Whose meeting is it anyway?

Laughing all the Way to Work

Do you ever get a meeting request and an agenda has not been provided, or if it is a teleconference the call-in details have not been given or the boardroom hasnt been booked for an internal meeting?

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Laughing All the Way to Work: A Survival Blog for Today's.

Laughing all the Way to Work

Minute taking definitely isnt easy, but it doesnt have to be stressful. Below are a few tips so the task is not as daunting: Filling in the blanks I take minutes on a laptop so it is easy to make a template ahead of time which is based on the agenda. I put the items from the agenda on the template in the same order and with a space to put the discussion and decisions/actions from the meeting.

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How to Identify Bad Career Advice

Eat Your Career

Whether it’s caused by malice, insecurity or anything else, the result is the same: They’re giving you advice that doesn’t serve you because they have a different agenda. I say “relatively” neutral because coaches and mentors are definitely on your side.

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Skills required to be a good minute taker

Practically Perfect PA

Not everyone can be a good minute taker – it’s a definite skill and quite often an art, hence the name of my course, The Art of Minute Taking. There are definite skills required to be a good minute taker and I’ve listed some of them below: Listening.

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10 Tips for a Successful Meeting With The Boss

Dumb Little Man

Here are 10 tips to help you do that: Ask for an agenda prior to the meeting. He’ll definitely notice. Maybe you work one-on-one with the head honcho every day or perhaps you only get a face-to-face on very rare occasions.

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So you’ve been asked to organise an event… now what?

Practically Perfect PA

The agenda. A pre-event agenda should look something like this: What is the purpose of the event? This is definitely worth sorting this out from the very beginning so you know where you stand. How often do you organise events?

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The 43 Folders Method (Paper System)

Office Dynamics

This information is in our Executives and Assistants Working In Partnership: The Definitive Guide to Success. Imagine you have a paper item that needs to be used to trigger an action in the future—say, an agenda your Executive wants you to give to him on the day of a meeting two weeks from now. You take the agenda and put it in the file that has the date of the meeting on it. So, if the meeting is on the 21st of this month, put the agenda in the folder labeled 21.

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Why You Shouldn’t Check Email in the Morning And What To Do Instead

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Whether those definitions hold true for the average knowledge worker, which can still be the subject of debate, one thing is for sure: we check email 24/7. If a reply would consume less than two minutes from your agenda, do it immediately.

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4 Ways to Enjoy Each Day and Do More With Your Life

Dumb Little Man

If you do, you’re in the definite minority and may be already more contented at work than the average American. That might sound corny and idealistic, but it’s a practical tactic that you can put to good use with just a few simple steps: Review the meeting agenda ahead of time.

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Hyphen Puzzles

Daily Writing Tips

Pro self sustaining agenda. Pro self sustaining agenda. I might write “pro-self-sustaining agenda” or “pro self-sustaining agenda.” A dissertation, written or delivered orally, is by definition lengthy.

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SURROUND yourself with a team of experts to make you and your organization SHINE!

Office Dynamics

A meeting planner by MY definition is the go-to person within an organization – be it corporate, association or otherwise – charged with the responsibility of planning and executing a meeting or special event. Program Content/Agenda .

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Investing in Graphic Design as a Key Point of Any Startup

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So you’re literally just starting out, and the next item on your agenda is to find a skilled artist to design your startup’s logo, website, or packaging. It should definitely be strongly considered.

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How College Students Can Prep for Green Careers

Eco-Office Gals

Not only can you learn more about their agenda, but it can connect you to individuals that you might not be able to meet otherwise. So much in fact, that you are willing to donate some of your time in order to make a difference and that approach definitely makes you stand out from the rest.

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Climb the career tree, all the way to the top!

Practically Perfect PA

If you’re arranging a meeting for your Boss, pay attention to the agenda. If you’re motivated to transform your career this January, don’t feel confined to a role or a narrow definition of what you think a PA should be or do.

