How do you make yourself more assertive?

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This is a posted question from Business Management Daily ‘s Admin Pro Forum that has been shared with permission. . Question: “I’ve heard many times from colleagues and people close to me that I’m just not assertive enough to really get ahead and achieve the things I want. ” Articles on How to Be More Assertive. 7 Tips for Executive Assistants Who Want to Be More Assertive. Free Webinars on How to Be More Assertive.

How to be an assertive assistant

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How many times are assistants told to be more assertive? It seems to me the word is everywhere we look, it is on our job descriptions, it is in our objectives and there are a ton of courses solely dedicated to making assistants more assertive. It seems we must constantly assert ourselves or we are total failures at the job! I think it is hard for assistants to be really assertive, especially when we want to be helpful, supportive and take a flexible approach with our work.


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7 Tips for Executive Assistants Who Want To Be More Assertive

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Do you want to be more assertive? Learning how to tactfully voice your opinions and assert your needs as an executive assistant is important. Many assistants have crossed the line from assertive to aggressive. So what is the difference between assertive and aggressive? Many people confuse assertive and aggressive behavior. What’s the difference between being assertive and aggressive? Assertiveness is the way to go because it is the happy medium.

The Top 3 Skills That Make Administrative Assistants Stand Out

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As you can see, these skills go beyond the basics. There is much to learn regarding advanced skills for assistants. It’s designed to help you stand out and develop the master-level skills you need to become World Class. The post The Top 3 Skills That Make Administrative Assistants Stand Out appeared first on Office Dynamics. Administrative professionals are always asking us what it takes to really stand out in the workplace.

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Free Webinar Teaches You How to Develop Your Persuasion Skills

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As we celebrate 25 years in business we’re offering a free webinar each month for administrative professionals to continue their skill development and learn more about who we are and what we offer the administrative profession. This month we focused on the topic of persuasion skills with our free webinar, Getting to Yes: Overcoming Resistance to Get What You Want and Create More Value for Your Company.

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Skills required to be a good minute taker

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Not everyone can be a good minute taker – it’s a definite skill and quite often an art, hence the name of my course, The Art of Minute Taking. There are definite skills required to be a good minute taker and I’ve listed some of them below: Listening. Assertiveness. Without a doubt not only is it a skill to take minutes at the meeting, but the real work comes in being able to wordsmith a draft set of notes into an exceptionally good piece of writing.

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Communicating With Your Manager

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This is the best advice you will ever receive on how to build a strategic partnership with your executive, manage their day, and stay on top of the volumes of tasks and projects you have to handle. When it comes to e-mail management, there are various approaches. Another approach is the executive who wants to manage all his or her own e-mails and forward specific e-mail to their administrative partner as appropriate. The Importance of Daily Huddles.

2015 171

How to Help Your Manager Get Things Done – Ask an Admin

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Ok, Renee is wondering how does an administrative assistant manage her manager or executive? Does Renee start with managing deadlines, learning how to schedule properly? How do you help your manager get things done? The post How to Help Your Manager Get Things Done – Ask an Admin appeared first on Executive And Administrative Assistant Training - Office Dynamics.

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How to Master The Art of Supporting Multiple Managers

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The article, Juggling: The Art of Supporting Multiple Managers by Stacy Leitner was originally posted at If you are an assistant who works with multiple managers or executives, you know the work can be overwhelming at times. However, after a recent turn of events such as staffing vacancies and promotions, I have found myself providing administrative support to several other key managers while we recruit for vacant positions.

2016 143

Why Being An Executive Assistant Is A Rewarding Career

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I hear managers or Human Resource Professionals say it doesn’t take any special skill to be an administrative assistant. A stellar Executive Assistant must think of every detail for every function such as calendar management, travel planning, meeting preparation and execution, and e-mail management. Manager of your executive’s work life.

2016 160

Celebrating Administrative Professionals

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Ideas on how to build better partnerships with your managers. Administrative Assistants Rock! Join our April Blog-A-Thon. April is just around the corner and we love celebrating administrative professionals! This is the month we can (and will) celebrate in a big way. In honor of Administrative Professionals Week (4/20 – 4/24) and Office Dynamics 25th Year in business educating administrative professionals and their executives, we are bringing back our Blog-a-Thon.

