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Subject: Linda lunch meeting with Bob Location: Red Lobster, 99 Bank Street RESERVATION IN NAME OF LINDA When it is a regular meeting or large gathering, it will make more sense to put in the name of the meeting such as Health & Safety Committee rather than listing all the names of the attendees. My current boss travels a lot so I put his travel schedule in the calendar as well. If a meeting is from 9 to 5 for instance, I block that whole time in their calendar.

The Great Calendar Debate - Paper or Electronic - 21 Experts Weigh.

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Try This Instead | Main | Be Smart About Using the Telephone » The Great Calendar Debate - Paper or Electronic - 21 Experts Weigh In We are in the home stretch of 2009 -- bring on 2010!!    One item frequently purchased at this time of year is a calendar or planner for the upcoming year.    Keep reading to learn what my colleagues and friends had to say about the "Great Calendar Debate."  

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Favorite Planning/Calendar Tool - Readers Speak Out

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Check out this great tool » Favorite Planning/Calendar Tool - Readers Speak Out There are many ways to manage your time and activities.  What is your favorite planning/calendar tool and why? Of all the calendar tools I know, this one handles tasks the best. It syncs automatically on my Droid, so I never have to bring a paper planner or calendar!  It's simple to keep my schedule, lists and important health notes in one place. 

43 Bullet Points on Personal Productivity


Your calendar outlines the broad strokes of your day. A wall calendar can offer you a bird’s-eye view of your year at a glance. I suppose the Health and Activity apps on iOS also count.). Productivity Routines calendar list personal productivity priority to-do listI’ve put together these bullet points on personal productivity to celebrate my birthday. That’s why the number is so odd.

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8 Tips to Help You Clean Off Your Desk

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Make an appointment - Don’t just hope you find the time to clean up, set a calendar entry and stick to it. Organizer ( paper or electronic) to enter to-dos, addresses or calendar data. Ian’s Messy Desk Helping you get the most out of the 24 hours in your day. Home About Contact Me Links Sitemap 8 Tips to Help You Clean Off Your Desk Posted by Ian McKenzie Written on May 25, 2010 If youre new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed.

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Tracking Your Workout Activity: Several Ways You Can Do It

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Here are a few examples: Calendar. Thanks to modern smartphones, you can have a calendar with you at all times. Electronic calendars can store more information about your workouts. If you prefer an old-school approach, you can hang a calendar on a wall and track your activities with a pen. Best Products Cool Tools HealthA lot of people struggle with starting a workout regimen. A lot of them lay out several excuses in order to postpone their training sessions.

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30 Unusual Ways to Burn 100 Calories Without Exercising

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Is vacuuming every day going to turn you into a sports calendar model overnight? Food Goals HealthWhat if you were told that you burn calories even without exercising? Oftentimes, when we think of burning calories, we think of hitting the gym, dancing the Zumba, jogging in the park, and busting out the Wii Fit. We fail to realize that everything we do that requires movement of the body actually burns calories.

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5 Techniques To Beat Work Overload


Arrange your calendar in a way that makes sense to you. You have the option of using a paper planner to keep track of your tasks or use Google Calendar (which is super awesome ). Fill in the date in your calendar. You surely have some free time in your calendar. Do something for your mental health and find a way to keep those negative thoughts at bay. Productivity Workflow calendar delegate delegation overload overwhelm to-do list workload

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How to Get Off Your Butt and Start Running This Spring

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So instead of waiting for the fabled “I feel like going for a run” moment, I have set the date two weeks in advance, marked it on the calendar and in my mind committed to it, no matter what. Health Goals How To This year, for the first time in my life I decided to run a marathon. It’s a big deal for me. I''ve never tried long distance running in the past, so I am very excited about it.

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A Day in the Life of an Admin

The Office Professionals Place

Their duties include (but are not limited to) answering and screening calls, meeting and greeting clients and customers, maintaining executives calendars, writing correspondence, generating reports, meeting planning, filing, travel arrangements, maintain client/customer data records, supervising others, and the list goes on.

