12 Days of Christmas Webinar: The Accelerated Assistant

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OfficePRO Magazine (Mentioned by attendees during the chat in webinar). In our program today we talked about seven ways to become an accelerated assistant. Below you will find our replay link, program notes, certificate download and access to our deal of the day. If you haven’t already registered for our 12 Days of Christmas Webinar Series, you can register here. Links to the programs will be sent daily. Watch the Replay for The Accelerated Assistant. Program Notes for Webinar.

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Revolutionary Insights Into Self-Leadership for Administrative Professionals

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Executive Secretary Magazine and social profiles. The How and Why of Creating a Career Portfolio (Executive Secretary Magazine Article). This is a replay of the free webinar offered June 2016 titled Revolutionary Insights Into Self-Leadership (for administrative professionals). Administrative professionals don’t typically think of themselves as leaders; even the most successful struggle with the idea! After all, leaders are the people we work for, right?

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Thank you for joining our Admin Blog-a-thon, what’s next?

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Here’s a recap of just some of the amazing things that went on this year in celebration of you, Administrative Professionals: Executive Secretary Magazine sent out daily gifts from a variety of organizations specifically for administrative professionals learning benefit. Wow, what a fabulous April! Did you have the most incredible Administrative Professionals’ Week this year?

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Some training suggestions for assistants

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We have to be experts at IT, we have to have great people skills and we have to be assertive and confident to be able to handle all of the daily tasks asked of us! Networking Groups. There are PA networking groups springing up all over the place these days, which is absolutely brilliant! Executive Secretary Magazine has a good up to date list on their website. Professional publications such as Olé Magazine or PA Life.

How Setting Life Goals Can Undermine Your Happiness

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White published in Time Magazine on March 16, 2016, Jeffrey Sachs, the head of the Sustainable Development Solutions Network, asserted that “the United States, which is very rich, has gotten a lot richer over the last 50 years, but has gotten no happier.”. Setting life goals is generally considered as a positive thing. I disagree with this. In my view, setting goals provides motivation in life but kills happiness. Relation between setting goal and happiness.

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