Joan’s Greatest Administrative Secrets Revealed!

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If someone is doing something or saying something that is unacceptable to you, then you need to speak up in a professional and assertive manner. This is important for all assistants, managers and coworkers to remember the administrative profession is a true profession! These are the individuals who put up with all the stuff every day, put themselves second and third on the list, manage a multitude of responsibilities, make their executives look good, and are confidantes.

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Blog-a-Thon Bonus Announcement

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BONUS BONUS BONUS!!! Get Bonus Entries In Our Blog-a-Thon For The Administrative Profession. For those of you who are participating in our blog-a-thon this April we want to give you even more ways to get entered to win. Announcing BONUS entries with social sharing. You MUST hashtag your past #adminblogathon in order to be entered for the bonus entries. Example of a Tweet or Facebook Post: This article changed my life [add your favorite article link] #adminblogathon.

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Assistants Must Excel at the Fundamentals

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I know many seasoned executive assistants who think they do not need to focus on or pay attention to their basic skills, what is also known as the fundamentals. They feel they have been managing calendars or planning meetings forever so why pay attention. For 28 years, I have been teaching assistants to pay attention to the fundamentals such as meeting planning, travel planning, calendar maintenance, organizational skills, follow-up systems, time management, and communications.

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Qualities Of A Great Assistant

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If you are a manager reading this blog, check off the ones that apply to your administrative partner. Good communication skills. Organization skills. Interpersonal communication skills. Excellent calendaring skills. Excellent time management skills. Great networking skills. Analytical forward thinking skills. Taking baby steps is a good way to manage a big list of “must get better at” areas.

2015 167

Who Is Office Dynamics International?

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Technical skills can be gleaned, but behavior must be taught. At Office Dynamics International we are celebrating 25 years of serving the administrative profession. Perhaps you’ve known us for a long time or you’re new around here. Either way, we want you to know who we are and what we believe. We Passionately Believe. The administrative role is a noble calling. In a “Career of Choice” mentality.

12 Days of Christmas Webinar: The Accelerated Assistant

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Admin Assistant Training Assertive Attitude Career Management Communication Skills Creativity Interpersonal Skills Leadership Networking Problem Solving Productivity Professional Image Self Development Teamwork Time Management Uncategorized Workplace Tools #adminconf 12 Days of Christmas admin admin professional assistant professional development assistant webinar conference conference for assistants executive assistant conference free webinar the accelerated assistant

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12 Days of Christmas Webinar: Building a Strong Partnership with Your Boss

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Admin Assistant Training Assertive Communication Skills Mgr/Asst Team Productivity 12 Days of Christmas administrative assistant administrative partnership assistant manager partnership effectiveness executive assistant executive assistant training for managers free webinar free webinar for administrative professionals management manager/assistant team productivity strategic partnership workplace partnership

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All the free training we offer in one place!

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October: Managing Your Executive’s Day (Part 1) Webinar. October: Managing Your Executive’s Day (Part 2) Webinar. At Office Dynamics International we love what we do. Part of what we do is provide tools and services to administrative professionals to enhance the quality of their work-life that promote administrative excellence. We offer high level coaching, onsite workshops, an annual conference for administrative excellence, an executive assistant boot camp and more.

2015 171

5 Reasons Why Office Admins are the New Power Job

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Whether it’s finding the right caterer, meeting global counterparts from international office locations or brushing off your creative skills to whip up a spiffy PowerPoint presentation, you love tackling projects outside of your job scope (and even get excited at the opportunity!). Working as an admin professional often means working closely with leadership positions and essentially acting as project manager for the C-suite. Author: OfficeNinjas.

2016 159

Set Healthy Boundaries at Work

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An important component to self-management versus stress-management is to set healthy boundaries in the workplace. A boundary in the office for an administrative assistant can be as simple as addressing a coworker or manager who constantly steps into your workspace and takes your desk supplies without asking and doesn’t return them. One administrative assistant said that her manager did not expect her to check business emails or take action on non-work hours.

