How I Use Evernote for Meetings


Evernote Meetings Case Study #1: The FFFing Meeting. Evernote Meetings Case Study #2: Productivityist Coaching. I create agendas in Evernote with checklists to mark off what we discussed during a call and then use that to craft the follow-up Recap Email I send to each client within 24 hours of a session. Evernote is a big part of my workflow. I use it to hold my ideas until I’m ready to do something tangible with them.

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Master the Art of Re-purposing Your Work and You'll Save Multiple Hours - 50 Ideas To Get You Started

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As my business continues to grow from it's inception in 2004, I've added a lot more to my agenda, including blogging on my website, guest blogging, writing articles for e-zines and in print for local magazines, creating a monthly newsletter and doing public speaking.

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If you don’t, you’ll be last on the work and service agenda, that means you business suffers. This content had really help me for my case study. E-Mail me or follow me. What is Small Business Infrastructure? How to be successful by focusing on your core business.

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