Make No Mistakes With Meeting Request Attachments in Outlook 2007

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Your boss calls you up and tells you that you need to add an agenda to this meeting, but you don’t want everyone to get the meeting request again and have to accept/decline it. They don’t see the attached agenda or other attachment that you’ve added and go to the meeting oblivious of what’s going on or if they should have prepared for the meeting.

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10 Work Productivity Tips and Tricks You Should Adopt at Work Today

Dumb Little Man

Chit-chat and socializing in the workplace is good, but it’s counter-productive when it turns into unwated, irrelevant gossip. From setting the agenda, inviting participants, ensuring participation, meetings do become quite frustrating at times.

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Why Do Administrative Teams Have So Much Drama?

Office Dynamics

Gossip. I find that gossip usually focuses on other people’s intentions, motives, hidden agendas, or secret activities. On a recent webinar, Joan noticed a question that caught her attention: Why do so many administrative teams have drama? She asked me to weigh in on this topic and I jumped at the opportunity. The question of why is interesting, and I’ve found there are several reasons for workplace drama. But first, let’s talk about what that word really means.

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Climb the career tree, all the way to the top!

Practically Perfect PA

If you’re arranging a meeting for your Boss, pay attention to the agenda. Sorry to say it but if you want to transform from PA to Leader, gossip is a big no. In honour of National Employee Motivation Day (January 21 st 2015), we thought we’d inspire all the Practically Perfect PAs out there with a few tips for climbing the career tree, all the way to the top. Are you motivated to get your career moving this year? Do you feel you have it in you to take over from your Boss?

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How to Handle Work Guilt

Jen Lawrence

And no – I don’t mean fill them in on all the office gossip. Nothing on the agenda for the day? Call it whatever you want – on some level we all experience some level of guilt around our jobs, especially if our work is particularly demanding.

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33 Expressive Ways to Overcome Self-Doubt & Anxiety like Madonna

Dumb Little Man

My moments where I gossip and am envious. Animals are geniuses at life so try to tune into nature with no agenda. Did you come here to read all about overcoming self-doubt ? I have good news and bad news. Bad news is we are all here to learn lessons… sigh. Good news is that we are meant to learn lessons and by addressing them, we can transform them into strengths. Yaaayyy! So why not transform self-doubt and anxiety into performance gold? Just look to Madonna for inspiration.

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Mean girl assistants: Dealing with high school office politics

Who's the Real Boss?

Driven by their own agenda, these assistants care little about their team or having a positive impact on those around them. If the b g and gossip is aimed or centred around you, it can be difficult not to retaliate or show emotion in how it affects you.

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Who Called? Use A Phone Call Log!

Professional Assistant Blog

In my case, I am lucky, since I only have to track calls for myself and use my daily journal or agenda (call it what you will) to make notes. Home About Me Advertise Who Called? Use A Phone Call Log! By The Professional Assistant on Thursday, October 09, 2008 Filed Under: MS-Excel , Organize , Productivity D o you find that when you receive phone calls or voice mail messages, you cant remember who called, what time they called, who they were trying to call, etc?

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Thinking Differently about Difficult People

The Office Professionals Place

In order to effectively deal with the backstabbers, stubborn, mean-spirited, micromanagers, gossips, and the host of others that make the list, we must evaluate our own perceptions of these people. Prior to interacting with this person, you should have an agenda or objective and seek to accomplish the goal(s).

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Pros Reveal How to Become a Great Manager

On The Job

Understand the company agenda. Now that you’re in a supervisory role, gossiping for any reason is a no-no. For some people, achieving supervisor status is a career dream come true. They have put in long hours, committed their creativity and energy to helping the company succeed and now will reap the benefits. Unfortunately, many companies throw new supervisors into the management waters without a boat or even a life preserver.

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Is Using Social Media at Work a Good Idea?

45 Things

Cavalli points out that social media interaction isn’t always about discussing a new movie or dishing the latest gossip. In companies that I've worked with, we identified that once we respected the basic principles of our biological clock, and taught staff to build recovery period into their working agenda, they become more than just productive.

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Laughing all the Way to Work

She had an agenda and was going to let him have it. I wouldnt recommend talking about a co-worker with someone at the office or it ends up being gossip and spreads a bad feeling about that person. Laughing All the Way to Work: A Survival Blog for Todays Administrative Assistant We all have to work, but who says we cant enjoy it too! My goal for this blog is to give good tips and ideas and occasionally put a smile on your face as you start your day!Lets Lets enjoy our day together.©

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Are You A Valid Person?

Brilliantly Better

But after working a few years in the traditional media world – which, by the way, is not a very friendly place to be, always challenged, filled with gossip and back talking – I felt the need for a change. If it’s a friendship, see if the person at the end is not having any hidden agendas which will break up the validation process at some point.

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How to Stop Hating Your Team

45 Things

Different generations, different agendas and different personality types thrown together creates tension, Feierstein says. The survey also finds some of the other reasons that contribute to the negative feelings about teams: Gossip. Hate working in teams? Sometimes, I do to. I don't have time to deal with the drama queen, the negative Ned and the overzealous employee who thinks he is the next Donald Trump. That's why I was a bit reassured to know I'm not alone, and there is hope.

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