Who Is Office Dynamics International?

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At Office Dynamics International we are celebrating 25 years of serving the administrative profession. How long have you been a friend of Office Dynamics International? Perhaps you’ve known us for a long time or you’re new around here. Either way, we want you to know who we are and what we believe. We Passionately Believe. The administrative role is a noble calling. In a “Career of Choice” mentality.

A Guide to Internal Punctuation

Daily Writing Tips

Also, the mark may seem too formal in the midst of a sentence in quotation marks; a dash more clearly conveys a transition to a separate assertion or idea, as in “Mary said, ‘Don’t go in the abandoned house—it’s not safe in there’” rather than “Mary said, ‘Don’t go in the abandoned house; it’s not safe in there.’”. Original post: A Guide to Internal Punctuation.

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Getting People to Notice You: Cultivating High Self-Esteem Webinar Replay

Office Dynamics

Limited time offer from Office Dynamics International: Mastering Exceptional Self-Leadership program significantly marked down to $79 (from $249) until May 10. Earn positive attention in the workplace and address the most common obstacle standing in the way for most assistants—lack of self-esteem. Do you struggle with getting people to notice you? You can view the replay of our webinar, Getting People to Notice You: Cultivating High Self-Esteem. As an attendee, you will learn….

How to Help Your Manager Get Things Done – Ask an Admin

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This is the best blog for advice for administrative assistants and executive assistants provided by Office Dynamics International. Ask An Admin Assertive Communication Skills Conflict Resolution Problem Solving Productivity Teamwork Time Management UncategorizedIf you are an Administrative Professional looking for your questions to be answered by your peers, then this is the place for you!

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Don’t Be a Dragon to Yourself (Part 3 of 3)

Office Dynamics

It is your thought process and attitude that controls your internal dragon. Lack assertiveness. The problem with not being assertive is we let people walk over us. If you don’t feel you are assertive, take some classes. Assertive is about getting your needs met while being considerate of others. Admin Assistant Training Assertive Attitude Conflict Resolution Difficult People Interpersonal Skills Motivators Self Development

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Why Being An Executive Assistant Is A Rewarding Career

Office Dynamics

Related: At Office Dynamics International We Believe… The post Why Being An Executive Assistant Is A Rewarding Career appeared first on Office Dynamics. In honor of Administrative Professionals Day, I want to share my thoughts on why I believe being an executive assistant is a rewarding career. When people tell me, “Anyone can do that job,” it bothers me. It tells me that person doesn’t really know what it takes to be a great assistant. I hear it from both sides of the desk.

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Is it time to bust your comfort zone?

Office Dynamics

How to break through the internal and external barriers that prevent you from taking on challenges—and the benefits you’ll experience personally and professionally when you do. Admin Assistant Training Assertive Career Management Leadership Problem Solving Self Development Stress Management Workplace Tools #bustthezone comfort zone free webinar Jasmine Freeman stretch your skillsWe’re all familiar with the comfort zone: That risk free place of ease and certainty with no surprises.

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Qualities Of A Great Assistant

Office Dynamics

More free webinar events with Office Dynamics International: The post Qualities Of A Great Assistant appeared first on Office Dynamics. What qualities do assistants think you need to be a great assistant? Many times in my live workshops and seminars for executive and administrative assistants, I ask the participant to create a list of qualities, attributes, and attitudes of star-performing assistants. Over the years, I have collected more than 300 ideas.

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5 Reasons Why Office Admins are the New Power Job

Office Dynamics

Whether it’s finding the right caterer, meeting global counterparts from international office locations or brushing off your creative skills to whip up a spiffy PowerPoint presentation, you love tackling projects outside of your job scope (and even get excited at the opportunity!). Author: OfficeNinjas. Editor’s Note: This is a revised version of an original post from the OfficeNinjas blog.

2016 159

How to Master The Art of Supporting Multiple Managers

Office Dynamics

Establish positive working relationships with other internal administrative support staff as they are vital when additional help is needed. Stacy Leitner has been both nationally and internationally recognized in her roles as an executive assistant and college educator. The article, Juggling: The Art of Supporting Multiple Managers by Stacy Leitner was originally posted at AGreatDaysWork.com. This article has been shared by permission from the author. .

