Should City Governments and other Businesses look to Virtual Services to Save Money?

Tips From T. Marie

The article discussed how the City of Hickory, NC proposed offering early retirement to 84 of their employees. Reading the details of what would be offered in exchange for taking the early retirement deal didn’t really strike me as a wonderful option for those 84 people., Many in-office employees are even willing to take a small reduction in pay due to the fact that they are saving money on transportation, work attire and other related expenses.

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SURROUND yourself with a team of experts to make you and your organization SHINE!

Office Dynamics

Truth be told, I had no intention when I first returned to the workforce after being a stay-at-home mom of working for the rest of my life or until heaven forbid, retirement. I wrote copy for the communication that went along with the registration form so people would know where they needed to be and when, appropriate attire, the type of weather to expect, safety and security issues they needed to be aware of and so forth. .

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Self-Improvement: Spruce Up Your Appearance

Office Dynamics

I stayed with the new stylist for several years until she had to retire from the business due to medical reasons. If you upgrade your casual attire, you will be viewed as a “leader” among your peers. When we wear attire that is more in line with today’s trends (but not overly trendy), we give the impression that we are up on what is going on in the world. Welcome to the last Monday of September! When was the last time you changed your hair style? Color?

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40 French Expressions “En Tout”

Daily Writing Tips

En grande tenue (“in formal attire”): “She arrived, as usual, en grande tenue , and in consternation that everyone else was dressed causally.”. En grande toilette (“in full dress”): “The opening-night crowd was attired en grande toilette.”. En retraite (“in retreat or retirement”): “After uttering the verbal blunder, she ducked her head and exited the parlor en retraite.”.

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