2019 169

Tactfully Voicing Your Opinion In The Workplace

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Throughout my career as an employee—a few decades ago—I had the need to voice my opinion to my manager, colleague, vendors, peers, and others. I encourage you to work on this vital business skill. I hope you had a great week last week and were able to apply the tips I had for communicating with people from different generations. In case you did not read the last two Monday Motivators , I have been writing a 3 part series on communicating for business success.

2017 166

The Power of One

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Persuasion skills. Craft your skill. Good communication skills. Organizational skills. Self-management. Admin Assistant Training Assertive Career Management Communication Skills Cost Effective Creativity Interpersonal Skills Leadership Motivators Networking Organizational Skills Problem Solving Productivity Self Development TeamworkWelcome to May! Such a lovely time of year.

2017 148

Setting Healthy Boundaries Today

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Under that umbrella, we addressed topics such as self-management vs. stress management, learning specific difficult people types and how to handle each of them, the benefits of conflict and much more. A boundary in the office for an administrative assistant can be as simple as addressing a coworker or manager who constantly steps into your workspace and takes your pens or pads and does not ask or return them. Setting Healthy Boundaries.

2018 136

Getting Things Done

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How many times do you ask a manager or someone who is giving you a task, “How soon do you need this?” Early in the day, clarify with your manager(s) what are the most important priorities. I highly recommend doing this first thing in the morning as what you thought was a priority at 5:00 pm the day before, could have totally changed because your manager (like many others) is working at night and early morning. Many times, your manager just gives you bits of information.

2019 152

Executives and Assistants are Struggling Today

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Management and administrative support professionals, as all employees, feel like they don’t have enough hours in the day to complete their work. Plus, the downside is that executives and managers have to share delegating their workload to the Assistant thus keeping projects or basic tasks on their plate. The average number of emails Assistants manage between their email and their executive’s email is 225 per day to upwards of 400 per day!

2015 153

Strategies for Advancing Your Career in Administrative Services

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For some, it involves climbing to the next level, becoming a “senior” support staff member or an administrative manager. If you’re still struggling with time management, organization, professional presence, and communication, focus on amplifying your skills in these key areas. Take the Lead & Self-Manage. These kinds of leadership skills are only gained through practice and yet, they’re essential for advancement. Designed by Freepik.

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Getting People to Notice You: Cultivating High Self-Esteem Webinar Replay

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From what I understand, no one else had anything like the portfolio to showcase their skills. Earn positive attention in the workplace and address the most common obstacle standing in the way for most assistants—lack of self-esteem. Do you struggle with getting people to notice you? You can view the replay of our webinar, Getting People to Notice You: Cultivating High Self-Esteem. As an attendee, you will learn…. Why self-promotion is essential for your career—and yet so hard to do.

6 Ways for Assistants to Gain Respect

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Furthermore, communication—including speaking skills, assertiveness and the ability to read an audience or situation—and appearance contribute to a person’s perceived executive presence. So, when you are communicating with executives or managers, keep it short, simple, and to the point. Each person in the group demonstrates their newly learned skills. Assertive Career Management Communication Skills Professional Image Self Development Uncategorized

2019 113

Cleanup and Organize Your Workspace

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Assertive Attitude Motivators Organizational Skills Stress Management UncategorizedSummer is a great time to do a little cleanup and organize your workspace. Business is usually a little quieter, employees take a vacation, and there seems to be a more relaxed work atmosphere. It is the perfect time for you to get organized before the craziness of business sets in this fall. Clean desks look smart, professional and, well, just organized.

2018 125

Are You Too Busy for The Most Important Partner In Your Office? The Importance of Daily Huddles

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If you need suggestions, I list all the items that can be discussed when executives and assistants meet in my Communicating with Your Manager post. I recently received a request for advice from an assistant named Kathryn. She posed a typical problem that I have heard for years and I want to respond to her question in a blog as I bet many executive and administrative assistants run into the same problem.

2015 192

Hired, then abandoned–how to become part of the team?

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Find more comments to Maddy’s question and other questions like this from your administrative peers here: Business Management Daily. This month’s question from our friends at The Admin Pro Forum is from Maddy who is struggling to become part of the team at her new office. Take a moment to read her question and let us know what you think in the comments of this blog. Have you ever found yourself in a similar scenario? What did you do?