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Live Your BIG & BOLD Life Free Webinar Replay

Office Dynamics

Join Joan Burge, CEO of Office Dynamics International, for an inspiring look at what it takes to live a BIG and bold life, even in today’s hectic world. Access the free webinar replay here. Working women hold a unique position in our society. We juggle family, business demands, and social lives. But all too often, we encounter resistance. Glass ceilings, stereotypes, and the physical limitations of time all attempt to hold us back.

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Executives and Assistants are Struggling Today

Office Dynamics

As founder and CEO of Office Dynamics International, I have been on the “other side of the desk” for 25 years. [This article was originally posted at Executive Secretary Magazine.]. There is no greater relationship in the workplace than that of an executive and an Assistant. I can honestly say that because of my experience in the administrative profession for 20 years in a variety of organizations.

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Living Your BIG & Bold Life [Upcoming Event]

Office Dynamics

Join Joan Burge, CEO of Office Dynamics International, for an inspiring look at what it takes to live a BIG and bold life, even in today’s hectic world. Announcement: Our next free webinar in our celebration series is open for registration. Living Your BIG & Bold Life with Joan Burge. May 7, 2015. 10:00 – 11:00 AM Pacific Time. Register Now, It’s a free event! Working women hold a unique position in our society. We juggle family, business demands, and social lives.

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Thank you for joining our Admin Blog-a-thon, what’s next?

Office Dynamics

Who Is Office Dynamics International? Wow, what a fabulous April! Did you have the most incredible Administrative Professionals’ Week this year? Here’s a recap of just some of the amazing things that went on this year in celebration of you, Administrative Professionals: Executive Secretary Magazine sent out daily gifts from a variety of organizations specifically for administrative professionals learning benefit. IAAP teamed up with Staples to #CelebrateAdmins.

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Have You Reached A Career Plateau? How to Regain Control

Office Dynamics

A mentor and a former trainer in the private sector, she’s passionate about ongoing professional development and presents regionally, nationally and internationally. Author: Shelagh Donnelly. Have you paused lately to assess where your career is going? Are you making progress, or have you plateaued? Think about it. Plateaus are generally flat expanses of terrain, and you’ve made either a descent or a climb to reach one.

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Looking Forward With Intention [Free Webinar for Assistants]

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Here at Office Dynamics International, as we wrap up this 25th year of business, we’re feeling both grateful and overwhelmed with all we’ve experienced in 2015. It’s hard to believe another year is nearly over. Perhaps you can relate to those feelings? This free monthly webinar series has given us the opportunity to get to know so many more of you than ever before.

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The 7 Chakras – Types & Benefits

Dumb Little Man

One might get feelings of ego or, in contrast, being non-assertive or apprehensive about success. It paves way for the cosmic consciousness and internal surge of wisdom. “Chakras” – if you’ve attended a yoga class, there’s a good chance you’ve heard it there. You might have even heard it in some movies or shows when they speak about the blockage or aligning of the chakras. Perhaps, someone has given you advice about working on a particular chakra.

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How the DISC Behavioral Model Can Help Solopreneurs

The Solopreneur Life

DISC is an acronym for: Dominance—relating to control, power and assertiveness. In this matrix, the vertical dimension represents a factor of “Assertive&# or “Passive&# , while the horizontal dimension represents “Open&# vs. “Guarded&#. High D people are described as: confident, goal-driven, determined, decisive, results-oriented, makes own rules, assertive, hard-working, focused, controlling, risk-taking, direct, adventuresome, self-assured, forceful.

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8 mental steps to self-motivation

Ian's Messy Desk

It is not what happens to you, but how you respond internally to what happens to you. By controlling your inner dialogue, or your “self talk,” you can assert control over every part of your life. To be a success you need to know how to motivate yourself. You have to keep your spirits high no matter how discouraging a situation is. It’s the best way to overcome difficulties. If you are discouraged in difficult times, you will lose the battle before it starts.

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Time For Administrative Professionals To Stay Vigilant!

Office Dynamics

About the author: Nan DeMars CAP is an internationally-recognized speaker, trainer and author on the topic of Workplace Ethics. Admin Assistant Training Assertive Conflict Resolution Difficult PeopleWhat if you had Donald Trump as a boss? Even if you are a Trump supporter, you cannot deny that our new President ran his entire campaign exhibiting Class A, typecast bully behavior. This may lead one to ask: Is this the new paradigm of acceptable behavior in the workplace today?