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10 Domains of Beliefs That We Should Be Questioning For Personal Growth

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Its definition? Government: Does the government have an agenda? The majority of us have heard someone tell us at some point in our lives to question everything.

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The Good, Better, Best of Professional Development for Admins

Jen Lawrence

The Definitive Executive Assistant and Managerial Handbook: A Professional Guide to Leadership for all PAs, Senior Secretaries, Office Managers and Executive Assistants by Sue France. A few years ago, I interviewed to be the executive assistant to the CEO of a biomedical company.

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7 Simple Ways To Overcome Negative Thinking & Set Yourself Up To Win This Year

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If I am woken up, then I feel behind already and forced into everyone else’s agenda. And definitely no more caring what people think of me except to tell myself that everyone thinks I am great! Negative thinking is such a downer and it gets in the way of most things.

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4 Top Project Management Tools

Office Organization Success

You can have a daily agenda emailed to you so you know what you need to focus on on that particular day. If you have a team and you want something that’s really more robust, Central Desktop and Wrike are definitely worth checking out.

How to sign off correspondence on behalf of the boss

Practically Perfect PA

You may want to use your manager’s email (and sign off the email in their name) for sales responses so that the sales person thinks they have heard a definite response from the key contact rather than the gatekeeper. Do you have an agenda?

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Don’t They Have Spell Check?

Daily Writing Tips

Spell checkers do a great job of flagging one-of-a-kind words like tragedy , definitely , Wednesday , February , separate , argument , calendar , and truly. Correct : I definitely recommend to all of my patients to wear their compressive garment for at least 3 weeks following this procedure.

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The F-ing Meeting


Now we spend time together where we just enjoy each other’s company with little to no agenda at all. We don’t necessarily prepare a typical agenda, but there are three categories that we cover during each meeting. My wife is definitely better with money than I am.

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Becoming better organized

Laughing all the Way to Work

I prepare meeting templates for all the meetings I will need to take minutes at and fill it in as much as possible beforehand from the agenda. For those who have never tried it, the meeting template is just your agenda, turned into a minute template. My definition of a successful event is when it goes smoothly without a hitch. I just finished a busy few months leading up to our Board of Directors meeting and it went very smoothly.

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A Meeting With Me


I’d create an agenda and run my meeting with that agenda in mind. I simply had an agenda and created minutes afterward. I’ve definitely become more productive and bolstered my relationship with meetings at the same time by having meetings with me. I used to detest meetings. I considered them a massive waste of time, mainly because they often revolved around taking as much time as possible.

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I'm back!!

Laughing all the Way to Work

My work/life balance was definitely off balance. I have two lovely grandsons so they were definitely going to be in the picture with Granny spending a lot more time with them instead of continually saying "I'll be with you in a minute, I just have one more thing to finish for work" as I madly tried to draft an agenda while babysitting them on the weekend. In 2008 I took a job as an Executive Assistant and Corporate Secretary to a non-profit corporation.

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5 Quietly Powerful Strategies To ‘Press Play’ On Your Dream Life

Dumb Little Man

This is definitely a good thing, but it can also make life messy and overwhelming as you jump from task to task. Another next step you could take (and one that is next on my agenda) is to use your goals as a base to planning out your year, month, week and then even your days.

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3 Ways to Have a Better Relationship With the Boss

On The Job

Here's the column: While a micromanaging boss is definitely a pain in the cubicle, having a manager who pays little or no attention to you may be worse. When I write for Gannett/USAToday.com, my column is picked up by newspapers and different websites all over the world.

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Is Using Social Media at Work a Good Idea?

On The Job

I definitely think the benefits outweigh the risks,” McFarlane says. I think you definitely need rules in place (for social media use at work), and you certainly can’t anticipate everything that will happen,” Cavalli says.

The Power Of Sleep


I''ve been re-reading Tony Schwartz''s book The Way We''re Working Isn''t Working , and this guest post by Robyn Adams definitely speaks to a major theme in the book: the power of sleep.

