After the dance is over

Loosely Speaking

Format The format allowed for both education and unlimited opportunities for networking. The many tables and chairs scattered around the atrium served as a magnet for those fresh from their breakouts. All you had to do was step out of the guest room where your session took place and scan the vast atrium to spot others gathering below near the on-site Starbucks.

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The Landmark, London

Practically Perfect PA

After the great railway age came to an end the hotel closed its doors and for many years it was used as office space – fondly nicked name ‘The Kremlin’ by staff working for the Railway Network. The atrium looked particularly stunning in the evening. Luckily, it was an unusually bright day in London which meant the blue sky poured in through the atrium roof and the light was beautiful. Built in 1899, The Landmark certainly has an interesting history.

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Lunchtime lineup at IVAA summit in Phoenix – #ivaa10

Andrea Kalli

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