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10 Work Productivity Tips and Tricks You Should Adopt at Work Today

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You would be doing your work peacefully with concentration and your phone buzzes all of a sudden. So you spend the next hour on the phone scrolling through Facebook. With social media being our constant source of approval, one cannot resist checking their phone every five minutes. Chit-chat and socializing in the workplace is good, but it’s counter-productive when it turns into unwated, irrelevant gossip. There are only two ways to increase the output of your work.

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How to Handle Work Guilt

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If your guilt is stemming from hating your job (whether your role or the environment), seek out another form of employment. And no – I don’t mean fill them in on all the office gossip. Turn off work and other unnecessary notifications on your phone and computer. Even better, create an active, engaged environment at home. Nothing on the agenda for the day?

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Laughing all the Way to Work

She had an agenda and was going to let him have it. I am sure after that call her husband got off the phone and kicked the dog or was cranky with a sales clerk at the grocery store. It ended up that the phone lines were down because of a thunderstorm in town and he had been trying to reach her since early that afternoon. I wouldnt recommend talking about a co-worker with someone at the office or it ends up being gossip and spreads a bad feeling about that person.

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