The Great Calendar Debate - Paper or Electronic - 21 Experts Weigh.

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Try This Instead | Main | Be Smart About Using the Telephone » The Great Calendar Debate - Paper or Electronic - 21 Experts Weigh In We are in the home stretch of 2009 -- bring on 2010!!  Keeps all your appointments, contacts and email in one spot so it's all synched up.

Postbox: A Powerful Cross-Platform Email Client [Review]

Productivityist by Mike Vardy Start Here Archives Store Contact Postbox: A Powerful Cross-Platform Email Client [Review] Posted on 08/30/2012 // 8 Comments It turns out that when I decided to search for a new e-mail app of choice , that Postbox won out. As for the cost?

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Celebrating Administrative Professionals

Office Dynamics

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Qualities Of A Great Assistant

Office Dynamics

Excellent calendaring skills. But do you always “listen” or do you distract yourself with reading emails while someone is talking to you? What qualities do assistants think you need to be a great assistant?

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The Three Day Productivity Retreat Everyone Needs


A wall calendar. Snacks (avoid carbs at all cost.). Answering those seven emails you haven’t answered. Whatever it is, get it down on a calendar. Mindfulness Productivity Work Life calendar checklist procrastination productivity retreatToday’s guest post is by Ryan McRae. Ryan is the creator of the blog, The ADHD NERD , a blog dedicated to helping people be more productive, successful and happy especially if they have ADHD.

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The Top Skills Executives Want From Assistants Today

Office Dynamics

A must-have skill when managing your executive’s calendar is to understand your executive must have down time.”. Communications: When an assistant is writing an email on her executive’s behalf, acknowledge who you are communicating with and how you are communicating with them. Office Dynamics often surveys managers and high-level executives as to the skills, attitudes, and behaviors that are most important for an assistant to possess.

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The R's Of Employee Motivation

Ian's Messy Desk

If you think your employee’s poor performance is costing you profit, instead of overhauling your employee roster, why not try motivating them to become better employees ? Or once-a-month, spring for dessert treats in honor of those celebrating birthdays in that calendar month.

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Planner Or Tickler (1-31) File? - How to Use Both For Optimal.

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How to Use Both For Optimal Professional & Personal Productivity (guest post by Meggin McIntosh) A question that often comes up in workshops as well as on my blog is this one: How do you suggest people use their calendar (planner) in conjunction with the tickler (1-31) files? Sometimes I wonder if I am duplicating my efforts by using a calendar and the tickler files. Sometimes I wonder if I am duplicating my efforts by using a calendar and the tickler files.

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Top 5 Ways of Being More Efficient in Business

The Small Business Blog

Community for small business outsourcing and cost control. Effective Small Business Planning Strategy Planning your small business is the best way to avoid costly mistakes. Use a specific business calendar to keep a reminder of your schedule. E-Mail me or follow me.

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Guide to Membership Retention and Strategies

Andrea Kalli

Keeping these clients is always more cost effective than obtaining new members.

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10 Painless Time-Tracking Apps For Your Creative Projects

Dumb Little Man

Its interface is quite simple and mimics that of a calendar. You can also select from any of these paid plans: Starter plan costs $10 per user. Premium plan costs $20 per user. Enterprise plan costs $59 per user. Second is the cost-effectiveness of using the app.

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Contests: An Exciting Way to Attract Customers | Internet.

Andrea Kalli

This knowledge is the prime reason that using mass email marketing is nearly impossible. You see, when they are expecting something from you in their email they are more inclined to add you to their favorites list. Think about it, this opportunity alone is worth the cost of the prize.

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Green Gift Giving: Great Eco-Office Gift Ideas

Eco-Office Gals

Cost: $10-$40. Cost: $11.95. Cost: $27.99. Cost: Whatever you’d like. Eco-Calendars. There are a variety of calendars that use sustainable, recycled paper and give daily tips on how to live green and protect the planet. Cost: $13.99.

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How To Secure Mobile Data: Tips to Protect Yourself Online

Dumb Little Man

Google tracks a lot more than just your emails and search history. Google maps and Calendar applications know all about your travel plans and meetings, even what time of day you’re planning on going. For a Google user, their individual data cost an average of nearly $200.

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The Vanishing Executive Assistant—NOT!

