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Using Digital Data For Economic Analysis

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One of the biggest shifts going on in economics is the growing use of digital data for research. The Internet and cloud computing platforms are generating large amounts  of digital data on pretty much all areas of business and economics. In fact, the amount data is growing much faster than our ability to analyze and use it. In our work we've seen a clear shift to using digital data and away from our traditional sources - surveys and government produced data.

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Using Satellite Imagery for Investment Analysis

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But they've expanded their product line to include investment analysis.    According to their analysis traffic fell in both August and September, so October showed a positive turn around (and yes, the pun was intentional if not good).  DigitalGlobe is a fascinating company.    According to their website: DigitalGlobe owns and operates the most agile and sophisticated constellation of high-resolution commercial earth imaging satellites.

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Purpose and a Paycheck and the New Retirement

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The book also contains an analysis of the economic impact of an aging society as well as policy suggestions on how to deal with ageism and other age related issues.

Deloitte on the Future of Work

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Deloitte has become, in our opinion, one of the key go-to sources of information and analysis on the future of work. Their recent article Redefining work, workforces, and workplaces is a good example. In a relatively short article, it nicely synthesizes and explains "multiple converging trends and how they are already fundamentally changing all aspects of work."

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Study Says Over Half of Older Workers Suffer Involuntary Job Loss

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Key quote on those who experienced involuntary job loss: "Only one in 10 of these workers ever again earns as much as they did before their employment setbacks, our analysis showed.

2019 226

McKinsey's Bias Busters Collection

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" They say this is important because if you do the analysis based only on in-house data, you're likely going to miss important information that can be learned from other, similar projects.

2019 176

Most Millennials Think Starting a Business is Risky

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  We're in the data analysis phase of a new study looking in more detail at how Americans view the risk associated with starting a business.  According to a report from the global financial giant UBS , 72% of Millennials say starting a business appeals to them.

2018 215

Brookings 2019 Trends to Watch

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And one trend and related analysis really jumped out at us.  The Brookings Institute is a large and influential DC public policy think tank. They recently released a report with their 2019 Trends to Watch.

2019 170

The Top 15 Cities for Specialized Freelancers

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Census non-employer business dataset for this analysis.  So it was a good choice for the analysis done in this study.

2018 197

The Digitialization of Jobs

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  The report: " presents a detailed analysis of changes in the digital content of 545 occupations covering 90 percent of the U.S. The analysis categorizes U.S. Brookings recently released an interesting study on Digitalization and the American workforce. 

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MBO Partners’ 8th Annual State of Independence Report

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These are independent workers who would prefer a traditional job (cluster analysis is used to identify this group). MBO Partners released their 2018 State of Independence report this week. This is the 8th annual report in this series, making it the longest running look at independent work.

2018 177

The Strong Job Market's Impact on Self-Employment

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  We'll have more on this topic once we finish the analysis of the data from the 2018 MBO Partners State of Independence study. The U.S. unemployment rate fell under 4% for the first time since 2000, continuing a steady decline that started in 2010.

2018 189

Quantum Computing Getting Closer

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The good news is quantum computing would greatly improve many things, including weather forecasting, financial analysis, logistical planning, drug discovery and curing disease.  Intel recently announced they've developed a quantum computer chip.

2018 186

Study: Uber Drivers on Average Earn $11.77 Per Hour

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  The study -  Uber and the Labor Market  - is based on a detailed analysis of driver income and expenses.  Our analysis showed average earnings after expenses of $12-$14 dollars per hour. 

2018 165

Is America "The World's First Poor Rich Country"?

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He sums up his analysis by saying the U.S. Umair Haque's essay Why America is the World's First Rich Poor Country suggests that America has created a new kind of poverty. 

2018 171

Intuit Future of Small Business Report

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Technological advances such as machine learning are taking the complexity out of data analysis, providing small businesses with the ability to make faster, better decisions.  Last week Intuit released the Slideshare presentation  The Future of Small Business.

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After a Decade of Strong Growth, Craft Brewing Industry Shows Signs of Slowing

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Their analysis shows an estimated 75% of the US drinking age population resides within 10 miles of a brewery. In 2016, a new craft or micro brewery opened in the US on average every 11 hours. Pretty amazing. Also, the roughly 5,300 U.S. craft and micro breweries produced 24.6

2017 202

The Rise of Smart Farms

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Plant Data/Analysis : systems that help farmers understand plant composition (microbial makeup, genetic expression, etc.) Tech startups are increasingly targeting agriculture.

2017 188

Global Interest in Coworking Booming

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According to analysis by Deskmag, global interest in coworking is booming and at all time highs. The annual Global Coworking Unconference Conference  (GCUC) is this week in Berkeley, California. And it's good times for this industry.

2015 262

Gartner's Top Trends for 2017

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Key quote on what this means: Employees, already familiar with behavior influencing through contextual algorithms on consumer sites such as Amazon, will be influenced by an emerging set of “persuasive technologies” that leverage big data from myriad sources, mobile, IoT devices and deep analysis.

2017 212

What are Smombies?

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roads spiking; cellphones eyed : Pedestrian deaths are climbing faster than motorist fatalities, reaching nearly 6,000 last year - the highest total in more than two decades, according to an analysis of preliminary state data released Thursday.

2017 191

Using Big Data and Machine Learning to Improve Small Business Lending

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According to an analysis by Intuit of its early borrowers: 46 percent of QuickBooks Capital customers had never applied for a loan before.

2017 174

Few Small Businesses and Freelancers Will Benefit from the Pass-Through Provision of the Tax Plan

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  Finally, see the Tax Policy Center's analysis of the bill. 

