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3 Keys to Making This Your Best Week Ever

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Most administrative professionals are intimately familiar with “emergency” business situations and sky-high stress—their own, as well as the stress that practically radiates off of others. After all, it’s never too early to kick the stress habit and nurture a spirit of resilience.

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Thinking Differently about Difficult People

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010 Thinking Differently about Difficult People Dealing with difficult people can cause us to lose focus, productivity, and increase stress levels. When you change your attitude, you are able to focus on the issue and get the job done in a stress free environment.

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Top 5 Things You Can Do to Make Your Partner Happy

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Such benefits include: Sexual activity is good for your health. Reduces stress. Developing empathy means setting aside your own agenda so you can understand your spouse’s feelings. These essential skills will lead you to a happy, healthy marriage.

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How to Manage Time

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Emotional blocks – boredom, daydreaming, stress, guilt, anger and frustration reduce concentration. When you enjoy what you are doing, it reduces stress. When stress is reduced, you work more efficiently. How you manage your time is part of your personal agenda.

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NEWS RELEASE: Star Achievement Series Has Gone Public

Office Dynamics

22 hours (per Level) of focused time with Joan Burge includes personal coaching, skill practice and evaluation during class, assessments, networking and sharing best practices with other high-caliber assistants, and high-energy learning activities. Course Agenda. Hey there!

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106 Thoughts on Overcoming Overwhelm in a Freaked-Out World

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I stand back, and begin moving notes until the ideas start flowing into easy categories: Blog, Projects, Home, Family, Health - etc. " The playing field of the world is leveling off which means that the competition, pace and stress levels are at maximum.

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Wednesday, September 18, 2013 – Joan Burge Event of Distinction

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We had a full day’s agenda ahead of us! Joan talked about how stress affects women badly and often causes depression. Further, she said that WHO (World Health Organization) predicts that by 2020, depression will be the second largest cause of death worldwide. We learned about Foundation Competencies; just as skills competencies support the administrative world, so do Pillar Foundation Competencies support the 5 Pillars.

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