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Review: Shifts for iOS


You can view your personal schedule over top of your work schedule in Shifts, which can be very helpful when coming across conflicts or deciding whether or not you want to ask someone else to cover for you so that you can handle something on your personal agenda.

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Why Reading Leadership Books will Boost Your Productivity


For example, Walsh praises the virtues of creating frameworks and boundaries, as well as “scripting” — the notion of setting things up in advance so that your chance to success is much greater than if you just go by the agenda to presents itself throughout the game (or in our case, the day).

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Why Reading Leadership Books will Boost Your Productivity


For example, Walsh praises the virtues of creating frameworks and boundaries, as well as “scripting” — the notion of setting things up in advance so that your chance to success is much greater than if you just go by the agenda to presents itself throughout the game (or in our case, the day).

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On the Job by Anita Bruzzese: Is ADHD Being Ignored in the Workplace?

On The Job

Getting an agenda beforehand can make it easier to follow along. Your article definitely gave me another perspective on it as they may have more of a problem than at first glance.

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106 Thoughts on Overcoming Overwhelm in a Freaked-Out World

Productive & Organized

" Well, there's definitely something to it. Now read over your list, putting a star by the items that will definitely move you nearer to your goals. Productive & Organized Home Contribute to P&O! Archive Network with Steph Is This You?

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What's a “Factoid”?

Daily Writing Tips

My interpretation followed the 2nd meaning of the definition according to Merriam-Webster and my colleague’s interpretation followed the 1st. Merriam-Webster gives these two definitions for factoid: ?1 The OED definitions: factoid : n.

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Meeting preparation.

Laughing all the Way to Work

To prepare a minute template simply use your agenda and put it in minute format. Under each agenda heading you can then record the appropriate information when you are in the meeting. I use the meeting agenda as an index with each item as a tab number. Laughing All the Way to Work: A Survival Blog for Todays Administrative Assistant We all have to work, but who says we cant enjoy it too!

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Preparing your boss for meetings away from the office or at home

Laughing all the Way to Work

Follow up with the meeting organizer to request agenda and/or meeting materials, pre-reading, etc. Depending on how formal the meeting is, you may need to draft an agenda for your boss’s review and forward to meeting participants in advance of the meeting.

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Why Reading Leadership Books will Boost Your Productivity


For example, Walsh praises the virtues of creating frameworks and boundaries, as well as “scripting” — the notion of setting things up in advance so that your chance to success is much greater than if you just go by the agenda to presents itself throughout the game (or in our case, the day).

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41 Things I Did In My 41st Year

Brilliantly Better

Also, Victoria Park is easily among the top ten destinations in my agenda, anytime. It’s not on the top 5 priorities for me at the moment, but definitely something I want to pursue in the future. Tweet I usually do this kind of lists at the end of each year.

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Word and Outlook 2007 tips

Laughing all the Way to Work

Under Leader, click the leader option that suits your needs i.e. ……1 or --1 Click OK Type text you want i.e. Agenda as in example below. Agenda.

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Atlanta, Georgia: The City that Smiles

Laughing all the Way to Work

Click on that and you will find a wealth of templates from a resume, cover letter, minutes, agenda and many others. Laughing All the Way to Work: A Survival Blog for Todays Administrative Assistant We all have to work, but who says we cant enjoy it too!

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What Would You Do If You Only Had Two Hours? | Men With Pens

Men With Pens

Keanu Reeves would definitely be on the agenda.:-) Reply Ken Siew ( @ksiew0911 ) March 17, 2010 at 2:30 pm Powerful question there! I’ll definitely have to start incorporating that into my day – positive thinking can be contagious.

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3 Life Lessons

Brilliantly Better

After all, you can’t please everybody and everyone has their own agenda. Even soldiers believe they’re serving their countries, when they may only be furthering the agenda of a dictator.

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Master the Art of Re-purposing Your Work and You'll Save Multiple Hours - 50 Ideas To Get You Started

Productive & Organized

If you look over to the right, you will see the dictionary definition of repurpose.  Earlier this week I was talking to a client about content creation for the marking of her business. 

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