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The Bribery Act – what do assistants need to know?

Practically Perfect PA

Follow me on twitter @PracticalPA. I found the talk really useful and thought I would share my new-found knowledge with you. Due Diligence.

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How do YOU handle being slammed at work?

ProAssisting Blog

We got big news as an ad agency recently: We’re merging with another shop. BUT… there is a ton more work on my plate as a result.

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How to Turn Your Sales Copy From a Frog Into a Prince

The Solopreneur Life

O ne of the most respected copywriters of the past 40 years, Gary Bencivenga, was part-owner of a New York advertising agency in the 1970s.

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A guide to online job searching

Practically Perfect PA

If you know specific companies you’d like to work for, follow them on Twitter too – you’ll get a more in-depth impression of the business.

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Opposites Attract: 3 Benefits of Having 2 Bosses In The Workplace

Office Dynamics

It would be easy to let our founders speak for themselves about the dynamic of a partnership leading the way at Huemor , the UX agency we work at.

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Using Social Media to Build Relationships

Customers Rock!

And Mayor Booker and his team were listening via Twitter and went into action. And it does. How can this be effectively done? No, really.

The Best Inbound-Marketing Resources: HubSpot and Impact

The Solopreneur Life

HubSpot’s target customers are marketing and ad agencies. Impact is one of those marketing agencies. (In You’re welcome!

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How to Use Social Media and Stay Productive


You can g et in touch with her on Twitter @rachel5bartee. . When I realized I was spending over 3 hours of my working time on Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, this was the clear wakeup call I needed. Do you want to see how your friends are spending their vacation or get the daily news from news agencies on social media ?

Measuring the Impact of Social Media

Customers Rock!

Other metrics tie directly back to the bottom line (ex: value of sales coming directly from Twitter). What are the costs? Measuring the gains.

6 Pro Tips for Breezing Through Airport Security

Dumb Little Man

Airport Twitter feeds and crowdsourced sites like WhatsBusy are a godsend when it comes to dodging lines. Waiting for Trouble. Get Prechecked.

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The wonderful world of events – roundup

Practically Perfect PA

Using a venue finding agency can be a real time saver and really does allow you to get on with other aspects of the project.

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Book Review: The Obstacle is The Way


You can connect with him on Twitter at @MikeDariano. The following review is written by Mike Dariano. Perception. Action. Book Review

SEO Tips for Small Business

The Small Business Blog

Is there an audience for you on Twitter? A guest post by 9xb , a digital agency based in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, offering web development, SEO, mobile and ecommerce solutions. Stretching your budgets into the realms of SEO and online marketing can often be tricky. Here are my top tips for small business SEO that are of course free!

The job of looking for a job

Laughing all the Way to Work

1) Do try the temp agencies. What are you saying in chat rooms, on FaceBook, Twitter etc. When you go for an interview you have to keep in mind that they really do want to hire someone, but you have to make it worth their while to hire you. Look at being unemployed as a full-time job and what you are trying to do is sell yourself.

Independent Contractor Agreements (and Why Solopreneurs Need to Use Them)

The Solopreneur Life

Similarly, regarding brand developers and advertising agencies, the commissioning party will, among other things, want adequate assurances that the commissioned works will not infringe upon any third parties’ intellectual property rights or violate false advertising laws. You can also follow Jeff on Twitter @jsfabian.

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Bioteams develops unique Social Media Impact Forecasting Simulator


The tool requires Adobe Flash and also runs well on Android Tablets. For further enquiries contact ken.thompson at Social Networking

How going digital can make business events more valuable

Practically Perfect PA

Using an interactive screen to display live social media feeds such as a Twitter Wall is a great way of merging the offline and online worlds.

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It’s Time to Get Competitive! Facebook Contests May Lead to More Customers

Small Business CEO

As a business owner, you may be updating your Facebook, Twitter, and even LinkedIn pages on a daily basis. How can you jump start a following?

Getting Things Done in Tough Places


You can learn more about Euan at his website and follow him on Twitter. Rediscovering a sense of personal agency is the reward.

5 Steps To Fixing Negative Reviews In Google Places aka Google Plus Local

Small Business CEO

To contact Jacob, email jacobpuhl at or follow him on twitter @jacobpuhl. Here’s how to do it: 1. You Should Be the First to Know.

