Are You Too Busy for The Most Important Partner In Your Office? The Importance of Daily Huddles

Office Dynamics

99% of the time these are dismissed as not important. I’ve asked several times to have these 2-5 minute huddles and I was told, ‘I’m too busy – figure it out.’”. They see having to take time with their assistant as a barrier or time waster.

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Communicating With Your Manager

Office Dynamics

So, if that executive could make time for me, anyone can do this. Because of the multiple daily activities in the office, it is important for the executive and assistant partnership to establish scheduled time to meet without interruption or at least by conversing on the telephone.

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5 Ways to Build A Culture Trust In A Large Remote Team

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It also decreases the chances of asserting ideas that can lead to innovative business solutions. Using collaboration and schedule-sharing tools with optimized calendar features is absolutely necessary, especially for large teams spread across different time zones.

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5 Remote Collaboration Challenges and How to Overcome Them

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You are the one in control of your time and attention to stay productive. This would help them overcome the limitations of distance and time. Poor time management. Since everyone is working from home, you cannot force them out of their comfort zones.

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7 Vehicular Violations of Proper English

Daily Writing Tips

Then, the letters in the slogan “Quality Is Our Main Ingredient” are too widely spread, while those in the next line are too compact — and then the elements of the phone number are nearly segregated into different time zones.

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What ever happened to the "us" in Service?

Laughing all the Way to Work

Another time I was trying to find a full-serve gas station to fill up, but there was nothing to be found. Some of the younger bosses are certainly qualified and know how to do some things administratively, but is it an efficient use of their time and is it good job security for us? We need to be assertive and show our bosses how much better they can function if the administrative jobs are taken care of by us. Dealing in real time.

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