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WordPress Plugin Analysis & Facelift.

Eco-Office Gals

Post from: Eco-Office Gals WordPress Plugin Analysis & Facelift. Growth also means change. Facebook: Where did your Like Box go?

2013 56

Analysis: Honesty Can Backfire in a Performance Review

On The Job

When can telling the truth be counter-productive? During a performance evaluation. However, managers have to be careful with this strategy.

2015 40

Analysis of the Cloud Computing Market: Trends in 2015

Small Business CEO

According to Business Insider, the price war on cloud computing rages on.

2015 35

Using Satellite Imagery for Investment Analysis

Small Business Labs

But they've expanded their product line to include investment analysis.    According to their analysis traffic fell in both August and September, so October showed a positive turn around (and yes, the pun was intentional if not good).  DigitalGlobe is a fascinating company.  and Western Europe.

Instant Customer Data Analysis using Excel: worked example


In this article I will share with you a simple 7-step plan based on a fully worked example of Customer Data Analysis using Excel. Balance.

BIG Actions for Career Ownership

Office Dynamics

The first step is to do an analysis. Step 1: Career Analysis. I have great news to share with you! Where do you want to be in 1 year?

2014 33

Why Your Small Business Needs A SWOT

The Small Business Blog

But with a heavy workload, is it really necessary for your small business to complete a SWOT analysis? E-Mail me or follow me.

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Quick Biz Tip: Income Analysis Financial Report

Office Organization Success

This is a very simple report that you can set up using a spreadsheet that tracks your monthly income. This is money you receive into your business from clients, products, programs, affiliate commissions – in fact, any income that you receive as part of your business activities you need to list in this report. Quick Biz Tip

UPS 2012 2

The #5 Words 30 Days Challenge – The Outcome

Brilliantly Better

Personal Development 30 days challenges analysis balance More than a month ago I started a 30 days challenge, called “#5words”. In short, I set myself up to write down each day, around noon, a short description, consisting of only 5 words, of how the day went out so far.

Horizon Scanning – Have you heard of it?

The Small Business Blog

In a meeting last week the person I was talking used the term “Horizon Scanning”, I hadn’t come across this before. on: THE SMALL BUSINESS BLOG.

2013 64
2013 64

Why You Need Good Writing Skills To Survive College

Dumb Little Man

College writing involves more analysis, citing of facts and days of research. Anyone can write. But not everyone can write well. Success

2015 110

How to Present Data to Your Executive

Office Dynamics

Executives need to make decisions that ensure the success of the entire company. Summary: Tell a Story. Keep it SIMPLE! – Leonardo da Vinci.

In An Emergency, Be An Asset, Not A Liability

Dumb Little Man

When emergencies happen, there is little time for comprehensive analysis, thoughtful contemplation and making good choices may feel impossible.

2014 98

Global Interest in Coworking Booming

Small Business Labs

According to analysis by Deskmag, global interest in coworking is booming and at all time highs. And it's good times for this industry.

2015 89

3 Innocent Subject-Line Words That Harm Open Rates

The Solopreneur Life

The post said: “An unexpected discovery in our analysis was the negative impact of three innocent words.

2014 40

Proper Word Order to Enable Parallel Structure

Daily Writing Tips

This publication is neither intended to be a legal analysis nor a detailed cookbook of steps to take in every situation. Style

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Legal 2016 25

Top 5 Twitter Accounts to Follow for Business Tips

The Small Business Blog

From online marketing advice to trend analysis and hardcore metrics, these five profiles provide a wide range… For small businesses, keeping on top of digital marketing channels such as Twitter can be time consuming.

Intuit Future of Small Business Report

Small Business Labs

Last week Intuit released the Slideshare presentation  The Future of Small Business. This is a growth rate of 3.3%

2016 76

Disruption in the Industy Analyst Industry

Small Business Labs

 There are several worth noting: Industry Analyst/Journalism Hybrid : These are firms that are augmenting or replacing their traditional advertising based business models by adding industry analysis and/or research services. BI Intelligence : provides data and analysis on a wide range of digital topics. charge for their services.

2014 31

This May Be the Reason Your Team Doesn't Have Enough Good Ideas

On The Job

It’s much more fun – not to mention a heck of a lot less stressful – to get along with your colleagues at work. Encourage debate.