Office Dynamics

They are not paid the big bucks to manage a calendar and book flights. On top of that, these leaders don’t do a very good job of managing their schedules because they don’t have time to look at their calendar from a holistic perspective. The cost is about $30,000.

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12 Clever Ways You Can Earn Money From Your Computer Today

Dumb Little Man

Dozens of companies hire virtual assistants on a contract basis to help save on employment costs. Common duties include managing calendars, replying to emails, managing social media posts, and entering data.

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How to Protect Your Time and Energy by Creating Boundaries

Jen Lawrence

Access to email means your boss can find you wherever, whenever. I was always on-call, responding to emails within moments of receiving them and handling tasks quickly because I didn’t want to be a bottleneck in productivity.

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Your business travel tips

Practically Perfect PA

Outlook Calendar . Enter all travel details at appropriate times in his/her Outlook calendar, if used. They email you when advanced tickets are available to purchase 12 weeks before your journey, which means great savings for being organised and planning ahead!

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Using Machine Learning and AI for Productivity In The Workplace

Dumb Little Man

AI tools such as Deloitte’s LaborWise can provide managers with analytics to recognize high-cost locations, roadblocks and even supply information about which departments are overworked or understaffed. For the majority of us, AI is something only seen in sci-fi films.

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Getting the Most Out of Your Next Performance Evaluation

Office Dynamics

Explore ways to reduce supply costs by 5% to 10%. Track all supply orders, communicate with the department to determine necessary items and compare monthly costs of previous year then report progress to manager.

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55 Bulletproof Productivity Hacks – Do You Know Them All?

Dumb Little Man

Use a calendar system to keep yourself going on a certain habit. Jerry Seinfeld utilized a big wall calendar and a big red magic marker. Distractions cost you more lost time than you think. Turn off notifications for email, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media.

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How to Protect Your Time and Energy by Creating Boundaries

Jen Lawrence

Access to email means your boss can find you wherever, whenever. I was always on-call, responding to emails within moments of receiving them and handling tasks quickly because I didn’t want to be a bottleneck in productivity.

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Getting ready for the New Year

Office Organization Success

Mark your calendars… For next Wednesday at 2pm Eastern. This is the second of the no-cost training I promised you. More details coming to you on Tuesday, so be on the look-out for an email. I hope you had a wonderfully relaxing Christmas break. I enjoyed spending the time with my family; we had guests over on two separate occasions, and we also visited friend’s. We shall be spending New Year’s Eve over the road at our friend’s house.

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6 Ways to Use the Cloud to Boost Your Productivity

Productivity Bits

By reducing or completely getting rid of commute time, you’re saving yourself precious time and reducing your transportation costs while you’re at it. Now, 50 percent of small and medium sized businesses utilize SaaS, which allows SMBs to reduce their overall costs and increase productivity significantly. Collaborate More Efficiently Before the cloud, working with other employees on a project could require countless emails and phone calls. Cloud Productivity, anyone?

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The 2014 Productivityist Holiday Gift Guide


NeuYear Calendar. Still my analog calendar of choice. It''s taken my game to a whole new level, and anyone who gives the NeuYear Calendar a try will see that having a bird''s eye view of their year really is a game-changer. I almost always only deal with me email on my iPhone.

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How to Find (and Utilize) the Best Virtual Assistant For Your Solo Business

The Solopreneur Life

Amy Wright: Oh, it runs the gamut from basic calendar management, customer service and scheduling all the way up to super techie things like adding a shopping cart to a webpage or setting up applications like Infusionsoft and everything in between. Larry: How much do virtual assistants cost?

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Multi Trip Flights Checklist

Productivity Bits

Or you can seek savvy online planning tools, like Weather2Travel: which allows for you to pick your ideal temperature and hours of sunshine, or the cuter NHS Change 4 Life: which allows for you to drag and drop activities to make up your custom holiday calendar. Your email will remain private.

2011 170

Productivity Experimention: A Case Study for Writing


I actually get more work done when I don’t use small snippets of time to catch up on Twitter, read articles, or check email. In high school, I used the calendar the guidance counselor gave to all the students. But those are the small costs that can lead to big results.

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Tracking How to Get It All Done & Avoid Information Overload-Interview With @Springpad CEO @jeffjaner

Productive & Organized

  Also, in order to save time getting and accessing ideas and information in Springpad, we recently made introduced updates to saving via email, along with making it easy to access Springpad via RSS readers.   Great, so how can people get started and what is the cost?