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The Real Way to Lose Weight Fast – With Pen and Paper

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Some products are staggeringly expensive – and potentially harmful to your health. To keep yourself motivated and on track, record the exercise that you do (you could write it alongside your food diary, or jot down details in your calendar). HealthI'm sure you've seen plenty of weight-loss ads. They pop up in newspapers, on television, and all over the internet. Typically, they'll promise amazingly fast weight loss for very little work. Feeling skeptical?

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How to Build and Stick to Your Exercise Routine

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That’s because your lifestyle’s changed: you may have kids, a busy job, even a health condition that makes it tough to do certain types of exercise. on your calendar. Health Energy How ToMost of us need to exercise more. Being active isn’t just important when you’re trying to lose weight – exercising regularly also means you’ll have a decreased risk of heart disease, diabetes, strokes and even some cancers.

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Top 5 Ways of Being More Efficient in Business

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Use a specific business calendar to keep a reminder of your schedule. Use WinWeb ’s Online Calendar and Online Document Store to cut down on physical waste. E-Mail me or follow me. Enhance Your Work-Life Balance Have it all your way – family, friends, work and most of all a life! How to be successful and eco-friendly. Making your small business carbon neutral. Build your own network! Community for small business outsourcing and cost control.

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Got Laminarity?

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In August my 21 year-old daughter Marina was handed a most bizarre health challenge when she was diagnosed with leukemia. Of course Marinas health came first, and of course wed deal with the expense of making these changes, but could I still arrange to lead my class? All our carefully arranged calendar pages have to be reshuffled, then reshuffled again, often having ripple effects on dozens or hundreds of other people.

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Can you say “sidetracked?”

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Or I could explain how my child’s recent health scare derailed my focus. Even more importantly, my family was the beneficiary of so many sincere well-wishes and prayers during my son’s health issue, that I felt I was floating in a cloud of goodwill, no matter what was actually happening around us. Home VA Training VA FAQ Podcast Featured Events for Bloggers & VAs Can you say “sidetracked?&#

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How To Successfully Pay Back Your Online Installment Loan

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Set reminders in your digital calendars. Save up for an emergency fund, and improve your financial health with smart money decisions. In these uncertain times, sudden unavoidable expense or financial emergencies are the stuff of nightmares.

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7 Must Do Hacks for When Your Motivation Dips

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See Also: 7 Unhealthy Behaviors That Affect Your Mental Health. Set up a study hour, share your calendar or have weekly check-ins. Do you know that feeling when you are hyped and ready to take on a new challenge? You are taken over by a surge of motivation and excitement and you’ve made a commitment you fully intend to stick to. It sounds familiar, right?

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5 Effective Tips To Maintain A Healthy Work-Life Balance

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Your Thursday night is empty on the calendar. No career or friends are more important than your mental peace and health. According to a Harvard Business School survey, 94% of professionals reported working for at least 50 hours every week. This compounding stress at the workplace can make it difficult for you to leave your life to the fullest. The pressure of juggling the demands of personal life and career is overwhelming.

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11 Effective Ways for Assistants to Work From Home

Office Dynamics

Your employer has made your health and comfort priority and trusted you with your workload. Create a running list or add items to your calendar to revisit at a later time. Rare and unusual times have presented themselves as a result of the onset of Coronavirus COVID-19. As an office, we learned just how many Assistants across the nation and world have become impacted.

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Here’s How You Can Successfully Change To A Work-From-Home Career

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It helps with physical and mental health. Create your reminders and events in google calendar or your preferred app. Most companies have transitioned to remote work because of the pandemic. Employees embraced this move. However, the excitement was short-lived because working from home may seem fun, but it is not as simple as most people thought it would be. Truth be told, working from home is challenging.

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Your business travel tips

Practically Perfect PA

Outlook Calendar . Enter all travel details at appropriate times in his/her Outlook calendar, if used. Copies of paperwork e.g. insurance, health documentation; passport and to be kept separately in case originals are lost. A few weeks ago I asked you to send in your best travel tips – and well loads of you did! Thank you, thank you! I knew you had some great tricks up your sleeves! Here are your business travel tips… Travel Apps .

