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Start-up funding: Private and public funding opportunities for your start-up business

The Small Business Blog

Equity financing sources include: Venture capital funds, which are professional groups looking for start-ups to fund. Guest BlogLoans.

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Why This Blog-a-Thon Will Change Your Career

Office Dynamics

It’s time to kick-off a special event we’ve been hosting for years here on our blog that we hope you will enjoy! The Travo Team.

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Is Your Business Blogging?

The Small Business Blog

One I would add would be to blog as we. Is Your Business Blogging? then you should most definitely consider having a blog. In my.

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Why Startups Aren’t All They’re Cracked Up to Be and Why It Doesn’t Matter

The Small Business Blog

Guest Blog business startups new business sound financial planning startups

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The Best of The Solopreneur Life Blog

The Solopreneur Life

These are the posts that receive big page-view numbers every month and always show up in the “Popular Posts” sidebar. Blogging. Blog Posts That Go Viral: Here’s Your Perpetual Source for Fresh Ideas. The post The Best of The Solopreneur Life Blog appeared first on The Solopreneur Life. Blogging Blog

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7 Ways to Lighten Up the Office when Winter Strikes

Office Dynamics

Why give in to the grim when there are alternatives that will liven up the workplace? Paint It White. Plants Aplenty. Get Lit. Let ''em Lounge.

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Are you struggling with content for your blog?

The Small Business Blog

I expect the vast majority of us know, by now, that blogging is good for business. Think about it – nothing to blog about?

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Why You Should Ditch Your Blogging Schedule

Men With Pens

All my loyal readers would string me up, tar and feather me and throw rotten food as I pleaded for mercy. And not just my blog, either.

2012 49

10 Hard Truths About Blogging

Dumb Little Man

These names are synonymous with blogging success and the dream of living the "Internet lifestyle". However, blogging is not the quickest way.

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Three Reasons Your Business Needs a Blog

Small Business CEO

With the emergence of social media sites that keep you instantly connected, blogging has become increasingly neglected by small business owners.

How To Set Up an Efficient Content Marketing System

Office Organization Success

Today, however, technology has advanced significantly with a ton of different ways to distribute your content: Post to your blog.

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How to Keep Your Blog Running Smoothly

Dumb Little Man

The real challenge begins not when you start your blog and write a few first posts, but when you actually start building up your loyal audience.

2017 26

The 6-Step Process to Turn Ideas into Published Blog Posts

Men With Pens

You have a great idea for a blog post – and that’s a good start. Fit into one blog post. With your blog posts, you’re on your own.

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Results of the 2014 Solopreneur Survey: Quality of Life is Up, Expectations are Up, Facebook is Down

The Solopreneur Life

Twitter took up the slack; in 2014, 35.2% percent plan to use blogging more in 2015, followed by 56.3 The survey attracted 308 responses.

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9-5 or 5-9? Does It Really Matter? | THE SMALL BUSINESS BLOG

The Small Business Blog

One I would add would be to blog as we. That is why I will always say there is no iron-clad correct way for a business start-up to progress.

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Simple Ways To Wake Up Ready to Face Your Day

Dumb Little Man

Do you wake up and jump out of bed. Here’s how: Get Everything Ready the Night Before Perhaps you have great intentions for your morning: you want to get up early , eat a healthy breakfast , hit the gym on the way to work, and arrive in the office with all your papers for that important meeting. Sort out those papers. Energy Sleep

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How Often Should You Give Your Blog a Facelift?

The Small Business Blog

Once you’ve got everything up, functional, and looking halfway decent, do you just leave it that way forever? on: THE SMALL BUSINESS BLOG.

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How to Come Up with Content Ideas for Your Business’ Blog

Small Business CEO

Running a business blog can definitely be challenging at times, especially if you’ve completely run out of ideas and have been staring at a blank page for the last hour. That’s why we’ve put together some of the best tips and tricks for coming up with great topic ideas for your business blog.…

Should young people join start-ups?

The Small Business Blog

on: THE SMALL BUSINESS BLOG. Business Startup business startup graduates Start-Up Young people youth

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Blogging About Healthcare? Read This First

Small Business CEO

Are you planning on starting a blog that is focused on healthcare? Or do you already have a healthcare-focused blog that you want to improve?

Why We Screw Things up

Brilliantly Better

Tweet You’re not gonna believe me, but the only reason we screw things up is because we want to. Even more, we screw things up because we’re deeply convinced this is what we have to do. Early conditioning is screwing us up constantly. And, with that in mind, let’s continue to find out why are we still screwing up things.