2015 77

How to Maintain your Brand Consistency

Small Business CEO

Deep analysis. Strong brands are founded on consistency. … Marketing brand consistency branding business branding

2014 34

Failure to Plan is Planning to Fail

Dumb Little Man

This organizational process includes analysis, allotment and action. The First A: Analysis. Instead, they rely upon chance and luck.

2016 46

Coworking Forecast - 26,000 Spaces and 3.8 Million Members by 2020

Small Business Labs

How coworking is defined is an important attribute of any coworking industry analysis. Coworking is booming. million in 2020.  In the U.S.

2020 124

Gartner's Top Trends for 2017

Small Business Labs

It's that time of year again. We're not referring to the holidays.   Below is their list of the top technology trends for 2017.

2017 48

Why EQ Matters More To Some Employers Than IQ

On The Job

The International Journal of Organizational Analysis finds that EQ competencies were positively linked to team cohesiveness. Self-regulation.

2016 46

Why You Need to Get Emotional With Customers

On The Job

In a look at customer experience data , a Forrester analysis finds that it is emotion – more than effectiveness or ease – that drives customer loyalty.

2016 39

UK: Cash still important for High Street

The Small Business Blog

In an analysis of 10 billion retail payments in 2012 (accounting for 60% of total sales), cash was the preferred method of payment for 54%.

2012 23

Strong Job Market Pulling Independent Workers Back to Traditional Jobs

Small Business Labs

The MBO Partners 2016 State of Independence in America report was released this week. This The reason for this is clear from the data.   2.

2016 72

Answers to "Why Are You Looking for a New Job?"

On The Job

"Why are you looking for a new job?" This is often a question asked by interviewers as way to set the tone for the interview. Promote your abilities.

2015 69

What Do You Really Need to Think About When Setting Up a ‘Work From Home’ Business?

Small Business CEO

There are lots of options these days if you want to make use of your skills and work for yourself. … Economy & Environment

2015 35

The Five Faces of the On-Demand Economy

Small Business Labs

These profiles were developed using cluster analysis to group ODE workers who share similar motivations and attitudes. 

2016 52
2016 52

Featured Soloist Laura Brandenburg: “You Need To Be Self-Aware”

The Solopreneur Life

Name of business and city: Clear Spring Business Analysis; Denver, Colorado. Web sites: Bridging the Gap and Clear Spring Business Analysis.

Benefit Declines Makes Self-Employment More Attractive

Small Business Labs

Most people looking at becoming self-employed or starting a small business go through a risk/reward analysis of their choices.  We've found that corporate benefits tend to be overvalued in this analysis.   It's no surprise that companies continue to cut workplace benefits.    According to a U.S.

How To Publish Your Thesis Into A Book In 4 Steps

Dumb Little Man

for analysis, it’s not commonly known outside of academia what Stata 9.0 Completing your thesis is a seminal moment in your life.

2017 47

Great Visualization of the Changing Part-Time Workforce

Small Business Labs

This analysis shows fewer part-timers for economic reasons and a decline in the overall percentage of people working part-time. employment. 

2014 64

PwC's When Megatrends Collide

Small Business Labs

Strategy & Business , one of our favorite publications, has a good article on trend analysis. trends

2015 30
2015 30

Why Every Employee Must Understand Digital Transformation

On The Job

A recent Strategy&’s analysis finds that 16 bellwether sectors, such as aviation and utilities, must not just embrace new and unexpected forms for digitization and technological innovation, but must also use them to reform their current business models. Um, surprised? Confused? Exactly!” he says. It’s just enabled by technology.”

2015 22

Disruption and the Analyst Industry

Small Business Labs

  It is a analyst service that provides research reports and analysis on emerging technology.  Your comment has not yet been posted.

Foreign Born in the US Workforce

Small Business Labs

  In March, the BLS released their annual analysis of the number and characteristics of foreign born U.S. workers.  in 2004.

Five Ways to Respond to Social Media Challenges and Criticism

Andrea Kalli

Articles were published after days, sometimes weeks, of study and analysis. Respond directly. Online criticism is best answered directly.