2017 177

The Drivers of Contingent Workforce Use by Enterprises

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Spend Matters analyst Andrew Karpie's article Upwork Launches Talent Services Division to Enable Enterprise Use of Online Freelance Workforce provides an excellent analysis of this new effort. We attended Upwork's Work Without Limits Executive Summit last week.

2017 171

Graham-Cassidy Healthcare Bill Likely Bad for the Independent Workerforce

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The quick summary of our analysis of the Graham-Cassidy healthcare bill on independent workers is: Low and moderate income independent workers would likely be worse off due to the reductions in medicaid and elimination of subsidies provided by the ACA (Obamacare). Normally the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) does an analysis of the impact of new bills.   The Kaiser Family Foundation's analysis shows the impacts of the bill on a state by state basis.

2017 138

Coworking Forecast - 26,000 Spaces and 3.8 Million Members by 2020

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How coworking is defined is an important attribute of any coworking industry analysis. Coworking is booming. The industry is growing and hybridizing so fast , we're having a hard time keeping up with it. 

2020 208

Aspen Institute and Cornell Release Gig Economy Data Hub

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The Data Hub is designed for a wide range of users interested in the gig economy, whether they are looking for a quick answer or in-depth analysis. The Aspen Institute Future of Work Initiative and Cornell University's ILR School recently launched the Gig Economy Data Hub , which is a curated online repository of studies, data and information on independent work and the gig economy.

2018 127

Do Uber Drivers Only Make $3.37 Per Hour? (The Quick Answer is No)

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The only problem was their analysis was flawed, something they conceded this week.  A study on ridesharing drivers -  The Economics of Ride-Hailing: Driver Revenue, Expenses and Taxes - was released last week by the MIT Center for Energy and Environmental Policy Research. Their finding that the ridesharing drivers working for firms like Uber and Lyft have median earnings $3.37 per hour was widely covered in the press.

2018 139

Coworking and the Blending of Work and Life

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But it's clear from our preliminary analysis of the results that work/life blending is common among coworking members. We quit using the term "work/life balance" many years ago. It simply doesn't fit the world most of us live in.

2015 214

Key Smart Manufacturing Technologies

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Computer-Aided Design (CAD) : Refers to the use of computer systems to aid in the creation, modification, analysis, or optimization of designs of parts, final products, and even entire production systems or factory environments.

2016 165

PwC's When Megatrends Collide

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Strategy & Business , one of our favorite publications, has a good article on trend analysis. When Megatrends Collide is written by a trio of partners from the giant accounting and consulting firm PwC.    The article provides a primer on identifying and using megatrends.

2015 188

Book Review: Raw Deal - How the Uber Economy is Screwing American Workers

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Government Accountability Office (GAO) recently did an analysis of contingent work and found 85% of independent contractors are content being independent and would not want to be traditional employees.

2015 184

Strong Job Market Pulling Independent Workers Back to Traditional Jobs

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The MBO Partners 2016 State of Independence in America report was released this week. This  This is the 6th annual edition of this study (Emergent Research works with MBO Partners on this study).

2016 159

Psychographic Profiles and Working Yourself to Death in the Gig Economy

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  It pushes against bureaucratic overthinking, analysis-paralysis, and excessive whiteboarding.  A recent ad campaign by Fiverr  attracted a lot of attention, most of which was negative.

2017 135

Insight, Innovation and Finding Aha's

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But we consider two to be of the greatest importance to us in our trend spotting and analysis work. The Harvard Business Review article Where to Find Insight provides a good primer on how to spot trends and create business insight that can drive innovation.

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Financially Challenges Millennials Changing Society

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About 875,000 more households are now made up of young adult renters than would have existed if the 2008-era trend had held steady, according to an analysis of census data by Jed Kolko, chief economist at Trulia, a real estate marketing website. According to several recent articles the financial problems of millennials is leading to changing behaviors and purchase patterns as well as broader societal shifts.

2014 184

Great Visualization of the Changing Part-Time Workforce

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This analysis shows fewer part-timers for economic reasons and a decline in the overall percentage of people working part-time. We really like interesting data visualizations here at Small Business Labs.

2014 190

Foreign Born in the US Workforce

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  In March, the BLS released their annual analysis of the number and characteristics of foreign born U.S. workers. 

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Bitcoin Gaining Funding, Market Momentum

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Also released recently was Business Insider's analysis of the amount of venture capital flowing into the Bitcoin industry. CoinDesk, an online site that covers the Bitcoin industry, released their State of Bitcoin Q2 2014 report.

2014 176

What is Computational Anthropology?

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It's also leading to more timely and accurate analysis and deeper bahavior insights. MIT Technology Review's The Emerging Science of Computational Anthropology  covers how digital data is creating new opportunities to study human behavior.

2014 189

Gartner's Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies

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One of my favorite technology trend analysis and forecasting efforts is Gartner's annual Hype Cycle report.     The Gartner chart below summarizes the analysis for 2010. 

2010 234

Is a War for Talent Starting in the On-Demand Economy?

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Zen99's interesting analysis  of recruitment spend by on-demand economy companies, which we covered yesterday, shows the extent of the industry's recruiting efforts. It seems almost every day an on-demand economy company announces a big fund raise. For example, the delivery service Door Dash announced last week it raised an additional $40 million. 

2015 161

The Five Faces of the On-Demand Economy

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These profiles were developed using cluster analysis to group ODE workers who share similar motivations and attitudes.  Last week Intuit released The Five Faces of the On-Demand Economy , which covers 5 common profiles of on-demand workers.

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