Illegal Debt Collection Practices You Need to Be Aware Of

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It places restrictions on what debt collection agencies can say and do when trying to collect an owed debt. The FDCPA is applicable only to third-party or outside collection agencies and not to the original creditors who are collecting their owed debts.

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How important is office culture?

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Our lovely friends over at Career Moves recently conducted a survey to find out how important salary is when looking for a new role. Here is Sarah with more details… Do we just want a good salary? But interestingly, in the results of our survey, salary did not come out on top.

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10 Design Rules You Should Never Forget in 2019

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According to the PayScale report, the average salary of a graphic designer is $43 thousand per year, while the most successful professionals earn more than $60 thousand annually.

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Counting the costs: What government funding for scientific research will cover?

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Staff: You can claim back some of the cost of salaries, national insurance contributions, pension contributions and expenses for people who are employed to work directly on the research project. If you hire agency workers, you can claim back up to 65% of the agency fees.

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10 questions to ask a recruitment agent

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Dealing with recruitment agencies can be a mixed bag and it can be a frustrating experience particularly if you are desperate for a new job. This will give you a idea of the organisation you can expect to work in and also the calibre of the agencies clients.

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It's All About Flexibility

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  A recent survey by Mom Corps as reported by Business News Daily found that nearly half of the repondents would give up an average of nearly 10 percent of their salary for a more flexible work schedule. Information Week's IT Free Agency: A Migraine for Managers describes how this issue is hitting big company IT shops. About 5 years ago we quit using the term "work/life balance" in our work and starting using "work/life flexibility" instead.

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Demand for Butlers Keeps Growing

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According to a recent Wall Street Journal article : Demand for the well-staffed home is on the rise, according to agencies and house managers alike.   Salaries for these jobs aren't bad. We first wrote about the growing demand for butlers in 2007.

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5 Top Jobs to Pursue Under Trump-onomics

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If you’re in the arts or the Environmental Protection Agency, you might be feeling apprehensive about your future. With starting salaries in 6-figures , that’s good news for those lucky enough to have the right degree. The average salary for a correctional officer is $41,000. Donald Trump’s recent Federal Budget had some bad news for you. But if one door closes, you should expect another one to open.

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The Two Sides of the Temp Economy

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 Key quote: To avoid union opposition, [temp agencies] developed a clever strategy, casting temp work as “women’s work,” and advertising thousands of images of young, white, middle-class women doing a variety of short-term office jobs.  " The article goes on to argue that temporary jobs are bad jobs that don't provide adequate salaries or protection from abusive employers.

How to Market Yourself During A Career Search

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There are several online tools you can use to discover the average salary for the type of position you seek. In addition, you need to take care of the details, such as sprucing up your LinkedIn profile, updating the job boards with your resume , and putting yourself out there through recruiting agencies. When searching for a new career, knowing how to market yourself to potential employers and recruiters can give you an edge over the other applicants.

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A day in the life: Danielle Howes, Linley

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Prior to this I worked for a large International Marketing Agency organising events and promotions for one of the UKs biggest retailers.

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A guide to online job searching

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Recruitment agencies will offer a range of jobs usually around a more specific area of expertise. If there are filtering options, use them – filter by location and salary if you can, as this will help to narrow the results. Where to search.

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Evaluating Benefits 101 – Comparing Premium Costs is Just Not Enough

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These cost-cutting efforts will affect every department in a company, especially HR, as most companies spend the largest part of their revenue on salaries and wages. The current business environment is a difficult one.

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Want to Change Career? What Does It Take?

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And how about critical matters like salary, health coverage, and investment programs versus the minimum levels of compensation and benefits needed?

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Love CSI? How About a Career in Computer Forensics?

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The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates computer forensics jobs are expected to grow more than 13 percent in the next several years with starting salaries of about $46,500.

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Experience vs. a university degree part two

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Being a PA covers a lot of topics that range across the board – from being a celebrity PA to working as a PA for a construction company or a law enforcement agency. No, but know of a friend who had no degree and got offered a lower salary.

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Endear Yourself to the Buyer

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The Structural Shift to a Contingent Workforce

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Compare the capabilities and vested interest of salaried employees versus contracted professionals.

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While in Transition, Are You Keeping Pace with Technology?

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Home Founder Resume Writing Career Coaching Marketing Yourself Selling Yourself Job Stress General Advice Interview Skills "The Relocated Spouse [link] — jobconnection While in Transition, Are You Keeping Pace with Technology?

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So, How about a Career Coach?

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Payment is made up front and varies, but it’s in the range of 5 percent of a candidate’s annual salary.

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the fisher price concept

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Résumé + Interview = A Job

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How To Conquer The Four Horsemen of Productivity Apocalypse

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Your parents (and mine too) don’t do this because they lived with a moderate salary and it was mathematically correct to do your own groceries, laundry, car repairs, and plumbing.

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Moms Are Not Getting Paid What They're Worth.and Neither Are A Lot of Other People

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In it's annual Mom survey, it has been determined that "the time mothers spend performing the 10 most popular 'Mom Job' functions would equate to an annual salary of $116, 805 for a Stay-at-Home Mom and $68,405 for a Working Mom." Call some employment agencies, check with your alumni group, Twitter , ask a professional association -- just get a good handle on whether you're making what you're worth. * Are you getting paid what you're worth?

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Small Business world News Round-up - 2009/10/27

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Here’s how to tell if your salary is sound. E-Mail me or follow me. You ask a question, I answer! Ask me your small business questions, I will answer them ASAP. Build your own network! Community for small business outsourcing and cost control.

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On the Outside Looking In

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Working for a temp agency can either land you a full-time job or help to keep you employed while you are looking. A more experienced assistant is also looking for a higher salary, where a younger assistant is usually willing to work for less money because they don’t have the experience. In 1985 I left the office to be a stay-at-home mom. By 1995 when I tried to get back into the administrative field the landscape had changed.

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Feelings mixed about recent college hires

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I was once told I couldn't receive a rise in my salary despite outstanding work for over a year in a company because "I didn't need it." November 11, 2009 2:13 AM Myka | Recruitment Agencies said.

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Free Blog Posts | Men With Pens

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That salary came from advertising purchased by business to air on my station. I make less than I did when I was salaried.

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