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Technology to help with minute taking

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Noteshelf – Notes & PDF £3.99. The user can type their notes using the iPad keyboard, add photos, import and annotate PDFs, organise pages and tag each notebook. Again it is a digital notebook but it also has an automated To-Do organiser which syncs with calendars and address books. Through Meeting Gold meetings can be created, sent to the participant’s calendars, agendas can be created and changed prior to the meeting.

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The 2012 Productivityist Holiday Gift Guide


NeuYear calendar. I’m big on visuals, and the NeuYear calendar gives me a bird’s eye view of my year in one place. It syncs via Bluetooth and with my tiny fingers the keyboard actually works rather well (again, I’m using one of the original designs ). If you’re in the market for a case that also doubles as a keyboard for your iPad, the ZAGGmate does a great job. (I’m I’m also fond of the Origami , but I do have an Apple Wireless Keyboard as well, so there’s that.).

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