Radisson Blu, Glasgow

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We had borrowed a friends flat just up the road on Argyle Street which was great but lacked a fundamental and very necessary component – WiFi, which meant that most days were spent locating the best place to work, answer emails and generally know what was going on in the world. After spending many days in the Atrium of the Radisson I was really excited about seeing the rest of the hotel. Over the summer of 2014 I spent four weeks in Glasgow.

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Hilton Doubletree, Downtown Montgomery

Practically Perfect PA

A massive atrium at the centre of the hotel gives the place a real heart. For those reading this on email the link is here. Montgomery’s official population is 205,000. This is pretty small for a US city and Alabama’s state capital doesn’t even sneak into the US’s largest 100 conurbations. This came as no surprise to us as we walked the streets during the 24 hours we spent in Montgomery: in January it’s a ghost town. Montgomery is a city that would be easy to miss on a map.

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Lunchtime lineup at IVAA summit in Phoenix – #ivaa10

Andrea Kalli

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