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Searching for the Holy Grail of Work-Life Balance? Ask Technology for Help

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They’re like virtual Post-it notes that never fall off the calendar or get lost in the crevices of the sofa. Beyond hitting Alexa’s no-excuse, heart-pumping seven-minute workout when you’re trapped indoors without a gym, why not sync up your smartwatch and smartphone to your health-related app of choice? ” I can even request a running list of my calendar for the day, just to keep me from missing anything critical.

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How to Protect Your Time and Energy by Creating Boundaries

Jen Lawrence

Along with health, time and energy are our most valuable resources. and you can even use color coding in your calendar to indicate task types. In our ever-connected world, we are being drained by our work. Access to email means your boss can find you wherever, whenever. Customers and colleagues are using social media for business at alarming rates.

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Top 5 Time Management Hacks To Get You Ahead

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For example, tasks with deadlines and health emergencies are categorized under this section. Sync multiple calendars at one place. Managing multiple Google calendars can be a hectic task for those who manage more than one Google account. A lot of time gets wasted in logging in and out of accounts in order to access calendars to view upcoming events. Are you needing effective time management hacks ?

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7 Tips On How To Overcome Procrastination Everyday

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Ceate a calendar of tasks for that week. It also should not be something that will ruin your health in the long term. At work, evaluate your week and check how much of your calendar got actually done. It will be very helpful when you get to write your next week’s calendar. So get that calendar back and start writing down everything you will have to do on that week. Are you finding out that you need to learn how to overcome procrastination ?

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Gardeners Have the Secret Sauce for Goal-Setting

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When applying this concept to my own life, I decided to get my hands dirty inside these eight gardens: family/relationship, spiritual/contribution, physical/nutrition/health, intellectual/education, lifestyle/adventure, environment/tribe, personal financial, and business. Most people can rattle off a bunch of goals, but you might have one tied to health and five tied to your job. Should your successful career come at the expense of your health? Nine percent.

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10 Reminder Systems for You To Consider

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" BarbMcMahon :  Steph:  I really like Google calendar - nothing fancy, but easy to use and it emails reminders of birthdays, etc. Google tells about their Google Calendar tool in this way: " Organize your schedule and share events with friends.  With   With Google's free online calendar, it's easy to keep track of life's important events all in one place.   Get your calendar on the go. 

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Using Machine Learning and AI for Productivity In The Workplace

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It enhances the mental health and well-being of your workforce as a result. Here are a few tools that can be specifically useful for simplifying your administration processes: – Connecting all of your calendars, the AI algorithms will instantly coordinate the best times to arrange meetings, whether internally or when meeting with clients. For the majority of us, AI is something only seen in sci-fi films.

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Navigating Change with Courtney Clark – Free Webinar For Administrative Professionals

Office Dynamics

As an assistant, you are constantly dealing with change and often have to adapt to whatever comes your way, whether it is changing your executive’s calendar or travel, or immediately responding to a crisis. Courtney overcame monumental health obstacles starting at the early age of 26. You’ve heard of personality profiles and assessments like Myers-Briggs and DISC. But did you know that there are personality types that relate specifically to change? Probably not.

Four Steps To Rescue Stray New Year Resolutions

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Of course there is the usual health promises that get broken too. This happens year after year for pretty well all types of New Year resolutions including health, financial and habit related ones like smoking. Physically enter these steps each week into your calendar just like any other important appointments that you may have each week. Looks like it is that time of year when many New Year resolutions that people set have already strayed.

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DumbLittleMan’s Wellness and Productivity Gift Guide 2018

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Being physically active has a huge impact to anyone’s health. Dry Erase Calendar: Cinch! Magnetic Dry Erase Calendar for Fridge. This dry erase calendar will never let you miss any important date. Buying gifts this Christmas season isn’t as easy as you might think. With all the choices, you can easily end up spending hours and hours thinking about the perfect gift. And who has such free time?

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Declutter Your Way to Success with Terri Savelle Foy


This episode of The Productivityist Podcast is sponsored by Health IQ, an insurance company that helps health conscious people like runners, cyclist, weightlifters and vegetarians get lower rates on their life insurance. Using the “Don’t Break the Chain” method with a calendar.