Boost Your Online PR: Public Relations as Part of Online Marketing Strategy

Small Business CEO

Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Pinterest are some of the top sites that any successful online marketing plan includes. Social Media.

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Book Review: How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big


You can connect with him on Twitter at @MikeDariano. The following review is written by Mike Dariano. Simply put, it was great. Book Review

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UK Census an Invasion of Privacy!

Catch Friday

Catch Friday Media is an online marketing agency, which writes press releases for you. the council tax? homeless people and others doesn't it!

How To Conquer The Four Horsemen of Productivity Apocalypse

Dumb Little Man

Cara DeLevigne, Oprah Winfrey, Jessica Alba, Alicia Keys, and Lady Gaga are some of the most followed stars on Instagram and Twitter.

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How not to act when customer service fails miserably

Service Untitled

The fast paced world of Twitter, Facebook, and Yelp combined. Have a clear, concise summary of your problem, and leave out the emotions.

A practical approach to dealing with customer service frustrations

Service Untitled

Internal Revenue Service acting agency head, Steven T. No doubt, it has been a tough week for customer service.

Are your work communications professional? Are you sure?

ProAssisting Blog

Home Blog About Us Who we are About the Program Program Specifics Execs, HR Depts. Are you sure? Separating the two makes all the difference for me.

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How Beneficial Is Outsourcing on an Accounting Task?

Catch Friday

Catch Friday Media is an online marketing agency, which writes press. Do follow us on twitter @catchfriday and do look at. The world of business today is rapidly evolving. There is indeed a greater, tougher and bigger demand on the part of business owner as the population increases and as the technology continuously progresses.

How To Export Internationally As a Solo Entrepreneur, Using the Foreign-Language Internet

The Solopreneur Life

Christian Arno is the founder of Lingo24, one of the world’s fastest-growing translation agencies, Lingo24. Follow Lingo24 on Twitter: @Lingo24. T he advent of the Internet has revolutionized the way in which businesses both large and small operate and has opened up a host of opportunities for the solo entrepreneur. for Germany

Free Blog Posts | Men With Pens

Men With Pens

I was having a conversation with Deb Ng of Freelance Writing Gigs on Twitter , and I smirked at her comment. People even imply and suggest (or at least the Twitter gang did) that bloggers should be ashamed of asking for money, for any kind of payment for that solid advice and knowledge. Time to think about the retirement fund.&# Wrong.

Keywords in Résumé Lead to Interviews

Job Advice Blog

Alex can be reached at: 609-333-8866 Follow me on Twitter. Connect with me on LinkedIn.

Virtual Assistant Vs Employee – Is There A Difference?

Catch Friday

Catch Friday Media is an online marketing agency, which writes press. Do follow us on twitter @catchfriday and do look at. You might think that there is no difference between hiring a regular employee and a virtual assistant but the fact is that there is. Let us draw a line between these two business options. releases for you. Contact.

Customer service continues to center on good client communication

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New Jersey Transit, America’s third-largest public transit agency has introduced. photo credit: paulswansen. Whether we.

3 Podcast Production Styles – Which is Right For You?

Andrea Kalli

This post was mentioned on Twitter by AudioFile Solutions. One of them…you guessed it, Podcast Production. I hope you will check it out.

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The Structural Shift to a Contingent Workforce

Small Business Labs

Follow us on Twitter Emergent Research EMERGENT RESEARCH is focused on better understanding the small business sector of the US and global economy.

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A Smorgasbord of Food Terms Meaning “Mixture”

Daily Writing Tips

The term also refers to a type of silty soil or mud, or to a mixture in general.) Click here to get access to over 800 interactive grammar exercises!

Finding a real person when contacting customer service

Service Untitled

Use Facebook and Twitter to fight back. Please don’t hang up.&# Don’t press any numbers. Show stress in your voice.

LinkedIn Profile Is More Important Than Résumé

Job Advice Blog

The Twitter feature should be used frequently and appropriately. Think again. Make sure the tagline contains a good description of what you do.

How to Improve Your Interviewing Skills

Job Advice Blog

the competition for the job). Following are several suggestions. First , prepare for the interview by working with a seasoned career coach.

“Tell me about yourself”–one more time.

Job Advice Blog

Alex can be reached at: 609-333-8866 Follow me on Twitter. Why is this so pivotal? Read my blog.