Reduce Your Company’s Carbon Footprint

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Today’s environmentally-minded companies are always looking for ways to make their carbon footprint smaller. Assuming your employees are using email and basic applications the majority of the time, powering a desktop is overkill.

Even More Ways to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint in the Office

Eco-Office Gals

Not only does reducing their carbon footprint helps the environment, but it also helps business. To reduce your carbon footprint and cut the cost of copy paper, copier maintenance, and ink, try going paperless.

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Guest Post: Simple Green Office Practices

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Not only will you reduce your carbon footprint, but you can also save a bundle on gas money as well. You don’t have to necessarily ride your bike every day, but once or twice a week can substantially reduce the amount of carbon released into the air.

5 Steps to a Green Recruiting Strategy

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As your organization becomes more aware of the benefits of an environmentally-friendly work place, it’s important to also introduce a green recruiting strategy with a strong focus on reducing the HR department’s carbon footprint.

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Credit cards going green

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Offsetting their carbon footprint: Credit card companies are administratively intensive with a large amount of energy used by the thousands of computers that are required to ensure credit card transactions are possible.

Super Simple Eco Relocating Advice

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Lighten your carbon footprint through packing materials. You may even consider opting for the email option to cut down on wasteful mail even further. If everyone used these methods when moving, the carbon footprint we leave on the world would be much lighter.

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Mobile Marketing Techniques for Eco Friendly Businesses

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Now that smart phones with internet access have become almost standard in our society, more and more people are constantly hooked into the net, browsing their favorite websites, sending emails, or exploring new apps.

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Online Banking: An Eco-Friendly Way to Manage Your Money

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Smaller Carbon Footprint. By banking online, you no longer have to drive to the branch, which reduces your carbon emissions. You can have receipts sent to your email address, or simply view the transaction, and the time stamp, on your computer. Avoid Email Links.

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Greening Up Your Business Finances

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When you begin the journey towards a cleaner, greener office environment, you may be amazed by some of the ways in which businesses are working to reduce their carbon footprint and do a good turn for their community, their patrons, and the world at large.

DIY Home Renovations: Tips to Renovate by Yourself and Save

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Reduce Your Carbon Footprint. As well as being able to reduce the carbon footprint of your renovation, looking at second-hand stores, garage sales and auctions for materials and furniture can save you huge amounts off the retail prices. Please signup to my email list to receive free updates from Productivity Bits. Your email will remain private. Copyright © 2011 Guest Author. Visit the original article at [link]. Guest Post.

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How Working From Home Can Work For You

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Making your small business carbon neutral. This will not only save money but it also reduce the carbon footprint of your small business. We worked very well together via email. E-Mail me or follow me.

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