A day in the life: Katrina Wardell, EA at Dropbox

Practically Perfect PA

I have a Bachelor’s degree from Mills College in International Politics & Economics and a Master’s degree from Trinity College Dublin in International Development. This will mean managing budgets, assisting with internal communications, organising global events and loads more! Don’t be afraid to be assertive! My graduate degree is actually in international development and I worked for an NGO as a teacher in Namibia after university.

7 Must-Do Actions to be Successful in Your Career as an Administrative Assistant

Office Dynamics

More assertive? How can you deliver over-the-top customer service to your internal and external customers? So you already have achieved great success in your career and are a pretty savvy assistant. So what’s next for you within your career? Well here are 7 must-do actions of success-minded assistants. See which ones resonate with you; which ones you can do more often and with more consistency. See yourself in a new light, starting today!

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Are You TOO Nice at Work?

Eat Your Career

Instead, you internalize the frustration and view yourself as a victim. You can also be assertive without being an a$$. You’re a nice person, I know. And nice is good! That old saying that “ nice guys finish last ” is a myth. Niceness, by and large, is an asset to building relationships —both personal and professional. However, there is a point of diminishing returns, especially in the workplace. Being TOO nice is a problem.

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Some training suggestions for assistants

Practically Perfect PA

We have to be experts at IT, we have to have great people skills and we have to be assertive and confident to be able to handle all of the daily tasks asked of us! Internal training and graduate programmes. If your company has an internal training programme which could be online do take the time to have a look at the options. Over the years I have taken courses on assertiveness, confidence at work and how to influence people.

3 Unique Things That Successful People Do Differently

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As the landing page asserts, it is designed “for people who struggle with self-care, executive dysfunction, and/or who have trouble reading internal signals”. Are you already wavering on your New Year’s resolutions? It’s okay, you’re not alone. If you want this new year to be the year that they stick, you are going to need some proven routines to keep you going. Where better to look than at the habits of highly successful people?

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How to Tackle Adversity Like an Oyster

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As I walked on, I thought about how oysters produce pearls to alleviate the “discomfort” that trespassing particles assert on their soft tissues. When adversity hits, it’s your response that matters When a foreign particle intrudes into the internal regions of the oyster, the oyster responds by secreting nacre onto it to prevent its sharp edges from abrading its soft tissue.

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3 Strategies for Combining Sentences

Daily Writing Tips

When an assertion is supported in a subsequent sentence by a statement that provides an explanation, splice the sentences by deleting the subject from the second one, as shown here: “Crafting and managing these agreements is a unique and valuable skill because the financial risks of violating their terms can be substantial.”. Uber continues to disrupt other geographies internationally, including London’s taxicab industry.

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Convey Confidence Without Words

45 Things

That's the assertion of Stanford Graduate School of Business Lecturer Richard Cox, who explains that the "language of power" comes from our nonverbal cues. If you chose the first option, you are asserting your power in a nonverbal way. If you tap someone on the shoulder, you're asserting 'I'm here.'" Just by changing your gestures, you can change internally as well," he says. Do you get a lack of respect at work?

Quiz: Are You a Respectful Co-Worker?

Eat Your Career

b) Ask one of the interns clean it up – after all, they’re supposed to be learning all angles of business! Perhaps you think this makes you assertive. Your office is probably full of different personalities— some easier to get along with than others. No matter where you work, or what you do, respecting your co-workers is an essential part of being a high-quality professional. Your team is there to support and guide you.

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3 Cases of Superfluous Semicolons

Daily Writing Tips

This evaluation should include ascertaining which account balances are touched by the work of the provider; the related internal control assertions; how results are evaluated for reasonableness within established tolerances as dictated by the desired precision of the control activities in question; and whether the provider conforms to the organization’s code of conduct.

2017 48

How to Find Your Voice at Work

Eat Your Career

So today’s post is all about finding your voice at work and overcoming those internal demons that have been keeping you quiet. While you want to demonstrate assertiveness, you need to balance it with respect. I know so many amazing professionals who often tell me that speaking up at work is a challenge. It’s not that they don’t have opinions—the certainly do! And it’s not because they don’t have the smarts—these folks are the best and the brightest.

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5 Simple Steps to Eliminate Fear and Even Use it as an Asset.

Productive & Organized

  Begin to assert control over your mind by learning to consistently follow five steps - 1)    Acknowledge the fear.    Take an assessment of your internal dialog, that little voice inside your head, and figure out what is causing the alarm.    Fear operates as an internal warning system, and can be just what you need to slow down and really pay attention to the decisions you are making. 

