Why Pitney Bowes’ SendPro Online Service Makes Sense to Business Owners

Small Business CEO

When it comes to shipping, small business owners are definitely caught at a crossroads between needing a reliable shipping solution and needing a budget friendly option.


8 Top Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

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Know your USP and what makes your business unique. If you have the budget, then hiring an SEO agency or expert can do the trick. You’ve launched your business and now you need to tell people about it. Although that sounds fairly easy, the truth is that it really isn’t.

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Small Businesses and Shipping Providers: What Are the Options?

Small Business CEO

Most consumers like to have shipping options so they can choose one that fits their budget and schedule. The USPS has automation mail and offers lower postage prices for it. Depending on the industry, small businesses usually depend on logistics and shipping services at some point.

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The Making of a Mastermind Group for Solopreneurs

The Solopreneur Life

When you don’t have a budget for market research, you have to be really creative, innovative, and knowledgeable to obtain the information you need. Your cohorts help with USPs, SWOTs, crafting of customer-research questions, perhaps brand testing and development, product testing, message testing, qualitative and quantitative research. T his is an interview with Larry Keltto, founder of The Solopreneur Life.

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The Mantra You Should Abide By To Make The Most Of Your CRM System

Small Business CEO

And then there are the more tried and tested routes to market such as creating and maintaining a USP, differentiating yourself in the industry and ensuring your employees are kept satisfied in a productive and motivating environment.

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