10 Terms About the Coronavirus You Should Know

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The term is the antonym of symptomatic , the adjectival form of symptom , which is from the Greek term for “attribute” and means “evidence” or “indication.”. One by-product of the COVID-19 pandemic is the introduction of a vocabulary pertaining to the disease.

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What Would a Home Economist, an Environmentalist, an Allergist, and Your Mother Say About Your Home Windows?

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Over 50 million Americans suffer from airborne allergens and the most common indoor/outdoor triggers are cat, dog and rodent dander; cockroach and dust mite allergens; mold spores; grass, tree, and weed pollen according to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation (AAF). The University of Iowa Department of Environmental Health study found that traditional room side blinds collected indoor airborne allergens 200 times more than between-the-glass window shades.

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Flier vs. Flyer

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Flyer , first attested hundreds of years ago, was the original agent-noun form of fly , with the obvious meaning of “something that flies.” Later, however, it came to be associated with swift objects, whether airborne or not. Whether you post a flier or a flyer depends on whether you’re assigning a pilot to an air base or tacking a piece of paper to a bulletin board.

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Close the Gap on Prefixes and Suffixes

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The en dash, a hyphen on steroids, is used when the link must carry more weight: when prefixes and suffixes are linked to permanent open compounds to form phrasal adjectives. Suffixes are rarely hyphenated, either ( airborne, lifelike, nationwide ). Thanks to widespread confusion about the correct treatment of prefixes and suffixes, syllables and words attached before or after root words, many people persist in inserting hyphens more frequently than necessary.

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5 Tips for Styling Numbers

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Numbers in the millions and higher orders of magnitude may be in combined numeral and spelled-out form (“The project was budgeted at $2.5 Many writers submit manuscripts that feature the letters in ordinal numerals in superscript form — that is, st, nd, rd, and th raised above the font’s baseline. Also, when a date is written, the ordinal form is extraneous; simply write “January 1,” not “January 1st.” (In

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35 Words Frequently Found in Compounds

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In adverbial form, such phrases are open: “She went all out in an effort to impress him”). Borne : Some forms are closed ( airborne ); hyphenate compounds not found in the dictionary. General : Compounds with general as the second element are always open (“major general”); the first word, not general , takes the plural form (“secretaries general”).

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A Quiz on Treatment of 75 Compound Words

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The correct forms according to Merriam-Webster are listed at the bottom of the page. Airborne. Open, hyphenated, or closed? Usage guides, dictionaries, and style manuals may differ in their treatment of the following words, so there’s not necessarily one right answer — except for the purposes of this exercise: Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary. All terms in this list are treated as open compounds.

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