2010 183

How to Positively Slay Your Office Dragons

Office Dynamics

lack assertiveness. It is your thought process and attitude that controls your internal dragon. I have been speaking on how to slay your ‘Office Dragons’ for 25 years now. It is a favorite topic in my Star Achievement Series® training program. Dragons are huge, dominating, fictitious creatures. Medieval writers had vivid imaginations for big, scary things. For many people, work is like a dragon.

2016 106

10 Steps to Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

45 Things

Dr. Valerie Young, an international expert on impostor syndrome, offers these steps to overcome it: Break the silence. If you’ve been operating under misguided rules like, “I should always know the answer,” or “Never ask for help” start asserting your rights. There seems to be no lack of people touting their abilities online, whether it's starting a new business, leading a team or levitating while drunk.

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The Office Professionals Code of Conduct

The Office Professionals Place

I will communicate effectively and assertively so that there is a clear understanding of what is required and requested. The Office Professionals Place by Elite Office Concepts The purpose of this blog is to educate, enlighten, motivate, inspire, and strengthen office professionals to grow in their professional development. Lets grow together! Friday, May 21, 2010 The Office Professionals Code of Conduct In every aspect of business, there is a Code of Conduct.

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NEWS RELEASE: Star Achievement Series Has Gone Public

Office Dynamics

Overview: Managers rely on their staff for everything from project follow-through to ensuring internal and external customers are served appropriately. Cultivate internal and external networks. Equally important is the ability to communicate your needs assertively. There is a fine line between being assertive and being perceived as aggressive. Communicate their needs assertively. Gain awareness of the potential risks of being assertive. Hey there!

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Managing the Micromanager

The Office Professionals Place

Provide assurance and be assertive. The Office Professionals Place by Elite Office Concepts The purpose of this blog is to educate, enlighten, motivate, inspire, and strengthen office professionals to grow in their professional development. Lets grow together! Monday, August 24, 2009 Managing the Micromanager The job description did not include managing a micromanager. In essence, micromanagers are individuals who feel insecure about tasks being completed the way they want them done.

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If You Want Something Done, Thank Others for What They Do

The Office Professionals Place

If it is a situation that requires urgent attention, be assertive and ask for help and apologize for any inconvenience. The Office Professionals Place by Elite Office Concepts The purpose of this blog is to educate, enlighten, motivate, inspire, and strengthen office professionals to grow in their professional development. Lets grow together!

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The Charge: Your Emotions – The Cost: Your Job

The Office Professionals Place

Be assertive, state your case, and give and ask for solutions. The Office Professionals Place by Elite Office Concepts The purpose of this blog is to educate, enlighten, motivate, inspire, and strengthen office professionals to grow in their professional development. Lets grow together!

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Getting Things Done in Tough Places


Euan is an international speaker, author of Organizations Don''t Tweet – People Do , and is one of the few people in the world who can turn the complex world of the social web into something we can understand and at the same time learn how to get the most from it. This calls for a level of assertiveness that some may find challenging but having a productivity system can help. This is a guest post by Euan Semple.

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The Argentine and Ukraine

Daily Writing Tips

Quoted in a BBC article, Oksana Kyzyma of the Embassy of Ukraine in London asserts that Ukraine is both the conventional short and long name of the country. Now, although parts of the country are reported to be held by Russian forces, Ukraine continues to be known internationally as Ukraine , without an article. A reader wonders about the phrase “the Argentine”: I often come across the phase “the Argentine” in older books.

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Links Roundup – August 24, 2010

Administrative Arts

eatyourcareer.com… What I’m Reading: Defining What Your Administrative Support Really Means :: Julie Perrine International, LLC julieperrine.com/… RT @ brambleberry : 5 Metrics your small business website needs to track: [link]. What I’m Reading: Administrative Assistant Blog, Executive Assistant – Administrative Assistants Assert Themselves… [link]. Here’s a list of the links I tweeted during the last few weeks.

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Shift Syntax to Strengthen Sentences

Daily Writing Tips

This sentence makes an assertion about how the United States can be a great society, and that final phrase should punctuate, not be buried in the midst of, the statement. Note how one variant is internally punctuated and the other isn’t. English syntax is flexible, enabling writers to shape a given sentence in various ways, and we should take advantage of this lack of rigidity to enhance the impact of our statements. Here are several sentences that benefit from rearrangement.

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