2016 115

Living Your BIG & Bold Life [Upcoming Event]

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Announcement: Our next free webinar in our celebration series is open for registration. Living Your BIG & Bold Life with Joan Burge. May 7, 2015. 10:00 – 11:00 AM Pacific Time. Register Now, It’s a free event! Working women hold a unique position in our society. We juggle family, business demands, and social lives. But all too often, we encounter resistance. Glass ceilings, stereotypes, and the physical limitations of time all attempt to hold us back.

2015 132

Assistants Speak Out: The Biggest Struggles In Partnering With Their Executive

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In preparation for a webinar I held on October 8 called Managing Your Executive’s Day , we sent out a survey and received 700+ responses to the questions “What is your biggest struggle in partnering with your executive?” If you are a manager, supervisor or executive, please keep reading this to see what the top 3 complaints are from assistants in trying to build a partnership and better assist their executive because you can help alleviate these issues and increase your productivity.

2015 185

Revolutionary Insights Into Self-Leadership for Administrative Professionals

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Only a rare few administrative professionals have learned to tap into the power of the most advanced leadership skill. She’s witnessed its power first hand and helped hundreds of administrative professionals hone their self-leadership skills. Self-Management vs. Stress Management and Juggling Work, Home and Your Personal Life. Leading Boldly…Shining Brightly – Mind Set vs. Skill Set.

Strategies for Advancing Your Career Outside of Administrative Services

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The skills you gain as an administrative professional can easily transfer to other roles. For example, here are a few of the most common roles that may be a great fit for assistants, depending on your skills and interests: Project Manager. As an assistant, you have many opportunities to stretch your skills and try on different “roles.” Take advantage of that by volunteering to own projects that leverage and develop specific skills you’d like to use in the future.

2017 159

Take Your Seat … At The Executive Table

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What are the new skills admired and soon to be required of administrative professionals: Digital Savvy: learning semi-tech and self-publishing skills. Admin Assistant Training Admin Tips Administrative Professionals Week Assertive Career Management Self Development Workplace Tools 21st Century Administrative Professional administrative professional Debbie Gross executive table lean in news skills for assistants required skills for assistants

2015 164

When is it too soon—or too late—to thwart bullying?

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Each month we feature a question from our friends at Business Management Daily’s Admin Pro Forum. Assertive Career Management Communication Skills Conflict Resolution Difficult People Executive And Assistant Partnership Problem SolvingPlease enjoy engaging in a conversation about this month’s question. Question: “I’ve told myself that if my boss takes a very bullying tone to me again, I’ll speak up about it.

2018 106

Introduce Yourself to Yourself

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Perhaps you would really like to work for a top executive instead of a middle manager. Assertive Attitude Career Management Interpersonal Skills Self Development UncategorizedYou’re not the person you once were. Times change. People change. You have changed, too. You owe it to yourself to make time for introspection so that you’re not a stranger to yourself. Don’t wait for quiet time to open up because it never will.

2018 129

How to Respond to Workplace Conflict

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This is an important skill to develop for any individual who has to work with others. Use assertive communication techniques. Having an “attitude of taking charge” is not necessarily the same as the “skill of taking charge.” It starts with having the attitude, then developing certain skills. You want to develop the skill to take charge in a way that you will get cooperation.

2016 141

Thank you for joining our Admin Blog-a-thon, what’s next?

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Business Management Daily had a daily free download or gift. Here’s a recap of the great content that was discussed this month: 10 Steps to Supporting Multiple Managers (4/1/2015). Wow, what a fabulous April! Did you have the most incredible Administrative Professionals’ Week this year?

2015 116

12 Days of Christmas Webinar: The Organized Admin with Julie Perrine

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To Do Lists – Task Management. That ability to produce it quickly instills confidence in your skills and abilities. Even finding an extra five minutes a day to work on your organization skills will add up over time. There are 5 core systems I encourage assistants to look at first: Time and Task Management. Project Management. Her system for email management is outstanding.

2016 128

Teach Your Executive How to Work with You

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This is a huge benefit to you because you grow your skill set. For years I have coached executives and assistants how to implement processes on everything from daily huddles to debrief meetings, managing email, travel planning, and holding quarterly strategic meetings. Now not every executive or manager will want this partnership. If you support multiple managers, you won’t have the time to build strategic partnerships with each of them.

2019 175