting, replacing old IT equipment with newer versions can reduce your carbon footprint, and may lower future costs through reducing the need for maintenance. Equipment you may consider replacing includes: CRT monitors: replace with LCD monitors (lower power consumption). What to do with the old equipment? There are a range of methods which can be employed to make your workplace more environmentally sound.

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Tax Incentives for Green Businesses

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But many also strive to reduce their carbon footprint merely to remain in compliance with government mandates or to improve their brand image with consumers. Although many federal and state incentives have expired at this point, you may still take advantage of the Energy Investment Tax Credit, which basically rewards you for installing alternative energy-gathering equipment on your property.

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Is your Air Conditioning System having a Negative Ecological Impact?

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Man’s ever growing economical need and daily activities seem to be leaving their stamp on our climate and carbon emissions seem to be rising, despite our growing awareness of these issues. If you choose reputable Air Conditioning Services to check your equipment they can tell you if your system contains R22. As with any electrical product, the more we use, the bigger the carbon footprint we leave.

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The Benefits of Green Office Products

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By aligning your firm’s procurement policy with a wider sustainability strategy, firms are better able to reduce their overheads and carbon footprint in the long-term. A green office product policy should begin with an in-depth audit of your equipment requirements. Green office products allow your business to successfully reduce energy wastage and limit environmental impacts such as pollution and deforestation.

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Going Green in the Office While Staying in the Black

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Switch off electronic equipment which isn’t in use. No need to forget those all-important deadlines whilst reducing your carbon footprint. With Global Warming having shocking effects around the globe, do your bit to help the environment by keeping your workplace green. When it comes to wastage, offices can be one of the main culprits. With such busy schedules and deadlines to meet, saving the environment can be one of the last things on a worker’s mind.

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Smart Waste Management: The Future is Here

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But these bins are equipped with sensors that determine when they are full. This means fewer greenhouse gas emissions, a more compact carbon footprint, better air quality, and less noise pollution. Perhaps nothing is so routine as garbage day. At least once a week in neighborhoods around the world, garbage trucks hit the streets to empty waste and recycling bins at homes and businesses.

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How We Made Our High Energy Consumption Business Green

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It certainly takes some investment and effort across all aspects of our operations, but if we can decrease our carbon footprint, then we believe every company can utilise some of our principles to establish greener practices. Regular machine and equipment maintenance. As a stage and studio installation company, understandably our projects don’t always have energy saving properties at their core.

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DIY Home Renovations: Tips to Renovate by Yourself and Save

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Reduce Your Carbon Footprint. Ask your construction company what they do to help the environment and how they reduce their emissions, for example controlling emissions from their equipment, disposing of their waste and recycling parts – none of which should cost you any extra in their fees. Copyright © 2011 Guest Author. Visit the original article at [link]. Guest Post. This article was written by John from Home Loan Finder.

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