2011 218

Administrative/Clerical: Will Technology Replace the Administrative Assistant?

Office Dynamics

The decreasing costs of new technology turned the decision into a no-brainer. The resulting shift from conversation to email, text, and shared applications has led to widespread speculation of an imminent technological takeover.

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Is Your Productivity System Complicated?

Simple Productivity Blog

I was reading an article recently that laid forth a system that was incredibly complicated, using three calendars, two (at my best count) project and task tracking, and two feeder systems. Cost/Benefit Analysis. In the end, it boils down to a good old cost-benefit analysis. I put those targets into Remember the Milk, which also houses my repeating tasks, and tasks generated from email. Wednesdays are simplicity days at SimpleProductivity blog.

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These are the Productivity Tools I Love


Any software that costs money will not have a price listed because pricing can fluctuate over time. BusyCal (M, I, $): I’ve used many different calendar apps, but this one was the one that stuck with me. The tags allow me to colour code anything on my calendar according to the theme it falls under (Coaching, Deep Work, etc.). This calendar is pricier than many out there, but when I love an app, then price is less of a factor).

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My 2012 Career and Business Plan

Eat Your Career

Plus, group programs are significantly more affordable (about one-fourth the cost of an individual program). The first series, Building Powerful Professional Relationships , will be held in May so mark your calendar now. You will receive an email with details.

2012 173

Answering Your Phone: Is it You or Memorex?

Make or Break Moments

I recognize that larger companies probably feel that an automated system that often separates the calls according to type and then attempts to provide answers without ever hearing a human is cost saving, but what does it do to the customer relationship?

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Listen Live to Stephanie on Edge of Change - Interview with the.

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Work With Stephanie « Procrastination, Email, Multi-Tasking, Family Management, Soc Media Backup Etc. Click to get posts as we publish Prefer less email? Productive & Organized Home Contribute to P&O! Archive Network with Steph Is This You?

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How to Plan Ahead for Christmas

Ian's Messy Desk

At the least, you spread the cost of buying gifts over twelve months rather than breaking the bank at the end of the year. Ian’s Messy Desk Helping you get the most out of the 24 hours in your day.

2010 164

Step Away From The App


1 Figuring this out may eliminate things like Asana and Todoist , but may also result in a more costly solution such as OmniFocus or Things. When people ask me "What app should I use to help me be more productive?" I have a simple answer. "I I don''t know.".

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Best Business Technology for Small Businesses & Their Owners (28 ideas from them to you!)

Productive & Organized

It allows us to easily email branded invoices to our clients, which they can then pay by mail or online. By recording payments as we receive them, we can just as easily monitor overdue payments and send email reminders. I sit in my car and check my email.

2011 261

Smart Phones: Master or Servant?

Simple Productivity Blog

It means that from anywhere I can look up directions for anything; I can send email; I can surf the web; I can read blogs; I can check my email; I can login to my work computer; I can check for prices and coupons; I can text (my old phone rendered texting impossible); I can Tweet; I can check Facebook. But it comes with a cost. What Is The Cost? I might end up working longer hours or answering work email during vacations because I can access my computer from anywhere.

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Are you Time-challenged Tim or Non-productive Nancy? Then get in.

Productive & Organized

You, and anyone you would like to pass this message along to, can get lots of no cost information and resources on time management from time management experts all across the country. Click to get posts as we publish Prefer less email? Productive & Organized Home Contribute to P&O!

2011 175

Beginning Steps: Evolution of Productivity Systems

Simple Productivity Blog

You would have a binder, in your choice of sizes, which you would be given a calendar, some room to write tasks, and a phone directory. Outlook and Lotus Notes were the big players on the email/scheduling scene, and people found themselves able to update their calendars quickly.

2011 200

What is Your 1400 Plan? Don't Have My Tradgedy! #businesscontinuity #productivity #dontwasttime

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THE COST. Outside of the actual dollar cost of the new computer and warranty plan, there was a horrible cost in time.   I used my iPhone to access email and my family laptop to do some things on-line. 

2011 165

Do Bad Bosses Breed Bad Bosses?

The Office Professionals Place

How to deal with it: If you keep your bosses calendar, you can ask him ahead of time if he needs anything in particular for the meeting or if you know the agenda you can suggest information your boss can take to the meeting and have it prepared.

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