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Boost Productivity by Picking the Best To-do List for You

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Immediately add that task to your digital calendar or task list, and set a reminder on your calendar closer to the due date. Changing the default view of your e-mail program so that the task or calendar screen shows instead of your in-box helps ensure you never lose sight of your tasks.     * Master calendars. At the midpoint of each month, look at the master calendar to see what’s coming down the pike for the following month.

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Getting Things Done with Lotus Notes

Ian's Messy Desk

Great tips and tricks for productive use of the To Do’s, Calendar, Email, Contacts, and more. The guides shows you how to: Set up Lotus Notes To Do’s for your Projects and Actions Use the Calendar as a critical foundation for actions Get email to zero Create useful reference lists Organize contacts Move faster with speed keys and shortcuts Unfortunately, the Lotus Notes setup in our office does not allow for using any third-party templates.

2010 100

5 Reasons to Outsource Your Crazy Life

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Think of all the tasks an outsourced virtual personal assistant can arrange or schedule for you – managing your mail box, organizing your calendar, scheduling maid services or a dog walker, managing a project or scheduling your doctor’s appointments. Revitalize your health and energy. Stress that you ignore can contribute to several health challenges including high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity and diabetes.

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Simplifying Your Social Life

Simple Productivity Blog

For some of us, keeping up with a social calendar seems more like a chore than a preferable pastime. If you are more of an introvert, it can beneficial for your mental health to meet others after a long day of work. Follow these tips to help boost your emotional and mental health. If you take the extraneous events out of your calendar, you will have more time to meet people you enjoy seeing and talking to. This can be beneficial for your mental and emotional health.

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Software Review: LifeTopix

Simple Productivity Blog

And not only that, but integrated with iPhone/iPod Touch built-in calendars? This automatically puts it on the calendar. Your calendar items are grouped, and they can be sent to your iPhone calendar. You can enter in recurring payments, bills, health goals, education information and courses, home and asset information and travel plans.

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Your Life Organized

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Advent Calendar Resources On-line – November 28 marks the start of the Advent season. December 1st is the day people starting popping the doors on Advent calendars and eating the little chocolates inside. These on-line advent calendars won’t produce any confections, but you will be able to mark the passage of the next 25 days. Ian’s Messy Desk Helping you get the most out of the 24 hours in your day.

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How to write and keep New Year’s resolutions

Productivity Bits

It can be your health or physical fitness; it can be that dream job you wanted to get or any goal that you have always wanted to achieve; this is the time to do it! Mark out a date on your calendar once a month where you treat yourself for completing a certain amount of tasks.

2016 122

Personal Organizer

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A calendar is the easiest place to track such a list. Ian’s Messy Desk Helping you get the most out of the 24 hours in your day. Home About Contact Me Links Sitemap Personal Organizer Posted by Ian McKenzie Written on June 16, 2010 If youre new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Or, if you prefer, you can subscribe to my blog posts by e-mail. Thanks for visiting!

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How to Start a Workplace Garden

Eco-Office Gals

You can get together, and using a calendar, schedule who will be doing what in the garden, and when they will be doing it. Last but not least, the healthy produce that is grown will benefit everyone’s health in a very delicious way. Although you may have never heard of it, workplace gardening has become increasingly popular over the past decade or so.

2011 211

8 Steps Toward a More Satisfying Life

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Unfortunately, our calendars and to-do lists often get in the way of common sense. Where you live, how much money you make, your job title and even your health have surprisingly small effects on your satisfaction with life. Ian’s Messy Desk Helping you get the most out of the 24 hours in your day.

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Manage Your Paper With a RAFT

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Record meeting information on your calendar, then toss the memo. Ian’s Messy Desk Helping you get the most out of the 24 hours in your day. Home About Contact Me Links Sitemap Manage Your Paper With a RAFT Posted by Ian McKenzie Written on May 26, 2010 If youre new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Or, if you prefer, you can subscribe to my blog posts by e-mail. Thanks for visiting! Ruthless paperwork is the route to a clean desk.

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