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Blog Post Ideas: 3 Simple Strategies for Creating 3 New Blog Posts Every Week

Office Organization Success

Having a blog is an excellent marketing tool for a solo service business owner. They simply don’t know what to write about (writer’s block).

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Writer's Block Stinks: 4 Steps for When Your Get-Up-And-Go Has Gone-Up-And-Went

Productive & Organized

  Everywhere I turn, my brain turns that experience into a blog post, podcast or video idea.  New ideas are dried up.

2012 61

5 Blog-Building Lessons from Model Planes

Men With Pens

Building a blog is very much like building a model plane – and here are the top 5 lessons I’d like to share with you. Be patient.

2011 35

Shake It Up!

Office Dynamics

It’s time to shake things up. Please comment at the blog to share.). Respond to a blog , if you have never done so!

Small Business Blogging Declines

Small Business Labs

500 companies blogging declined in 2011. 500 blogged.   While blogging is down, social media usage is up. So why are fewer small businesses blogging?  Based on our research the reasons are: Blogging is hard and takes a lot of time. Most small businesses fail to see a solid ROI from blogging.

2011 23

Featured Soloist Krista Stryker: “I Nearly Tear Up From Happiness”

The Solopreneur Life

I’d always wanted to start an internet business, and had had a few blogs before, but nothing stuck. Krista Stryker. Type of business.

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Repurpose Your Articles: Post To Your Blog

Office Organization Success

There are many ways to repurpose your existing content, and today I’m going to share with you just one of them – posting your articles to your blog. After you’ve published your article in your ezine (hint: let your subscribers be the first to read your brand-new articles – one of the perks of signing up to your list!)

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5 Ways To Sharpen Up Your Would You Rather Game Questions

Dumb Little Man

Just as articles are required for a blog to rank high on Google , you need to have good Would You Rather questions to have a fun time. If you belong to the last group, here are 5 easy, simple and effective ways to help sharpen up your Would You Rather questions. In reality, the game is hilarious, engaging and informative. Be Versatile.

2017 29

The Average Joe’s Guide To Setting Up An Online Business

Dumb Little Man

Many big decisions need to be made, from deciding what to sell to how you can start setting up an online business. You can design your product, employ a third-party company to do this for you or source stock and mark up the price to make a profit. Setting Up Shop. See Also: How Online Blogging Is Influencing Business Trends.

2017 32

Up Style and Down Style

Daily Writing Tips

Book titles–and newspaper and magazine headlines–are usually formatted in one of two styles: “up style” and “down style.”. Up Style.

2014 21

3 Facts About Life Every Grown-Up Should Know And Live By

Dumb Little Man

There are all kinds of grown-ups out there who can't be reasoned with , yet you're the one trying to have a rational conversation with them.

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Is It Time to Clean Up Your Tribe?

Men With Pens

And here’s why: In the business books and blogs we all love, there is constant talk of finding our ‘tribe’, our most ideal clients.

2011 52

How To Find The Best Topic For Your Blog

Dumb Little Man

Unfortunately, however, finding the right blog topic ideas is no easy task. One good trick is to open up a new spreadsheet.

2016 28

Practically Perfect PA round up of 2014

Practically Perfect PA

I wanted to do a Practically Perfect round up for 2014. Thanks again to everyone for reading the blog this year. See you next year!

2014 21

9 Clever Writing Tricks to Supercharge Your Blog Posts

Men With Pens

Before we get into those 9 tricks, though, here’s the why behind it: Fully-engaged readers are more likely to remember your blog posts.

2012 46

The Legal Aspects of Setting up a New Business

The Small Business Blog

Guest Blog business partners commercial property crime employment law lawyers legal partners partnership property

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What to Do When You Hate Your Blog

Men With Pens

Years ago, I started this blog with a pretty big mission in mind: to help you succeed. My blog became popular. In public on my blog?

2012 31

Productive Marketing: Is Your Blog on the Amazon Kindle? It Could Be!

Productive & Organized

  You can't necessarily say that about other ways that your blog could get read. Blog Title. Blog Author/Publisher.

2011 76

How to Boost Your Blogging Game with Digital Flipbooks

Men With Pens

It’s inevitable that when you’ve been blogging for a while, eventually your subscriber numbers are going to hit a slump. They were new. Uniflip.

2012 30